Vol 4 No 4

Fall 2002

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Letters to GRRI

Willie Richiski

Dear GRRI,

Hi!   Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  The past 2 weeks have been nuts.   Not because of Rusty.  My husband has been away in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

First - We have changed Rusty's name to Lucky (son of a gun) or more affectionately known as Lucky-San.  He wasn't responding at all to Rusty but he is responding to Lucky or Lucky-San.  He is a great dog!  Very affectionate and playful. His copper colored coat is breath taking - just the color alot of us pay money to get.

He and Buddy, my 2 year old Golden, love to play together.  My older Golden just watches.  She is my shadow, where ever I go she goes.

Lucky's checkup at the Vet went well.  We gave him a Lyme vaccine, and a heartworm test.  So far, so good.  He fits right in with the whole family. My sister met him yesterday and is in love with him.  He still needs to learn some manners but he is getting better.  Poor thing, must have been starved.  According to the Vet's scale last week he weighed 65 pounds. She felt he was in excellent condition.  He is missing teeth on the left side of his mouth-upper and lower.  He also has a scar on the left side of his muzzle.

The vet couldn't figure out if he had been hurt or he just never grew those teeth. The gums are smooth and well healed if there was an injury.  It certainly doesn't effect his eating!  He likes the crates but mostly sleeps on the bed with me and Misty or on the bedroom floor.  He absolutely loves my bathroom and the shower stall.  He likes to chill out there!!!

I'll send pictures soon. Thank you all for allowing us to adopt our beautiful, sweet, Lucky-San.  It's the best thing I've ever done.

Keep in touch,
Sylvia, Phil, Josh, Misty, Buddy & Lucky Mogerman
P.S. Thanks for all the med. records and the tag.

Dear Sylvia, Phil, Josh, Misty & Buddy -- Thanks for bringing Lucky-San into your family.  And what a GREAT name!

Hello GRRI,

My wife Janet forwarded me a link to your latest newsletter. I love reading the success stories and looking at the photos of all those loving dogs.


This September will mark one year since we adopted Angel from GRRI. Every time I look at her my heart is full.  I recently made this photographic  portrait of her (attached).  Isn't she beautiful?

Thank you again for Angel and good luck and God bless with all your continuing efforts.

Steve Weiss & Janet Loprano

Dear Steve & Janet -- Angel's photo is beautiful!

Dear GRRI,

Bailey is doing great, she is a wonderful , loving, squirrel chasing mush!

She is getting along well with her brother (Dakota, an eight year old
golden).  The two of them are gracious enough to let me stay in their house (I know where the food is kept). Bailey has developed an interesting habit she loves to watch tv especially animal planet and baseball games!

Ralph Dorzback

Dear Ralph -- thanks for the happy update!