Vol 9 No 4

Fall 2007

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2007 Reunion


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Thank You to Our Generous Contributors

Barnes & Noble
The Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
The Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program recognizing GRRI volunteer Michele Masone
Nate Blutinger in memory of Chico
Debra and Paul Revock to celebrate the life of their beloved GRRI Golden, Rocky
Dorothy and Frank Griffith, Jr. in memory of Max
Albert Buys
Jill and Tom Rotunno in memory of their GRRI Golden, Jake
Amy Stein in memory of Chelsea Levine
Rose and Rita Lanson in memory of Norman Pallay and in honor of their new grandson
Pam Morgan
Amy and Ron Maywald in memory of Xyla
Amy and Ron Maywald in memory of Kyra
Eileen and Drew McFadden in memory of Kyra
Ann and Matt Price in honor of Kyra
Robbin Locke in memory of Dennis Schnorrbusch, beloved son of GRRI volunteer Linda Schnorrbusch
Linda and Rich Walter
Barbara and John Ready
Denise Walmach
Timothy Coughlin
Jeanne Urna in honor of her friends Carol Rodekohr and Barb Gurlek
Wesley Yeager
Irene Kennedy in memory of her GRRI Golden, Carli
Kate Malony
Rev Mark and Bonnie Summers
Eileen McFadden in memory of Zachary Szpila
Reining Cats & Dogs Pet Grooming
John and Lisa Stewart
Paula Carter in memory of Morgan DiCocco
Erin Melcher-Beam via the Johnson & Johnson United Way Campaign
Linda Ferrara to the Joann Smith Memorial Fund in appreciation of our helping Goldens
Pam Morgan towards the reunion costs
Tybe Marks and Joe Manzelli
Marcia Unger
Elaine Furnari in memory of Sparky Walter and in honor of Scout
and all those dogs who didn’t have a forever home until they got GRRI to find them one.
Cheryl Shonborn
Bayshore Companion Dog Club, Inc.
Schering-Plough Dollars for Volunteers Program recognizing volunteer Bill Bergner
Francis DeFrancesco in honor of GRRI volunteer Theresa Szpila’s birthday
Lynda Neff in honor of her GRRI Golden, Jewels
L. Wendy Smith and Kevin Wilkening
Bill and Frankie Hedges
Jeanne Richter, Dog Dazed, LLC

The following donations were made in memory of Fred Lutz who loved his Goldens
Anita and Rick Ringen
Mr. and Mrs. John Makin, Jr.
Nextaction Corporation
Doris Lukasiak
Ruth Hunter
Helen Soskin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pratico
Patricia Thomas
Jill Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Withers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Himes
Mr. and Mrs. James Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Parsons
Rae Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. John Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. John Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. James Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hanna

Donations Towards The Reunion
Amy and Ron Maywald
Nancy Esposito and Bob Collins
Valerie and Sean Mahon
Nancy and Joe Myers
Geraldine and William Sprague
Malcolm Geary and Marion Gentile
David and Michele Gallo
Kimberly and Karl Anderson
Pat Bean
Mary Anne and Keith Kielty
Suzanne and Vincent Sbraga
Joyce Schurzky
Annette Power Johnson
June Urna
Christine and John Meyer
Shayne Murray
Theresa Szpila
Sylvia and Phil Mogerman
Michele Mason and Beth Corcoran
Carolyn Decina