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Tales of Gold

2011 Rescue Parade



 Gotcha Date: 12/19/10

Adopted By: Bobbie Greco & Sue Mollica

For a very long time, I didn’t think there was a Santa Claus… but this past year I found out he really does exist! My name is Nash, and I had been wishing really hard for a forever home for Christmas. My dreams came true when Santa came early and I got to go home to be loved forever by my moms and my brothers and sister! It was such a happy day. The funny thing is – my moms said the same thing about ME! They said that I was their very bestest Christmas present of all … can you imagine?? What a wonderful day it was!

I’ve been loving my new life in my forever home. I was a really big boy at first – I was 123 lbs. But my fantastic foster folks Lilli and Tom started me off losing weight (did I mention that I love them too?), and now I’m down to 90 lbs! I still really love cookies, though! I’ve been told I’m an excellent snuggler and I’m always willing to nap on the couch on a Sunday afternoon with anyone who invites me. I also love to bring my moms items that I’ve taken – usually either the dish towel or a shoe – as a token of my affection and gratitude. My moms tell me I’m a big, silly, lovable boy and they love me very, very much … I now think every day is Christmas!!

Jerry Lee
(formerly Merlin)

Gotcha Date: 12/23/10

Adopted By: John & Barb Ready

The call went out for an evaluation on a senior (9-11 years old) in a shelter who was in danger of being put down. Of course our volunteers sprang into action and Jerry Lee was evaluated and taken from the shelter to his foster home. When the written evaluation went out it said it’s a good thing that John didn’t do the evaluation or this guy would be a Ready boy – little did they know that John had already fallen in love with him from the photo. We had just lost Pal on December 7 th and I wasn’t ready for another boy to enter my heart but then I took one look at Jerry Lee’s sweet face and fell head over heals in love. I have always been a sucker for the senior reds.

He is the sweetest boy – loves to give kisses, and enjoys meeting new people. He‘s just not sure why everyone doesn’t want to come over and give him pets. He loves his Man Cave (his crate) and goes into it whenever he wants a break from playing with his brothers.

We can’t thank rescue enough for allowing Jerry Lee to become one of the Ready Boys.


Gotcha Date: 01/23/11

Adopted By: Joe & Marcia Unger

Max was an 8 year old stud dog who lived outside in a dog house and was only allowed inside when the winter temperature dipped below 20. When his owner decided to move, he simply wasn’t going to take Max with him. That’s when Max came into rescue and was fostered by Lilli Girvan and her crew.

Since Max had been hit by a car earlier in life and had his right hind leg pinned together, a family without small children was required.

Ever since our Sophie lost her brother Luke last September, she had become very sad and lonely, not to mention that the house was just too quiet. We met Max and decided he was the perfect boy for us, so on January 23 rd, SOPHIE’S 10 TH BIRTHDAY … she got what EVERY girl wants … her very own YOUNGER MAN!!!

Sophie and Max are a great team! Max is the sweetest, happiest and FUNNIEST boy in the world. When he’s not lying on Joe’s chest smooching for pets, he’s ripping around the house like a racehorse out of the starting gate.

Max, Maximillion, Maxwell, Love to the Max, that’s our precious little boy!!!!!!!!

(formerly Babs)

Gotcha Date: 03/19/11

Adopted By: The Lavin Family

There are so many things I can tell you about our little Miss Cena. She is the sunshine in our everyday. She has wrapped her golden paws right around each of our hearts. Anyone who meets Cena is completely taken in by her personality. She loves to be around people and other animals. In fact, when she arrives at the farm, she thinks it's her job to give kisses to each of the horses. We are working on that and are thankful that the horses tolerate her love.

Cena is also extremely bright. When we say “farm” she sits at the garage door until her leash is attached, we say “pool” and she flies to the back door, and when she feels she needs to be walked, she brings US her leash. One thing she hasn't figured out is that she is no longer a lap dog. She loves to jump on the couch and not lay next to you but to sit in your lap. One of her favorite things to do is snuggle. She is a true Golden, just wants to please everyone.

She has bonded with our Tinkerbell, which they can no longer be separated. We used to be able to walk them separately but now they whine for each other. Where ever Tinkerbell is, Cena needs to be right behind or along side. Cena loves to kiss Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell returns the kiss as well ~ never saw anything like it. Bottom line, Cena is a wonderful addition to our family and we are blessed to have her.

(formerly River)

Gotcha Date: 03/19/11

Adopted By: Rich & Linda Walter

Life is good! I'm so glad I was born and so thankful to my birth Mom Anna and my foster pawrents Amy Jo and Ken for taking such good care of me and my 9 siblings until we found our forever families.

These past 8 months have been great. Two days after I came home, I got to play in that magical white stuff you people call snow. Boy, was that fun!! I went to puppy Kindergarten in the spring and start school again soon. Over the summer, we went camping for 2 weeks in the 'house on wheels'. That was the most fun I ever had in my life! The best part was that my big brother Rocky and I got to go swimming every day. We even went dock diving and swam in a glacial lake. Did I mention that I love my big brother? Rocky's my BFF. He's taught me lots of stuff and I've taught him how to play bitey face. We love playing with our woobies, finding really big sticks to chew on together, and chasing squirrels - and each other - in the yard. (Sshhh, don't tell Rocky, but I think I'm faster than him now!)

Two months ago, I got really sick and even needed surgery. (That was the least fun I ever had in my life.) It took me a while to get better but now I'm fine and back to my important job of being a goofy puppy.

My wish is that all the homeless doggies would find a forever family that loves them as much as Mommy, Daddy & Rocky love me. I'm such a lucky boy.

(formerly Krispy)

Gotcha Date: 04/12/11

Adopted By: Steve & Chris Wance

Abby is our little girl. From the moment we met her at Foster Mom Amy Kazahaya's house, she has been a wonderful addition to our family. We have watched Abby blossom day by day gaining confidence and ease in her new surroundings. Although petite in size, Abby's sweet, loving temperament is huge. She loves her daily walks, protects our yard from lingering squirrels and cats and observes with curiosity visiting birds. Even though she can select from dozens of toys, she prefers the simple pleasure of playing with her smooth, round balls. Abby is pure joy and we are so grateful to all at GRRI for bringing her into our lives.

(formerly Tucker)

Gotcha Date: 06/16/11

Adopted By: Ski & Kathie Ulinski

“Harley and Me”

I apologize for the book title infringement but in my defense, although Kathie and I have had Harley for a short time, I feel that I could write volumes about him. When Midas, our previous Retriever, passed in February, he left a tremendous hole, filled with grief and sorrow. Harley in a short period of time has helped close this hole. He is exceptionally friendly, lovable, very obedient and quite the looker.

Our Midas was a working Mascot at my place of employment. We do a lot of work with those that are homeless and those less fortunate than others. Harley has continued the work of Midas. Every day, he goes up to work with us to perform his miracles with the people from the shelters. He is a large part of their healing process. He gives them love unconditionally, and all of the people think that they are very special to him, which they are. At the end of the day though, he's very happy to go home with us. He has made us “whole” again. We feel that Midas somehow sent Harley to us. We were surely gifted when we received him.

(I have been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles since I was 17, hence the name “Harley”!)

(formerly Lucy)

Gotcha Date: 08/06/11

Adopted By: Bobbie Greco & Sue Mollica

My name is Phoebe, and my new moms tell me that I’m the sweetest, prettiest little girl they’ve ever seen! I love my forever home so much… I get to run in the yard, and chase tennis balls, and sleep on the couch! Like my brother Nash, I’m a world-class snuggler and I make my mom so happy when I quietly climb up on the couch for some cuddle time.

I have so much fun with my brothers and sister. Every night, my big sister Elle leaves a few morsels of food in her bowl for me to finish. I think Noah has a crush on me – he’s always trying to show off in front of me! But my favorite is Nash – I follow him everywhere and sometimes we even get into a little mischief! Nothing bad, mind you, just good, clean Golden fun that makes mom laugh at how silly we are. Ah, yes … life is good. It didn’t take long at all for me to understand how much I am loved … it makes me so happy!


Gotcha Date: 05/28/11

Adopted By: Sue Mollica & Bobbie Greco

My name is Noah, and I was a very scared and shy boy at first. I wasn’t sure where I came from or where I belonged, but my wonderful foster mom Lynda made me feel so loved. I was reluctant to leave her and my new best friend Bailey, but when I got to my forever home and saw that I had moms who love me and new brothers and a sister, I finally knew that this is where I belonged.

I’ve really blossomed in my forever home! I now come up to visitors to greet them and my tail never stops wagging! I love to be loved and cuddled by my moms and sometimes I’ll even go up and give a kiss, especially if I know somebody needs it. I’m still a little scared when I’m with a lot of people, so I decided to stay home today and take care of my sister Elle.

I love my supper and I very gently take cookies – as many as I can get! But my favorite thing in the whole world is peanut butter. If you see my mom, ask her to show you the videos of me dancing for my supper and enjoying my peanut butter! Life is good and I know I don’t have to be scared anymore because I will now be loved forever…