Vol 9 No 4

Fall 2007

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Letters to GRRI-NJ

Dear Terry, Shayne, and all my Friends at GRRI,

It’s been a while since I e-mailed you guys. I just want to update you on my goings on.

First, my arthritis is better thanks to Mom & Dad putting me back on Rimadyl. Dad was concerned about the side effects he had read about. But my vet said it would really help me more than just the Condroitin I was on. So after 2 days on the Rimadyl, I went out to the yard and saw some deer there. Dad was amazed as I ran half-way across the yard to get them off my property!

By the way, I just don’t understand humans sometimes. The simplest things I do seem to just amaze Mom & Dad. For example, Mom said one night that I would go for a car ride soon. The next day, she took me for a walk. Well, while I normally enjoy my walks, I remembered what she told me the night before. So I just sat down in the street. Mom asked me where I wanted to go, so I pulled her back into the driveway and sat and stared at her car. Later that day, Mom told Dad that I was getting “scary.” Needless to say, I was in the back seat, whizzing down the road the next day.

I continue to enjoy roughhousing with Dad. At almost 11 years old, I can still push him over. I’m always up for a game of catch, and still trot after the ball in the yard. Dad also enjoys teaching me new tricks. He now holds out both fists, one which conceals a snack. I sniff both hands, and raise a corresponding paw. (And this amazes you people. C’mon, I’m a Golden!)

I hope to see all of you again at the Reunion. I really loved seeing Foster Mom Terry, and meeting all the other lucky Goldens with new Forever Homes. Dad has me in training for the hot dog catching contest. (It’s a tough regimen, eating all those franks, but some dog has to do it.)

See ya all soon!

Luv & Biscuits,


It was great hearing from you again Murphy!  We think your mom and dad really love you too and that you’re a pretty spoiled Golden!  Ask your dad to talk to your vet about another medication for arthritis called Metacam.  And ya know Murphy, carrying less weight will also help relieve some of the pressure on your joints. How are you doing on your diet?

Dear Jill (GRRI foster mom) and everyone at GRRI-NJ,

We wanted to let you know that Jake has passed away.  Thankfully, it was very quick and he didn’t suffer.  He woke up and didn’t want to eat, which I’m sure you remember is not like him.  We took him to the vet, where they performed a series of tests and found that he had a tumor on his spleen.  When the veterinarian went to surgically remove the spleen, it was apparent that Jake had many other tumors, including on his liver.  There was no way to remove the tumor on his liver without removing the liver itself.  We decided to let him go while he was still under anesthesia.  He was 16 years old, but given his age when we adopted him (13), we know we were lucky to have him for as long as we did - of course we still wish we had met him sooner.

Needless to say we miss him terribly.  He was such a sweet guy who brought so much joy into our lives.  He quickly became the center of our immediate and extended families. Everyone in our apartment building knew him as the sweet old guy with the white face. Through his daily walks on the upper west side of Manhattan he became a star of the neighborhood.  There was hardly a walk where someone didn’t stop to pet him or comment on what a handsome senior gentleman he was.  He loved his new life in the big city!  He befriended our neighbors and their two dogs and each day while we were at work, he would spend time next door with them.  In a sense, he was adopted by not one family but by two, so he was rarely lacking in company in his final years. He loved afternoons spent lying on the grass in Central Park and playing with his football and bones.  Mostly, he just loved to be near us, whether next to us on the couch or underneath the kitchen table. 

We would like to thank you once again for the special role you played in our adoption experience.  It was nice that Jake was able to see you, his foster mom, one last time at the reunion in September.  Words cannot express what a wonderful experience we had adopting Jake.  The work GRRI-NJ does is phenomenal.  We can only wish more people would see the joys of “old gold.”  He was grateful to have us and we him.  We will always cherish the memories.

We will be forwarding a donation to GRRI-NJ in Jake’s memory.  We’ve also included a few of our favorite photos.


Tom and Jill Rotunno

Jill and Tom, please accept our sincere condolences.  Jake was a beautiful Golden, both inside and out.  We can’t thank you enough for adopting a senior Golden from us. We agree, nothing beats “Old Gold” - it’s priceless.

Dear Terry (GRRI foster mom),

Sonny is doing just great.

I had noticed that when he jumped up on me or others that he always put his paws squarely on the shoulders of the person.  He didn’t seem to jump up and down or “at” a person.  There always seemed to be deliberate behavior about what he did.  One time, while I was sitting on the floor on my haunches, he came and sat in front in of me and put his paws on my shoulders.  This happened several more times.  I began to wonder if this behavior had been taught.  So one day I tried sitting on the floor and saying, “Sonny, can I have a hug?”  He came right over, sat and put his front legs on my shoulders.  So why not escalate a little, I thought.  I tried, “Sonny, hug and kiss.”  This time it was paws on the shoulders and a very delicate “kiss” on my nose. 

Nonetheless — and “hugs” aside, he is MUCH better about not “jumping” on people.  He will control himself if we say, “Off.”  Only once in while, when we come home, he forgets about not jumping up, and usually, it is not immediate.  He just “loses control” and has to jump up to give a “hug.”

Our devotion to Sonny grows daily.  We are more ecstatic than ever that he has come to live with us. 

Hope you both are well.  Please, if you are ever wandering down this way, stop and see us all.  Seriously!  



Charlotte, thanks for such an uplifting update!  How wonderful that Sonny knows how to give hugs and kisses, and that he’s so willing to share them with you.  Now if only you could capture that in a picture….

Dear Folks at Golden Rescue,

Our beloved Golden, Rocky, passed away on Tuesday, April 24th of an apparent heart attack.  There was no warning although he seemed a little lethargic for a week or so.  He was 8 years old.

Since he came into our lives 3 ½ years ago, he brought much joy into our lives.  He was such a happy soul who didn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He thought that all humans were brought into his life for his amusement.  He got his therapy dog certification from TDI and brought big smiles to everyone he met and to elderly people at the Adult Day Center we visited once or twice a month.

He was a true retriever in that he was happiest with something in his mouth – whether a boot, shoe, or an article of clothing.  He didn’t discriminate between types of clothing:  a piece of underwear was just as good as a baseball cap or a t-shirt.

His constantly wagging tail and wiggling body would bring a smile to even the most serious of people.

His passing left a huge hole in our family.  Please accept the enclosed donation in celebration of Rocky’s life.

We hope you have a Golden Day.

Debbie & Paul Revock

Debbie & Paul, we know there is nothing we can say that will lessen the pain that you are both feeling right now, but please know that you are both in our thoughts and prayers.  Losing a friend so suddenly is devastating.  We thank you for your generous donation in celebration of his wonderful life.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

My son’s girlfriend re-taught me how to attach photos so here are some of Amber.  

I took her to the vet yesterday so she could check out her allergies.  As spring got into full swing they got worse.  She prescribed something that I guess is a wonder kind of drug for canine allergies.  The price tag is high ($200 a month, yikes!) – it will be worth it if relieves her itching.

So, here’s my latest Amber story.  I was working upstairs on the third floor the other day, door closed, home alone.  I hear this incredible banging on the door – things are actually shaking in my office.  Long story short – I got myself worked up enough that I called 911.  I explain to the operator the situation, give her my address and then say “Oh, I think I know what it is … my dog is leaning against the door scratching herself.”  I go down the stairs, open the door and sure enough … Amber.  So, someday you may be watching the most stupid 911 calls on television and you’ll hear me.

Kate’s cancer has returned.  She’s having surgery this Thursday at the Red Bank veterinary hospital.  Have you ever been there?  What a place!  Amber will be an only child for a day.

I saw the last dog you fostered on the website.  What a beautiful dog.  Do you have any others at his point?  How are your dogs?


Donna, thanks for the pictures and the update.  We particularly love the one of Amber lying with her paws crossed - she’s quite the lady!  We’re sorry to hear about Kate’s cancer recurrence. Yes, we’re very familiar with Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.  It’s an excellent facility and she’ll receive first class care there.  We’ve used them several times with some of our foster dogs.  We’ll keep her in our prayers.  Please let us know how she’s doing.

Hi Everyone,

I had a wonderful time at my party.  I got lots of presents and got away with things I would not have gotten away with in real life.  I had fillet mignon, cooked carrots and  meat juice mixed in my regular food (yum yum yum) and ice cream for dessert.  I got lots of presents today from my family as well as prior gifts from my good friends. I love them all!!!  I have been trying to get a squirrel since I moved here and I finally got one of my own.

My silly Mom keeps singing "We are family - mommy, daddy, Mavrick make three".  She goes on and on.  Enough already!!  But I am really a happy boy and realize I love being spoiled.  Mom says I deserve it.  I think I really like it here!!!


Maverick Myers

Wow Maverick…it sure sounds like you had a wonderful birthday party!  Your new mom and dad really do love you and are absolutely perfect for you!!

My Dear, Sweet Boy, Bear:

How many times I thought of you and remembered you in my prayers in hopes that circumstances might change for you. I hope that in some way you can understand and forgive that I couldn't help you as I wanted to earlier in your life.

I asked for you so many times but lies, excuses and fear as to what else could happen to you made me proceed with caution. When I finally heard what was to be your fate some months ago… (to be let "free") … I knew the time was right to work in such a way as to get you safe.  I spent days worrying whether or not that phone call would be made to GRRI - I knew once you found your way there you would be forever okay.

For years I knew you lived in conditions that you did not deserve. I wished on stars that you would find love - I even asked my husband, Frank, (who lives in Heaven now) to make all the stars align so that your life would change. I don't know if you remember my Frank - he met you when you were such a tiny puppy. He said he kissed you on the top of your head, and when he came home he told me how sad he felt for you knowing that bad luck put you into a situation that you did not deserve. Frank was a great lover of all dogs and when he died we promised each other that I would do what I could for the animals on this end and he would welcome them on the other end in Heaven. I think in some way Frank helped you to find your way to the people who will love you forever and ever now.

I would love to meet you in person, to cup your sweet face in my hands and give you the hug that I have dreamed about for so many years. I know what it means when a foster family adopts one of their "charges". I do fostering for Bassett Hounds and have kept a very special dog or two myself. It has a special meaning when a fostered boy or girl stays on. You have a special job to do now – you have to give lots of love, chase lots of balls and cuddle up in the bed very, very close to your new family as by now I suspect they need you just as much as you needed them in the beginning.

So "Happy NEW Birthday" to you Bear - A new beginning, a second chance. Please tell your new family that when they think the time is right to call me anytime - I would love to meet you. Until then, your picture has a place of honor on my desk - next to the dogs which I have shared my life with over the years.

With love and joy for you,
Your friend,

Pam Morgan

Pam, your letter definitely qualifies as a “tissue alert”.  As you saw from his photos, Bear is very happy and loved dearly.  His new mom will definitely be giving you a call so you can finally meet him; and we hear that Bear can’t wait to give you a big wet THANK YOU smooch!

Dear Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc.,

I would like to give you a little information about Fred Lutz.  The first thing is that he loved his dogs. He took one of our Golden Retrievers when our dog had a litter over 10 years ago.  He was a widower, and she was his constant companion and best friend.  He lost Cleo in late Nov 2005 and was lost without her. Knowing he was in his late 80's we didn't know whether he could handle another dog.  We discussed him getting an older dog from a shelter, but he didn't want to get someone else’s problem. We took him to see a puppy in Lancaster, PA and we came home with his new best friend. Of course she kept him busy with her housebreaking and her chewing (I'm not sure how many TV remotes she chewed).  Lady was now his reason to keep living.

After he had Lady, he found that one of his friends that he roller skated with (yes he roller skated into his late 80's) was a foster home for Golden Retrievers.  He said that he wish he knew that this organization existed because he would have liked a dog that was older that he would not have to train (at this time he would not give up Lady for anything.)

We received a note after my father-in-law passed away from Anita Ringen.  She is the lady who skated with him and is a foster home with GRRI.  We are very happy that we picked your organization for donations now that we know that Fred knew about your group through Anita.  Please use this money for dogs rescued in New Jersey.

Thank you,

Linda Lutz

Linda, please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved family member.  We are grateful that your family picked OUR rescue to be the recipient of the memorial donations in memory of him.  Anita is indeed one of our wonderful foster homes, and rest assured, the money will be used to help rescued Goldens in New Jersey.






Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Please accept the enclosed donation in honor of Kyra Giacobbe, beloved GRRI Golden of Jean & John Giacobbe. We are lucky in having known her.


Ann & Matt Price
Daphne, Daisy, Azia, and Yogi Monster

Ann & Matt,

Kyra was a wonderful Golden, wasn’t she? She had the special ability to touch the heart of anyone she met with her gentleness and typical Golden personality.  Thank you for your donation in her honor.

Dear Judy (GRRI foster mom),

As you may have guessed from my lack of response, we have been so busy that I haven't taken the time to write.  My apologies.  Spring is just a crazy time with a teenaged daughter with school, sports, prom, etc, etc, etc. 

Roxy has adjusted very well to her new home and has so much love to give us!  She is a very sweet little girl, and has for the most part dropped that feisty, aggressive shield that she had put up around her heart.  Don't get me wrong...she's still full of piss & vinegar (as my parents would have said) and we fondly refer to her as our "toddler".  She can be so calm and comfortable chewing on a bone or laying on her bed one minute, and the next she's running all around the house, jumping from the floor to the couch to her bed and back again.  Playing fetch with a tennis ball is one of her favorite outdoor activities, and if you have cheese in your hand, she'll "throw" the ball back to you instead of dropping it at your feet!  She also loves to play with our neighbor’s dog (who's a border collie mix) and they chase each other all around the backyard.  Cassie has had softball tournaments every weekend since Memorial Day, and Roxy has become the team mascot.  Roxy is so very well behaved that sometimes I wonder whose dog it is on the end of my leash!  She loves all the attention from anyone who will pet her, and she'll sit next to me for 30 minutes or more and watch the ball being thrown and hit all over the field.  After that, she needs to walk around awhile - probably just so she can get some more pat-pats from everyone.  She eats the ice cubes right out of the cooler, and when she's finished drinking her Poland Spring water, she enjoys chewing on the plastic bottle until it's flat and won't make any more noise.  We even spent a night in a hotel with her in PA, and she was fine (after we convinced her that one of the beds was NOT hers!)  Every night she lays on the couch (yes, I gave up on trying to cure that bad habit) with her head on my lap and she is just such a love! She only gets mouthy when she gets too excited, and just this week she has stopped immediately when we hold her face in our hands and ssshhhush her.  She also stopped counter-surfing, but I think that was on her own.  Maybe she realized there wasn't anything on the counters worth looking for, or maybe she just likes all the loving she gets when she just sits on her rug in front of the sink and watches me.  That's her favorite place anytime anyone's in the kitchen... see her in the attached photo?

Well that's all I have time for right now, but I could go on and on forever about our new love.  Please don't worry about us or about Roxy.  She's right where she was always supposed to be.

Best regards,



Thank you for such an uplifting email, Brenda.  We’re so happy to hear that Roxy is behaving herself!  We have to admit, our Adoption Coordinator did a “happy dance” when you said you were interested in adopting her. After all the antics she pulled while in her foster home, she didn’t think we’d find anyone who would want to adopt her!

Hi Lilli, Shayne (GRRI volunteers) & all at GRRI,

Just thought I’d send some recent pics of Lucy who would like you all to know that flying bugs and birds, as well as mice, need to be caught.  Yes, she chomps flies and moths out of the air as well as ferreting out birds from low bushes…not to mention the mouse.  Lucy is quite proud when she presents us with her “capture.”  Thank goodness, the bird was still alive—pretty well shocked, but still alive.  (Raleigh has no interest in anything in his mouth unless it’s a tennis ball).  Oh, and Lucy still loves to chew rocks—never eats them; just chews them and tosses them around the yard.  She continues to charm everyone, and loves to put her paws on my shoulders for hugs and kisses.

Hope you all have a great 4th and a happy summer.

Pam, John, Lucy, and Raleigh


Hi Pam, sounds like Lucy is living up to her name – a Golden Retriever!  Isn’t it amazing how gentle their mouths can be?  Thanks so much for the pictures. 

Dear Rescue:

With much sadness and broken hearts we want to tell you of ANDY'S crossing over to Rainbow Bridge, today July 11, 2007. We adopted him on June 15, 2001 and he was 10 years old this year. We lost him to that dreaded disease CANCER. We recently had a large mass removed and had hoped for the best. However, within a month other tumors grew back at an extremely fast rate and doubled their size. We were weighing the option of another surgery, but the cancer was so aggressive that it took control of his whole body and ANDY'S quality of life had taken a nose dive. His breathing had become difficult and he seemed to be tiring easily. ANDY was trying so hard for us to keep going, but we could see that he just wasn't himself. We have been through this cancer thing before with other Goldens and it never gets any easier. Losing ANDY is so, so hard. Everyone tells us that we did the right thing, but it doesn't make life any easier without him. ANDY'S Golden brothers Chase and Ranger have been very quiet today, as they miss him too. The 3 of them always had daily romps and wrestling matches until ANDY'S surgery. They seemed to sense that ANDY was not well and looked out for him and treated him gently. ANDY may be gone, but he will live on in our hearts and memories. He was a very special Golden Boy who will be greatly missed.


Cheryl & Ray Rupert

Cheryl and Ray, we’re so sorry to hear about Andy’s passing.  We agree, it doesn’t get any easier to lose a beloved companion, no matter how many times we experience it, or how old they are.  One of the last acts of love that we can give these wonderful animals is to help them cross with dignity.  May you continue to have comfort in your wonderful memories.

Hi Amy (GRRI foster home),

I just wanted to send you recent pictures of Tyler and Toby. July 16th, tomorrow, will be one year that Tyler came into our family. He has been such a pleasure, and has fit into the family environment quickly, as if his life started here. We wouldn't trade him for the world. I hope that you and your husband are well and thank you for giving Tyler the chance to have a wonderful forever home with us. As you can see the transition worked wonderfully. We love him dearly, and Toby is so happy to have a big brother. They are inseparable. Tyler still has problems with his one eye every so often but we keep on top of it, and though we have tried to stop him, he continues to bite his nails. They said it was from trauma to the ear. Too much roughhousing between the two dogs. We leave in 2 weeks for the Outer Banks and will be taking them on vacation, the thought of leaving them home, never came into mind. Well take care and be well. I'll send you a picture from time to time.

Regards, Chris, John, Tyler & Toby Meyer

Chris, Tyler looks absolutely wonderful.  What an incredible difference a year has made.  The “boys” are going to love the Outer Banks…it’s such a wonderful dog friendly place to vacation.  We can’t wait to see pictures of them playing on the beach.

Hi Lynda (GRRI foster mom),

Murphy is adjusting very nicely to our family. He goes on plenty of walks and gets to run in a field everyday. He is very loveable. Thomas is doing a wonderful job with him. Murphy is sleeping in his dog bed next to Thomas at night, he likes to jump on Thomas' bed in the morning and wake him up with kisses. My husband will be sending you pictures this weekend.

Thanks for taking care of him for us,

The Haynes Family

Eileen, we’re happy to hear that Murphy and his new "brother" have bonded so well.  There’s nothing better than a boy and his dog!

Dear Robin Bausback (GRRI Sunshine Lady) & Fellow Volunteers,

We cannot thank you enough for your beautiful sympathy card and kind words on behalf of the passing of our beloved “Andy”.  Robin’s beautiful words expressed everything that we are feeling right now and going through. We keep trying to remind ourselves that ANDY and ourselves did all that we could do to fight the cancer, but unfortunately, it won.  A friend sent us a card and wrote that the heavens are brighter because ANDY’S star has been added.  We like to think that his star will always shine on us wherever we are. Also, thanks for thinking of ANDY’S brothers RANGER, 11 and CHASE, 6.  They miss him very much and do not play anymore.  ANDY definitely was the ring leader of the goofy Golden games that they played.  We know that ANDY will lead us to the right brother or sister for them and they will play again someday.  Robin, I gave them an extra hug and kiss like you asked.

Thanks again.


Cheryl, Ray, Chase and Ranger Rupert

Cheryl & Ray, we agree, Andy will be with you all forever, no matter where you are.  His star will always shine down on you and bring you calming peace and love.

Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

My mom came over with Kai last night and I snapped this photo. Unfortunately it came out blurry and off color but I am pretty sure you can still see their BIG SMILES! :-)

It's hard to believe Archie is nine and Kai will be eight in October! My mom adopted her when she was 1 year old from GRRI! She is a pretty copper color and has a wacky personality but she is as sweet as they come!


Jeanne, this picture is adorable.  Nothing beats a Golden grin..unless it’s three of them!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. I remember when you both adopted your furkids!

To All GRRI-NJ members,

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for all the cards and wishes we received after losing Kyra.  Your thoughtful gestures have made it easier to accept and get past.

Kyra was with us a little less than 2 years and in that time stole our hearts and taught us a few lessons in life that we feel have made us better people.

She was very sick from the beginning but she dealt with every seizure with dignity and courage like they were no big deal. She never expected anything from us except an occasional pat on the head and an unguarded morsel left on the counter. She was the gentlest creature on earth. Even when the vet would have trouble finding her veins on her quarterly blood test she would simply snuggle her head under us and not even a whimper. She accepted the physical limitations caused by her medicine and never stopped trying to keep up. When she would fall she would struggle to get up and then keep going until she fell again.

Our decision was a hard one but we believe it was the best thing. Kyra was always too hot to sleep in bed with us and at the end her seizures would not allow her to sleep but for two nights she laid between us in bed wide awake and not moving for the entire night. She let us know she loved us and that it was time.

As we get older and have more aches and pains I just hope that we can approach life like Kyra did with unassuming dignity and grace.

We are sorry it took so long sending this letter but it seemed that every time we tried to write it, the tears would not let us finish.

Thanks for everything!! 

Jean and John Giacobbe

Jean & John, all of us at GRRI can’t thank both of you enough for opening your home and your hearts to this wonderful girl.  We never expected her epilepsy to become as severe as it did.  Your perseverance in trying everything that was recommended for her was appreciated by us and we know by her.  She was truly a lady who is greatly missed.

Greetings GRRI,

In memory of Carli (3rd Anniversary 8/5/04). I miss her and think of Carli every day.  She was so precious.


Irene, thank you for your generous donation in memory of Carli. She was a beautiful Golden girl.  We know that she’s living on in your heart.

Good morning,

It is with the heaviest heart one could possibly have, that I share the news of Elaine, better known as Lainie, Pursley's passing on Monday evening, July 30, 2007.

Lainie was the most "precious, kindest, loving, unconditional companion a person could ever have, the real life dream come true into their life"... dog.  When Lainie (formally known as Britney), adopted us in April 2002, we were tip-toeing on uncharted territory... we had never adopted an older dog and we had never brought a second dog into our home and lives.  We already had Stella, our then 2 1/2 year old crazy, putting it mildly, Golden.  What had we done?? And, we had also just moved into a second floor condo... were we crazy???

Yes, immediately crazy in love.

We were so very blessed to have Lainie come into our lives.  To say she brought happiness and cheer doesn't say it at all.  She brought pure unconditional love.  And she taught my now 20 month old granddaughter how to "touch nice" when petting a dog.  Elaine loved, what Golden doesn't, being touched and handled and massaged and belly rubbed, you name it, by a 20 month old toddler as well as the attention she received from the 94 year old gentleman who lives in our condo development.  My oldest daughter, 32 and confined to a wheelchair, couldn't get enough of Lainie's nudging for more petting!  She truly touched so many lives.

The emptiness in our home is deafening.  Stella is displaying a loneliness that is palatable.  We are, and will be for a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng time, finding clumps of Lainie hair everywhere.  What a joyful reminder.

Lainie had her history of ear problems and allergies too.  They were kept pretty much under control through the constant regimen of cleaning and good Wellness feeding.  However, this monster called Cancer was stronger than any one of us can fight.  She gave it a good fight, but in the end, she couldn't fight anymore.  She stopped eating about 5 days before Monday.  Her eyes were so sad and she could barely walk on her own anymore.  We literally sat on the floor with the vet for about an hour Monday evening and just talked and talked and gave Lainie belly rubs.  She practically fell asleep on her own.  The good Vet assisted her in her final sleep and we all said goodbye to the finest dog God created.  We said "night night Lainie", and cried.

We will be in touch with you again.  Perhaps sooner, than later, perhaps later than sooner.  It will be as soon as Elaine tells us we are ready.  Meanwhile, we have to just give Stella lots and lots of extra attention, and that is not a problem.  God does work in His mysterious ways, doesn't He?

Thanks for bringing Elaine into our lives and we have enjoyed and will continue to always enjoy the friends we have made through the Golden Retriever Rescue Group.  As I said, we will be in touch!

With a broken heart saying Goodbye to Lainie,  9/1997 - 7/30/2007

Katherine & Joe Pursley & Stella

Katherine & Joe, we’re so sorry to hear of Laine’s passing.  These wonderful dogs have such a way of worming into our hearts before we know it, and we know she’ll remain there forever.  We’ll be here when you’re ready to adopt again, whenever that will be.

Dear Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Please find enclosed Nola's receipt for spaying. She is doing wonderfully and has adjusted to her new home.  She especially loves doing laps in our back yard.  Please do not send any money back, keep it to cover operating costs or use it however you see fit.  Thanks again.

John, Lisa, Miranda, Jamie and Nola

John and Lisa, thank you so much for donating your spay deposit back to us. We can certainly put it to good use on the veterinary bills for our other wonderful Goldens waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.  We’d love to see pictures of Nola. They grow so quickly at her age.

Dear Robin (GRRI volunteer),

Mark and I thank you, Shayne and GRRI from the bottom of our hearts for getting us through Cody's struggle with cancer and through having to let him go to God.  We are finally able to tell our favorite stories without crying.

We will be in touch soon. In the meantime, please have GRRI use the enclosed as needed.

With thanks,

Bonnie Summer

Bonnie, please accept our sincere condolences to you and Mark.  Cody had a wonderful home with you both and we know he’s grateful for the life you shared together.  He is safe and whole now, nestled in God’s loving arms, getting lots of pets and hugs.  He’ll be waiting patiently for you when it’s time to be reunited.  Thank you for your donation – we’ll certainly be putting it to good use helping these wonderful animals.


We've attached some pictures taken last week. To celebrate Kip's 9th birthday we took Kip to a pet-friendly house at Cape Cod. We took a boat trip to North Beach which is pet-friendly. The gentlemen had a dog on board and Kip didn't even bark at her.  When we got to the beach, the boat dropped us off in the bay and we walked to the ocean. Kip was off-lead and stayed with us. We were amazed! We had a great time and people remarked on what a perfect dog and how loyal and well behaved he was!

Kip is the seventh dog we have had in our life, and, without question, the most loyal! He truly would follow Joel anywhere.

We love him so! Thanks so much!

Warm regards to all,

Paula and Joel Harris


Hi Paula….thanks so much for the positive update on Kip.  He looks like he’s enjoying life tremendously.  We wish him many more birthdays to come!

Hi Steph! (GRRI volunteer)

No I can't believe it is a year but I also feel like she has been a part of our family forever!  Laci's allergies are 100% better - she is on Natural Choice Lamb and Rice with a spoonful of yogurt every morning.  No more hot spots and her coat has filled in.  It took quite a while to get her feet in shape but they too are now completely better.  Laci now loves to drink out of the doggie water bowl and uses the doggie door with no problem.  She would still much rather be in the house than out but will consent to staying out a little longer if we are outside.  She now will play on the grass and walk across the yard - last summer she did not like the grass at all.  For a very long time she did not sleep upstairs with us and Lexi but she does now and is quite comfortable on the couch in my bedroom right now.  She still cries at night sometimes but not as often as she used to.  She loves, loves, loves Lexi and our cat Sassy.  She loves our morning walks and to ride in the car.  She loves to be brushed and fussed over and she is in heaven when she is getting her belly rubbed. 

Unfortunately we will not be able to attend the reunion as it falls during Pop Warner season - my daughter is a cheerleader and our weekends are filled with games and competition practices.  This is my daughter's last year though so I'm hoping to make the reunion next year. 


Hi Karen, thanks for such a great update!  But where’s the pictures?  We’d love to see her since we won’t be seeing you all in person at the reunion.

Hi Lenise, Eileen and Amy Jo (GRRI volunteers),

Everything is working out great! Len and I have totally fallen in love with Charlie, and he seems to know that he's found his forever home.

Here he is in the car on the way home

And here is Bess and Charlie playing

I have to break it up after a few minutes to be sure that Charlie doesn't overdo it as he's still recovering and Bess and he both have a rough style of playing. I did bring him and all his paperwork to our Vet yesterday and she took a look at the incision and all is well. Soon no lampshade!

So far this week I have been alternating going in to the office and working from home. Charlie's restricted to an area by the front door while I'm working.  My mom is staying with us for the "transition" and she thinks Charlie actually settles down better when he doesn't hear my voice every so often. But when he does do his "oooooo" it never lasts more than about 5 minutes.

On Sunday I tried a "first lesson" with him - long lead, no commands, no corrections - just pacing back and forth 5 - 10 yards in each direction. He caught on VERY fast that he needs to keep an eye on me, and after about ten minutes the lead was slack.  I am VERY impressed, I think he's a smart boy. I have not seen my trainer yet, we should be getting together this coming Sunday. I'm also working on the "leave it" command (it seems like maybe he's heard it before). Also opening and shutting doors (front door, car door) when we're going out or anywhere and he's learning not to go (charge) out until he hears "Charlie ok" from me.

Bess is quite funny with all this - she did a perfect heel on this morning's walk without being asked, and looked at me as if to say "I'm good at this, right?"!!! Walking both on lead is no problem at all - I just have to remind them "ok let's walk" when they catch that sideways glance and the tails start to go...

I just wanted to thank all of you for making this happen. Len keeps saying he's so glad we contacted GRRI-NJ and were patient about getting another "furkid".

GRRINJ is a great organization and it is because of people like you.

I'll stay in touch with pics and stories....

Thanks again,

Helen Vinci

Helen, thank YOU AND LEN for adopting this energetic little guy.  We knew your dog training experience and calm demeanor was just what the doctor ordered for Charlie!

Dear Stephanie, Stephen and Trinity (GRRI foster home),

We continue to marvel that Giallo has been with us nearly a year. His personality continues to expand. He certainly is one to grab for affection. Anytime we are petting Amber he pushes her aside to get closest to us. We are both quite good at two-dog petting now.

His counter surfing continues unabated. At least now he will get down on command but he cannot resist leaping up at any moment. We have both lost food we are preparing when we turn to pick up a new ingredient and there he is ...off with whatever. Then on with the merry chase. It is difficult to put things in the garbage as his head is there in an instant and he tries to lick any remaining food off the plates in the dishwasher. While he now runs about 5 miles daily he has also gained 10 pounds so I don't think he is starving, just LOVES to eat - everything! His head is just at table height so everything is in view and when he comes up for a pat, at tongue reach as well. At least that lasts only for 2-3 minutes and only with my husband - he learned quickly that trying to take food from my plate does not work.

On a good note - he is great on a leash, comes when he is called when we walk in the woods and he has learned to swim. He LOVES to swim and dives in off our dock. He and Amber have a distant but affectionate relationship. She chases him off with a bark and he runs around her at full speed. But when someone walks by our yard, they both run out to bark. Amber has become much braver since walking with Giallo - looks like she figures he will protect her.

Thanks for the great work you have done with him. He certainly is a lively addition to our home!

Kris & Steve

Kris, we couldn’t help but laugh as we read this note. Gialla continues to be quite the typical Golden, doesn’t he!  You just have to love him.

Hi Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Sorry but I have been so busy playing with my brother Sam that I don't spend that much time on the PC anymore. Everything is fine & we can't wait for the reunion - that is as long as my boy Nick does not have a football game. My dad needs to double-check the schedule. How are all of your puppies? Last week the township mowed the field behind our house and Sammy rolled in some fresh rabbit guts. He smelled so good that my dad had to give him a bath. I wanted a bath too so I let my dad know by leaning on him & nudging the hose. My bath felt so good, I hadn't had one for quite some time. I love having a brother, we have so much fun together and we go for walks too.
Talk to you soon & thanks for e-mailing.

King Shylow

Hi Shylow, we were getting quite concerned when we hadn’t heard from you in several months and Eileen wanted to make sure you were all ok.  You know how it is; once you’re a GRRI dog you’re ALWAYS a GRRI dog!!!!  We hope you can make it to the reunion too.

Hi Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

One morning last week we were up bright & early. Mommy was half passed out on the recliner waiting for her coffee to brew. I spotted my Mr. Spaceman squishy toy. My dad calls it my "Squeaky Deeky". Well, Mr. Spaceman was sitting in the DVD rack with a bunch of movies. Since I am much bigger than the average Golden Retriever my head was too big to reach my spaceman. I started to bark "Help!". My dad & Sam came over to see what the commotion was all about. My dad told my mom that I wanted my spaceman. Mommy said "No Way! Not until I have my coffee". My dad said to me with tearful eyes "Sorry Buddy". So I went and laid down by the back door and let out a big sigh, my dad went back to the couch, and Sammy....., let me tell you what a great brother Sammy is. Since Sammy is smaller than me he was able to grab Mr. Spaceman with his little front nibbler teeth. He carried Mr. Spaceman over to me and dropped him between my front legs right in front of my nose and walked back to dad and lied down. What a great little brother! Mommy was mad because of all the squeaking and deeking I was doing, daddy was laughing at mommy and telling Sammy what a good boy!  

King Shylow

Shylow, it sounds like you’ve trained Sammy to be the perfect brother and dog-servant.  That’s one of the privileges of being the “big brother” isn’t it!

Dear Linda (GRRI foster mom),

Nola (we changed her name) is doing great! Thank you for taking such good care of her. She is so sweet and seems to have adjusted just fine.  Her favorite thing right now is to play soccer.  She loves to go down the street to the park and chase the soccer ball around!  Thanks for the suggestion of the bully sticks. She is chewing away on them, boy do they stink, but she loves them!  Doing pretty good with the house training - only a couple of accidents so far.  Not in the crate though.  It's only been a week, but it seems like she's been here forever.  Thank you again. We are very grateful for everything you did for her.

Take care,

Love, Lisa, John, Jamie and Miranda

Nola is absolutely adorable! There is nothing cuter in the WORLD than a Golden Retriever puppy!

Dear Robin and Shayne (GRRI volunteers),

I wanted to let you know that I have met Bear.  How wonderful is it that he has finally found a place to call home which is full of love and good times.  It is what they all deserve - it is such a simple request and yet in today's world only truly special people can make it so.

From the initial intake over the phone, to the person who picked Bear up, to the medical personnel who provided care right up to the foster family who have now called Bear their own, a wonderful network exists at GRRI to make good lives happen for dogs - what important "jobs" performed by important people who are trying to make a difference in the world for our animal brethren - what great role models on special missions.

As you know I never met Bear so seeing him for the first time truly touched my heart.  Sue and Bill were so welcoming and it is quite apparent that they adore Bear and vice versa.  My husband met Bear when he was only a few months old.  I now remember he said that he was the cutest, cuddliest ball of fluff. I remembered that he told me that he said a prayer for Bear as he knew right from the start he deserved a better home.  I was so grateful to meet Bear and have this memory of my husband also, as following my husband's untimely death I lost much of my memory related to my husband.  I am told that this is sometimes common after experiencing emotional trauma and grief.  So, your work at GRRI impacts a wider circle than just the dogs and the wonderful adopters.  Seeing Bear helped me to unearth some memories of a fine man that I can now keep closer to my heart.

Thank you Bear, thank you GRRI.


Pam, we're so happy you finally got to meet Bear! Doesn't he look wonderful?

Hi Elaine (GRRI intake volunteer),
Just wanted to email you and compliment what a wonderful person you sent to my home.  She was very friendly and pleasant. If this is any indication of the kind of people at your organization then I am very confident that Maximus will end up in a great home. Thank you.


Thank you for the positive feedback about Danielle! We always like hearing that our volunteers have left a favorable impression with our clients.  We’ll be sure to pass your compliment on to Danielle!

Hi Eileen and Amy (GRRI volunteers),
Just thought I'd pass along a couple of pics - Bess & Charlie are getting along great. Charlie is really a great dog; he is so affectionate, smart, and just all around lotsa fun!  It turns out he is a real mush at night - I sat on the floor to watch a movie and  he came right over to "relax" with his head (and whatever else he can fit) on my lap. Bess is going over to his crate in the morning with her tail wagging; I think she looks forward to the play and the company...

Bess and Charlie in the yard

Charlie's training is coming along (see? he actually is sitting still long enough for me to snap a shot!)

Happy tails....

Enjoy.... hope to see you on the 29th!


Hi Helen, the furkids look like they bonded beautifully together and we’re glad to hear that Bess isn’t still waiting for “the new kid to leave”.  They make a striking couple!

Dear GRRI,

On February 11, 2007 our life changed.  Not knowing what to expect, we drove to meet Olivia Bergner, a foster mom to a Golden that we hoped would be a good fit for our family.  Driving on the New Jersey Turnpike with mixed emotions, we hoped for the perfect addition to our pack which consists of 5 sons and a 1 year old Yellow Lab named Bailey.  When we arrived at the park, we were greeted by a pair of sweet, kind eyes that looked up at us and seemed to say "are you here for me?"  We fell in love at first sight and our lives have not been the same since.

From the moment we arrived home the 2 dogs became fast friends and were inseparable.  Even though it has been only 7 months since we were fortunate enough to adopt Jesse, it feels like she has never "not" been with us.  The love and appreciation that she gives us each moment of our lives reminds us every day of what a wonderful gift we've given each other.

Having some knowledge of her past, we are overwhelmed with emotion and continually promise her that she will always be safe.  We trust that she knows that she is finally "home".  We couldn't love her any more than we do.  It makes us sad knowing that so many dogs like Jesse are in need of finding safe, loving homes but we take comfort in the fact that GRRI-NJ and other organizations are working so diligently to help dogs feel safe, find homes and give them peace of mind.

On behalf of all of us, thank you very, very much!!!!

Kathy Fiume & David Oberman

Kathy & David,  Jesse’s life prior to rescue certainly wasn’t pleasant. We also made a promise to her the day we got her that we would NEVER let anyone hurt her and try to kill her again. We promised her a very special home, with loving, caring parents.  We can proudly say that we kept our promise to her.  She looks so healthy and happy.  Thank you for giving this dog the emotional support that she needed to heal.


I'm sorry to be sending my "Thanks for Chrissie" donation so late this year. March 23rd was our 4th anniversary as a family and it's been wonderful.

Chris is truly the mayor of our block, visiting neighbors for rubs, kisses, treats - whatever she can get from them.  Neighbors laugh when they see us heading out on walks as we cross the street countless times so she doesn't miss anyone - it's like I'm being taken for a walk, not the other way around.

Chris joined my mom and I for our Hilton Head trip - she loves the car and highway driving - but barks whenever we slow down for rest areas, gas stations or heaven forbid - traffic lights!

Chrissie has been a great companion for my mom who will celebrate her 85th birthday in November.  In fact, the party will be in the house so Chrissie can attend!

Please keep up the good works of your organization. It's hard to imagine a time before Chrissie (and we've had 3 other Goldens previously.)  She's a very special girl and we're lucky to have her. It is thru the efforts of your volunteers that helped make 'a match made in heaven'.

Thank you.

Ruth, Pat and Chrissie Bean


Pat, it’s always so pleasant to hear from our adopters and know that we did in fact make that perfect match for them and their families.  Your very generous donation will enable us to help many more Goldens entrusted to us.  It’s people like you that allow us to continue with what we do best – helping families find their new best friend.

Dear "All" at GRRI of NJ,

Saw that you have a photo gallery now on the website.  Thought you would like some photos of our Jacky...we adopted him August 2005.   He is wonderful and so much a part of our family - we are thankful for our match through GRRI. Jack travels with us almost all the time. Here are some shots swimming on the Cape in Massachusetts and hanging out.  Once the last kid leaves for college we may be looking for a buddy for Jack.


The Conlon family


Thanks for the photos!  Jack looks wonderful.  Whenever you’re ready, we’d be happy to help Jack get a new brother or sister to play with!   There’s nothing we love more than repeat adopters.  It tells us we’re doing something right!!!

Lynda (GRRI foster mom),

We would love to attend (the reunion), but unfortunately, John has a 1:00 pm soccer game, which means we will not be able to attend.

A quick update on Jersey.  He is settling in nicely and the crate is no longer an issue.  He even goes in on his own at night when I am working on the computer.  We started obedience class last Friday and he was the best behaved dog in class. Of course, I am biased.

We also took Jersey for his first Vet visit.  Jersey received a clean bill of health.  He lost some weight the first couple of weeks, so we are going to watch his weight.  The vet said once he settles in, he will regain the weight.

Jersey marched in the Long Valley Fall festival parade with the Boy Scouts.  He was very well behaved and enjoyed all the attention.  We had a couple of goats, yes I typed goats, marching behind us and Jersey could care less.

We feel so lucky and are overjoyed that Jersey has come to live with us.  We look forward to attending one of the GRRI events in the near future.

I have some pictures to send, but they are not on this computer.  I will send them shortly. 

The Carkitto Family

Hi Mike, we’d love to see some pictures, especially one of Jersey marching in front the goats!  We’re glad he’s settling in nicely and “acing” the obedience classes.


Capmark Finance Inc. is pleased to contribute to GRRI-NJ at the request of Elaine Furnari in our New York City office.  Please accept the enclosed check in the amount of $1,000.00 as our contribution to your organization.  

We wish you every success with your endeavors and would appreciate receiving an acknowledgement of our contribution at your earliest convenience. 


Suzanne L. Quigley

Community Initiatives Director

Elaine, thank you for your very generous donation and thank you for submitting the form!   We’re so grateful when our volunteers can submit matching gift forms to their companies for a Corporate matching gift.

Lynda (GRRI foster mom),

Here are some of the pictures I promised.  Jersey loves to lie on his back and hold a toy up in the air.  It is especially funny to watch him hold his ball up in the air with just his paws.

He loves to play catch with his ball also.  He will jump completely in the air to try and catch the ball.

The information was in the packet and I just missed it.  I should let my wife handle these things.  When I told her I emailed you, she said she knew because it was in the package.

I'll keep in touch and if we need doggy sitting, we will definitely call Aunt Lynda!!!  But don't expect it too soon, we plan to have Jersey travel with us.



Michael, thanks for the pictures.  It must be some sort of “extra” gene that these wonderful dogs have…ALL of them adore their tennis balls!  Sorry you couldn’t make the reunion. Hopefully we’ll see you next year.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

You beat me to it!  I was going to drop you a note too saying how very good it was seeing you again last Saturday!  It was a shame you did not have more time, but at least you were able to come for a little while!  We had such a grand time as usual! The weather was outstanding; and the food great!  We are always so envious of people that can get to a Wegman's easily--we have none in North Jersey, and we found out that the sandwiches came from Wegmans!  And all the salads that the volunteers made were so good too--and definitely the desserts!  Jake had whipped around Dick in his chair and pulled him over and a leg of the chair broke, and in seconds, a woman named Ruth came running over with a chair for him to use.  A little woman, with glasses and dark hair--do you know her?  Does GRRI ever have general meetings of volunteers?  And where are they held?  Probably down nearer to you I would guess.

Anyway, the whole day was so enjoyable; we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Keep in touch,


Diana, one of the things our foster home volunteers love most about the reunion is seeing the dogs that they’ve fostered with their new forever families.  In fact they keep track of how many of their foster dogs come!  We were sorry about Dick’s mishap and were glad he wasn’t hurt.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

Thought I would drop you a note for an update.  Everything is going very well.  After we last spoke, Boulder chased 6 deer in my back yard; fortunately, he didn't catch any, came close to one little one, but thank goodness she got away.  Now when we go into the back yard I have to hold onto him before he can go & explore.  He loves to run & run in the yard.  Like doing victory laps.  He is very silly as he dives & rolls around the grass.  On our walk last night he found a wonderful apple that had fallen from a tree, I didn't even attempt to remove it & he was thrilled.

The other day when I came home he was sleeping on the sofa w/ Frank.  I was really surprised since Frank was always the tough one about that.  I was actually happy.

The kids are coming home next weekend to meet their younger brother as they call him & I am looking forward to that.

It's hard to imagine he's only been here such a short time.  He has won our hearts & can't imagine life w/out him.  He is very special as you stated all along.  I think he is going to be a very big golden.  Only recently did I take a good look at his paws, they are HUGE!

Today he gave me my first & second hug.  The first one was when Frank was hugging me, he jumped up & placed his paws on my back trying to be part of the hug.  Later when he was resting, he picked up one of his front paws & placed it on my back.  I was so happy I cried.  Ryder did that up until the day he passed on.

Everyone who meets him just adores him, what a surprise.  Another thing you said from the beginning.

That's about all for now & thank you for giving so much love while he was with you.  You did a GREAT job.

Let's try & get together once I return from Santa Fe.


Liz, Frank & Boulder

Liz, thanks for the Boulder update.  We agree, he’s one adorable, lovable dog.  He looks like a giant Golden Retriever puppy!


Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all those in the adoption process who assisted in helping Jackie find her way to us. Jackie has been with us a year on August 23rd. We could not be happier - her or us.  We brought her home and she fit right in. I am amazed and grateful for the careful screening of your organization and the helpfulness of the foster family we picked her up from. She is a perfect fit.

We look forward to each newsletter to read helpful hints and stories of others that you have helped. We are an animal loving family and have never owned a Golden before. They are amazing. Jackie is always there with a toy, a paw or nose nudge whenever anyone is down, grumpy or happy. She is terrific. We could not be happier. Thank you to your organization for doing such a wonderful job.  Please accept the enclosed donation. We look forward to walking Jackie in the "Golden Oldies" parade this year.


The Manzelli Family

Hi Tybe, thank you so much for your donation!  We look forward to seeing all of you on the 29th!

Dear Carolyn (GRRI volunteer),

Thanks so much for inviting us to the reunion outing. We had such a nice time and everyone was so friendly.   Bill and I and "the Girls" had a GReat time!


Gerry, we’re so glad you could all come – and thank you for your donation.  We loved the Golden Retriever puppy note card you sent – “How can I thank you? Let me count the ways…this is when fingers come in handy”.

Dear GRRI,

I joined the fun Sat. as a friend and trainer to Pam Patton.  I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the day.  It was so impressive that things kept moving right along.  So often at these type events the games drag on and on and on, and people and the dogs lose interest.  It was fun to see all the different games and how well organized and quick moving they were.

The whole event had an incredible amount of organization, and the volunteers with the group were so good at making sure they included everyone in attendance in conversation, games, etc.  As I looked around I could see that everyone was being included and spoken to.

Thank you for a most wonderful and healing day - it was the most well organized and well-run dog event that I've attended in a long time.

Joanne Reaney

We were so glad you were able to come to the reunion, Joanne. It’s an annual event that we all look forward to - seeing all these wonderful dogs that we helped place into their forever homes looking so happy with their new families.  It takes a lot of effort by a lot of people to make it run smoothly. After 7 years, we have it down pat!

Hello to my friends at GRRI-NJ. It's been almost two years since I was adopted out to my forever family. I'm doing great! We just got back from a camping trip in Pennsylvania. My family always takes me camping, even though the camper is kind of small and I always hog the bed. The campground was decorated for Halloween, and I went trick-or-treating with my kids to so many campsites. My family thought it would be cute to put a costume on me. I wasn't too sure about that, but I ended up getting Snausages and some other treats! Check out the picture of me in my pirate costume.

Thanks again for rescuing me!


Marco, thanks for writing and sending us your photo.  You are indeed one impressive looking buccaneer!  It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun with your new family and that they’re taking excellent care of you.  We love hearing how happy our dogs are in their forever homes.

Dear Jill (GRRI foster mom),

This will be short because I still can't write about it, but I will call you this week.  Our Joshy passed away on Friday, September 28.  I'm sorry that I didn't call but I'm having a very hard time without him.  Mary Moon, our wonderful vet, came to our house at 5:30 p.m.  Kevin and I spent the entire day holding him in bed, giving kisses and telling him when he didn't see Mommy and Daddy anymore, he would see Max.  That must have been a sight to see the two of them come together again. It was a horrible day, with many tears, but knowing they would be together again was the only salvation.

The house feels so very different.  As you know we never left him alone, not once.  He went wherever we went or we didn't go.  Our whole lives were built around Josh.   We miss him terribly.  He was such a presence.  He was a wonderful boy and was so mischievous that he cracked us up throughout the day.  I miss that so much. 

He developed nasal cancer only weeks before and it spread very quickly.  There was nothing we could do to treat it because it could not be cured, and treatment was radiation which required sedation which they would not recommend due to his heart problems.  Also, the nasal cancer was the secondary site.  We think the kidneys may have been the origin.

Please know he did not suffer, as he was fine up until the night before, taking our usual evening walk (perhaps a bit slower) down the street to stop at neighbors' houses for his treats and his hugs. But the next morning he couldn't breathe through his nose anymore and with the open sores he clearly let us know that it was time. He wouldn't get up to eat or go outside.  So we fed him all day in our bed - all his favorite foods - bacon, muffins, etc.  A few nights before that, we even cooked him a T-bone steak on the grill (we had a feeling it would be soon).  He would have been 12 in January.

We haven't a single regret in our choice to adopt Max and Josh.  They stole our hearts right off the bat and our lives were so wonderful with them in it.  We only wish we could have adopted them when they were a little younger so we could have had more time.  We weren't ready to let either of them go.  I guess you never are when you love them with all of your heart.

How can we ever thank you for bringing us together.  We made a beautiful family and had a wonderful life together - I swear that they thought they were here their entire lives. I'm crying too hard now, so I really can't keep correcting my spelling anymore.

P.S.  The Picnic was the next day and we were planning for weeks to attend and surprise you.  I wish you could have seen him one last time.  He was beautiful as a senior.

All our love,

Deb and Kevin

Debra and Kevin, what can we say?  Your email was so heart wrenching, many of us were in tears just reading it.  We can all relate to how devastating it is to lose our beloved friends.  The only consolation is in knowing that he is indeed playing with Max again, healthy and whole.  Please accept our deepest condolences.

Debbie (GRRI foster mom),

Here are some pictures of Max. He has put on some weight and looks good.  We are working on his car travel problems and trying to get him to calm down. We all love the dog and he fits right into the family.  Here are some pictures (without the Christmas trees).

Bill Allison

Bill, thank you for the pictures. We can imagine how much fun Max is having playing in his very own Christmas Tree farm!  He looks wonderful.


It has been very lonely here since we lost Patton June 28, 2007.  I enclose three photos plus a farewell letter to Patton.  Is there a reasonable chance you might come up with another we could adopt?


Sadly, this morning the time had come to free you from having to painfully drag your rear end along whenever attempting to move around, especially when you needed to go outdoors.  You were also having frequent spells of rough breathing.

We couldn't see why you should continue suffering. So we think now that you are in a happier world without your back and breathing problems.

I had a very bad time at the end seeing you go - even while our friends and yours who had wanted to be there with you stood by.

I feel so bad losing you that I was unable to tell you so at the end. I choked up.

Even more - how could I tell you that we really knew you didn't want to go without us and our home, however much dragging you would have to do.

I should have told you this earlier about our everlasting deep love for you and your always wonderful friendly spirit.

PAT - without you we are now terribly alone - alone!  Who will now be looking for us and always greeting us with a wagging tail?

We console ourselves in the belief that you are now - with your spirit - joining our wonderful previous Goldens - Rascal - Happy - Ben - Duke - Josh - and Corky.  You will like them and they will like you!

We are counting on seeing you all when our time comes.

Sincerely, Hamilton and Marty Herman

Marty and Hamilton, please know how very sorry we are for your loss.  Patton was such a distinguished looking gentleman and we can imagine how much you miss him.  Of course we’d be happy to help you find another wonderful companion to share your lives.

Dear Eileen (GRRI Treasurer),

Each year we have a silent auction at Camp Gone to the Dogs to raise money for worthy animal causes. We bring dog related items for both dogs and humans and have a lot of fun bidding on the items.  We raise quite a bit of money from the auction. We want to help continue your good work and we are sending you $100 as suggested by Audrey Steinharn. 


Jeanne Richter, Camp Director

Jeanne, thank you for the wonderful donation; and Audrey, thank YOU for recommending us.  We can certainly put this check to good use.