Vol 3 No 4

Fall 2001

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GRRI Reunion

 First Aid for Pets

Summer Events

Goldstock 2001

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Thank You to these Recent GRRI Contributors and Adopters!

We couldn't do it without YOU!


Edward Dillon, in Memory of Hunter

Christine Scannapieco, in Memory of Cody

Deborah & Joseph Catapano

Ruth & Kathy Lopes

Randi Kaplan & George Brower

Andrea Avella

Linda Tejpaul

Lulu & Frank Marrone

Ginny Weller

Maria Ressa

Valentina Newball

Dorothy Sheridan

Susan Blum

John Ditinak

SueAnn & Alan Ackerson

Bertha Bates, GRRI Angel



Raymond Rupert

Andrea & Robert Knapp

Jeanne Urna

Alan & SueAnn Ackerson

Sandi & Brock Brocklebank

Betty Mihansky

Mary & Michael Kaufhold

Angela Urbeck & Sean Koonz

Leslie & Aldo Crisanaz


George & Doris Heitman

Nancy & Phil Hughes

Blaine & Barbara Marsh

Joan & Dick Finn

James Taylor

Barbara Turner

Bill & Dixie Moore

Jacqueline McMahon

Lewis & Kim Shinkle


Margaret & John Strowe

Susan Blum

Susan Pettigrano

Betty & Mary Croft

Laura & David MacKinnon

Brooke Sara Spector & Ken Adam Lueddeke

Tom Fahey, Passaic County Sherrif's Office

Ellen & Bill Behan

Mary Powell

Peter Dean

The Pahira Family

Special Thanks To

Sean Sheehan and the Three Dog Bakery in Haddonfield -- thanks for inviting us to set up a special table at your store.

The Morris County 4-H Club, for allowing us to particpate in your fair.

The Twin Brook Kennel Club, for allowing us to participate in your show.

The Jersey Shore Animal Shelter for allowing us to participate in your FunDay.

Gail Lustig for your generosity in hosting another great Goldstock weekend ... The staff at Camp Weequahic for all their hard work keeping us happy and well fed ... And all the Goldstock campers who supported GRRI-NJ and the other rescue groups present.

Jeanne Urna, Marta & Harry Alfred, Leslie Raicer, Elizabeth Gleason, Judy Laureano, Sandy Leibfriedand, Rene'e Herskowitz, Pat Pinches, Julie Ann Ulbrich, and Jannet King for generously donating items to benefit GRRI at the Goldstock Auction.