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Holiday 2010

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Tales of Gold

Parade of Rescue Dogs

(formerly Bruno)

Gotcha Date:  09/02/09

Adopted By:  George & Margaret Bender

Bruno came into our world on September 2nd, 2009.  He is the most beautiful and most affectionate Golden we have had and the name just didn't fit.  We tried calling him Brunie but George kept calling him Bernie by mistake.  So Bernie he is and we love him so very much.

When Bernie came home with us, he was instantly right at home.  He got through the holidays with ease, just loving all the people coming and going.  In February, he went on vacation with us and was the perfect guest at our hotel.  Bernie and his Mom passed the days walking and playing in the snow and meeting new people while his Dad took care of business.  He has been on a few other short vacations with us and is the easiest dog we have ever traveled with, both in the car and out.  He just loves people even if they are strangers.  GRRI-NJ made a perfect match when it came to Bruno and the Benders.

(formerly Bandit)

Gotcha Date:  10/30/09

Adopted By:  John & Barb Ready

Mac came into our life October 30th, 2009.  We now have some idea of what a 'whirling dervish' is.  His full name is “Mac you little rat fink drop that and come back here.”  He had been living in a condo, spending his days and nights in a crate with only potty breaks to go across the parking lot to use the grass area.  His previous owners weren’t sure why he had so much energy.   At night though he’s just a big snuggle bunny on the couch and our bed.

Mac has been to Obedience 1 and 2 and Agility but we are still working on his leash manners and the fact that he can not play with every dog he meets.

Mac had a great time at Goldstock this year, and can’t wait until next year when he can go in the 'house on wheels' (RV) again.

Mac loves his new brother JT and the two of them play just about 24/7 – of course the back yard now looks like a NASCAR track.

A big thanks to Rescue for letting him join our family.


Gotcha Date:  12/16/09

Adopted By:  Steve Stern & Fredda Sacharow

We call her “Abby, the Amazing Wonder Dog”, and not just because she's got her own Facebook page and is on target to break the Guinness record for napping.

No, we call her a wonder dog because everyone she meets wonders, “How can I find myself one of those?”

From the moment we picked her up at foster Mom Lynda Neff's home last December, Abby has woven her way into our lives – and our hearts.  Among her biggest fans is our 2-year-old grandson Michael, whose earliest words included “Aah-bee” as he followed her devotedly around the house.

Life without Abby?  It would go on, but with considerably less oomph!

(formerly Chance)

Gotcha Date:  12/31/09

Adopted By:  The Scavone Family

Bear was dropped off at a shelter in South Jersey where he was immediately rescued by a shelter technician who recognized him as a Golden and contacted GRRI.  Bear was only eight months old and a big boy of 75 pounds when the Scavone Family received a call from the Neff Family (his foster parents) to come and meet him.

On New Year's Eve 2009, Bear came to his forever home.  Ever since that day, Bear has been our big love bug.

He enjoys long walks, chasing balls at the dog park, and just hanging out with his forever family!

(formerly Harriett)

Gotcha Date:  06/04/10

Adopted By:  The Scafaria Family

Cherry is a beautiful 7-year-old golden whose interests include swimming, playing with her puppy friend, and sleeping in the kids' beds.  We met her in June as Harriett, but the kids had trouble remembering that name, so she's now known as Cherry. 

Cherry came into our lives after her family had to relocate and couldn't bring her along.  She reminded us of our prior golden, Merlin, who we lost to cancer last year, and the timing was perfect for us to fall in love again.  Isn't she beautiful?!

(formerly Bailey)

Gotcha Date:  07/26/10

Adopted By:  John & Barb Ready

JT just turned 2 in August.  His full name is JT Sugar Bear.

He and his brother Mac are like long lost litter mates.  From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they have been the best of friends.  He loves to play bitey face and chase his brother through the back yard.  The only draw back is when he decides he wants to play bitey face with Mac on our bed at 4:00 am.

JT also got his first Goldstock experience this year and loved swimming in the lake – only problem is that he leaves his brain on the shore line.  He’s almost as deranged as Rocky Walter when he saw the lake ... almost but not quite.

He’s an absolute joy and we can spend hours watching him chase his brother Mac in the back yard. The flowers are taking a beating, but it’s worth it.

Thank you to Rescue for allowing us to adopt him.

(formerly Flit)

Gotcha Date:  12/13/09

Adopted By:  Sue Mollica & Bobbie Greco

Bridge Date:  09/26/10

My name is Chase, but my friends, family and adoring fans know me as “Weebs”.  I was always a little wobbly, and Mom used to say “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”  I’m sorry I couldn’t be here today, but God had other plans for me – as my human cousin Alexis says, He needed me for some special mission.  I earned my wings last Sunday, and now I am a bright shining star in the sky – don’t forget to look for me!

I came to my forever home at 15 years young and celebrated my 16th birthday with my Moms and Golden brothers and sister in July.  It was so much fun… we had cheeseburgers and ice cream!  When I was adopted, they said I only spoke French…  Mom said I really spoke “cookie”!  I remember when Mom first came to visit me at my foster Mom Jean’s home she brought some cookies – my expert sniffing nose found the bag and I snatched the cookies right out of her hand!  It was love at first sight … for both of us!  I had a wonderful almost 10 months.  I loved to eat (Mom says I had a clock in my tummy that told me when it was supper time!), and I loved to sleep on my comfy beds.  I even got to lounge by the pool!  Everyone loved my big feet and my cute face and how I kissed on command.  My Moms love me so much… it felt like I had been home with them forever!

Even though my furry self is no longer here, I am with my Moms every day and I feel their love … and my love goes with them too.  I know I will be reunited with them someday … my real forever family.  But until then, I patiently wait for them at the Bridge with the others …