Vol 10 No 4

Fall 2008

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2008 Reunion

Remembering Goldstock

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Remembering With Fondness

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Tales of Gold

Our Generous Contributors

Amazon.com Affiliate Payments
ChoicePoint Cares Matching Gifts Program matching a donation by Sheila Johnson
Schering-Plough Dollars for Volunteers Program – GRRI volunteer Bill Bergner
Mary & Douglas Bausback in memory of Jack Daniel
Irene Kennedy to help with Angel’s medical costs
Richard Carman in honor of Disney
Olivia & Bill Bergner in-kind donation of OBX rental property proceeds
Sheila & Bob Johnson, Sr.
Sierra Vista Construction
Patricia Milosz
Susan Schlenger in memory of her GRRI Golden, Red
The Botwinck family in memory of Joan Seffer
Irene Kennedy in remembrance of Carli
Richard Carman in honor of Disney
Denise Wallack in memory of Margot Dunean
Jeneen Ost
Mina Rhee in memory of Candy, beloved Golden of Melissa Grieves & Craig Orlando
Jill Donaldson in memory of Jake Seeds
Cheryl & David Vetter
Veronica & Ernest Larini in memory of Maggie
GRRI volunteer Lenise Mitchell in honor of her rescue Golden, Zoe
The Plymouth Rock Foundation Matching Gift Program, doubling a donation given by Lenise Mitchell in loving memory of her Golden, Ubu
Julie-Ann & Eric Ulbrich in memory of their Golden, Abby
Judy Ocello

Donations in loving memory of Jerry Britten:
From everyone at Diamond Construction
Myrna Correll & Bill Lodge
Vivienne Jones
Ginny Abbruzzese
Kathy Schwartz
Kelly Gancarz
James Ozol
John DeVincens
Doug DeVincens

Donations in loving memory of Harry Heitman:
Eileen & Drew McFadden
Jeanne & Kevin Kelly
The Wichler family
Florence & Lionel Morin
Theresa Szpila
Victoria & Anthony Panebianco
Maureen & Ira Tanzer
Bona & Harry Heitman
Jena Marie & Bozidar Darko Maric
Jane Schaefer
Robert Stilson
North Highlands Music & Performing Arts Association
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Milston

Donations in celebration of the marriage of Denise & Tim Ryan
Laura Ann & James Chesnes
Pamela & Michael Lawsky
Jill & Paul Levchuk
Joyce & Jurand Haas
Judith & Patrick Cerami
Kathleen & Thomas Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bennett
Beverly & Thomas McDonald
Mary Ryan Henwood
Philmore Steinberg

2008 Reunion:
David Kerth, PF&C Services, Inc.
Larry Sheckman, Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc.
Deb Catapano
Olivia & Bill Bergner
Kathleen & David Oechsle
Laura Smith & Kevin Wilkening
Joyce Schurzky
Charlotte & Bill Foster
Terry & Dennis Blake
Nancy Esposito & Bob Collins

Judy Lilien
Anne & Richard Mroz
Amy & Ron Maywald
Eileen & Drew McFadden
Carolyn Decina
Ruth Osman
Elizabeth Gleason
Olivia Bergner
Lenise Mitchell
Sandy Leibfried
Julie-Ann Ulbrich
Linda & Rich Walter
Terry Veiga
Anita & Rick Ringen
Lynda Neff
Lilli Girvan
Robin Slamp
Nora Anne DiLemmo
Sandy Breznican
Kim Siegler
Karen Kelly
Janelle Barth