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Fall 2002

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A Day in the Life:  A First Paw Account

Hi everybody, my name is Max, AKA, Mr. Maxwell.

The folks at GRRI asked me to write about me and my typical day because, supposedly, I'm a miracle.

So here goes:

I'm spoiled rotten every day by my Mom, Lisa, my Dad, Rich, and my two teenage brothers, Michael and Mark.   I also have two great Golden brothers that I hang out with, Tucker and Murphy.

I'm an early riser. I like to eat my breakfast at 5:00  every morning. So at 4:55  I start to work up a little bark, you know, to wake up Mom.  She's good though -- she gets up right away and gets my meal ready.


Did I mention that I love to eat?  I never leave a morsel of food in my bowl!

After I eat, I go right to the deck door so I can go out in my yard.  My Dad built me a very cool ramp.  It has lots of grip tape on it so I donít fall and hurt my legs.

After I come back in, itís time for my morning celebration.  I go to my favorite spot in the living room and roll around. 

You're probably wondering why I do this.

Well, I'll tell you -- it's because I'm happy and have a full belly and I love my family so much. 


If you're happy and have a full belly and love your family, I suggest you roll around too.  You'll like it!

After that, while everyone else gets ready for school and work, I divide my time between in the house and outside. By the time they all leave Iím really tired from all that dividing, so I nap the rest of the day. 

That way, I'm all rested up for my MOST important job:  supervising the kitchen.  Iím in charge of all food tasting.

Mark, my teenage brother, is in charge of giving me my dinner. I eat at 5:00 PM sharp!!!

After dinner and several trips outside, itís time for more rolling around.  My family loves it when I roll.  They hide and peek at me because they think if I catch them watching, I'll stop.   Don't tell THEM, but lots of times when I see them watching I keep rolling anyway -- I figure it's the least I can do since they're so good to me.

We usually hang out and watch TV after that, and Murphy chews on his hard bone.  I wait until he gets it nice and gooey and soft and then I steal it!!!  He doesnít mind, he shares with me all the time.

When Iíve had enough of the bone I always go for a nice big drink, and then I head directly to my Dad, so I can wipe off my big dripping-wet chin on his leg.  He just loves that.

By this time I'm pretty exhausted so I find my really soft bed.  5:00 AM comes very quickly --  and Iím a senior citizen who needs his rest, you know.  

I sleep right next to my Mom, just in case she gets up in the middle of the night for a snack and needs some help finishing it.

Oh, here comes my Mom now!  She says I have to tell you WHY I'm a miracle, so I will.

See, I was in a shelter, where I was very sad and very sick.   Then GRRI people came, put a leash on me, and took me to the vet (Dr. Briganti, who is really nice even though she gave me lots of icky tests). The news wasn't good.  The tests said I was so sick, I would probably die really soon --  that I had maybe a month or two left and that was it.

But Lisa (you remember her, she's my Mom) took me home as her GRRI foster dog anyway, because she figured I needed a nice soft comfy safe place for whatever time I had left. 

Then she and her family gave me lots of potions and food and love and the next thing you know, it's 2 years later and I'm still HERE and doing great!!

See what being spoiled rotten can do?  I highly recommend it!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my day.  If you have, feel free to send me extra treats!!!


PS Here I am at the 2001 GRRI Rescue Parade.  I was the Grand Marshall!

NOTE:  As of this writing, Max is one of several special needs foster dogs currently under GRRI's care.  

GRRI thanks our contributors, whose support has helped us pay for the diagnostic and long term veterinary costs associated with these dogs. 

GRRI also thanks the Petrocelli's for caring so lovingly for Miracle Max! 

And last but certainly not least, thanks to each and every one of our other foster families as well. 

We couldn't do it without any of you!

A Sad Farewell ...

to Oona Charney, faithful four footed friend of GRRI volunteer Joanne Charney

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