Vol 9 No 4

Fall 2007

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Goldstock celebrated its 10th anniversary this past Labor Day weekend and once again GRRI volunteers and their Goldens were there to join in the celebration.

Jess Gerhart, Beth Corcoran and Michele Masone mug for the camera

Lilli and Tom Girvan at the lake

Olivia Bergner and Ruth Osman chauffeuring their senior GRRI Goldens,
Holly and Rush William around in a rented golf cart

Now what are we going to do?

Barb and John Ready walk “the boyz”

Holly Osman and Rocky Walter enjoy swimming in the lake

Rich and Linda Walter take a moment for a family photo with Rocky

Pam Patton poses with her gang!

GRRI would like to thank the following volunteers and supporters who donated items for the auctions to benefit GRRI: 

Eileen and Drew McFadden
Shayne Murray
Linda and Rich Walter
Ruth Osman
Terry Veiga
Julie Ann Ulbrich
Theresa Szpila
Judy Lilien
Barbara and John Ready
Amy and Ron Maywald
Avery Fenrow
Leslie Raicer
Sandy Liebfried
Olivia Bergner
Robin Slamp
Carolyn Decina
Janelle Barth
Marcia Unger
Lynda Neff
Lorraine Meaney
Anne Mroz
Myra Pullman
Lilli Girvan
Nora Ann DiLemmo
Robin Bausback
John Williams
Charlotte Grossarth
Pauline Stevens
Cindy Everett
J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies, Inc