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Tales of Gold

Letters to GRRI-NJ

Hi Barbara (GRRI foster mom),
Here's some photo's of Woody being himself.  He is doing great.  Still full of energy and he is so very smart.  Enjoy the summer.


He’s absolutely adorable! Thanks for sending them.

To all our friends at GRRI,

Thank you so much for 'Hunny' and a Happy Fathers' Day!

Joel & Paula Harris

We’re not sure WHO looks happier, Joel – you or Hunny! Enjoy your new fur girl.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

Foster is 11 and LOVING life. The girls are much better too.



Foster looks so handsome, Stef. Thanks for sending us his picture. Now we’d love to see Blue & Dodger!

Hi Lilli (GRRI foster mom),
I was just thinking yesterday, you are due for an update, LOL.  Life has been very busy lately, between work and our personal life, it’s just go-go-go.

Toby, aka: "the professor", is growing into a handsome adult.  I can’t believe he is almost 9 months old already.  Our not so little man is quite a charmer; he loves the neighborhood kids. The kids actually knock on our door and ask if Reno and Toby can come out and play (so my kids have 4 legs and fur).

He continues to learn commands.  Although being a "teen" in doggy years, he has tried to raise the bar without success.  Toby is taller than Reno now, about an inch or so, but long and lanky, with the largest feet I have ever seen on a Golden.  Smokey the Bear could call on Toby to help stomp out a forest fire. LOL!!!!

As nature would have it, Toby had learned how to shake or give a high five; Reno could never learn this.  The boys will sit and lay down on command in unison. I think they try to out do each other, you know, the "I’m better than you" attitude.  Toby has really turned into a momma’s boy.  When I give Reno hugs and scratches, Toby tries to butt right in, always at my side, and wins the cuddle bug of the year award.  The boys love each other very much. I had to take Reno to the vet a few weeks ago and Mark said Toby went nuts looking for Reno - in and out of rooms, looking out of all the windows, etc.  When we got home one would have thought we were gone for months, Toby was so excited, happy and relieved we were home.

I know I told you this before - Toby is the perfect match for our family.  I love him so much, he brightens my day. He’s smart and a bit of a clown..... and......he’s a cuddler.

I will keep you posted, and will continue to send pictures.  I know you’re anxious to see what a big boy Toby has turned out to be.

Summer has arrived - are you guys ready for a beach day?  Toby is afraid of water......go figure!

Take care,


What a colorful image – comparing Toby’s feet to Smokey the Bear’s. Hopefully he’ll grow into them someday!

Hi Amy Jo! (GRRI foster mom)

Thank you so much for the beautiful ribbon collar -- it was so thoughtful and kind of you to drop it off to us (I mean to Roxy) -- what a wonderful surprise!  It looks so adorable on her and Danielle loves it and is planning to make more for all the different holidays!  Roxy is sooooo sweet and we are all in love with her!  As promised, I am attaching a family photo, as well as one of Roxy enjoying her new bone!

Thank you for everything.  I will keep in touch to let you know how she is doing!  Feel free to call or stop by any time to visit!

Take care!


Thanks so much for the photos. We agree….Roxy looks quite fetching!

Judy (GRRI foster mom), 
We wish to take this opportunity to give our heartfelt special thanks to all the folks involved with uniting Kathie and I with Tucker. We think he is a very special puppy. I have never seen such an extremely high energy puppy that is so well behaved. It is thru the dedicated work of all involved at GRRI that makes it all possible. From the moment we filled out the application and thru the telephone interview, (I apologize I have forgotten the interviewers name). Then Amy came to our house with Stetson and we were immediately taken by Stetson he is a beautiful young male Golden that belongs to Amy. We felt that perhaps we would not wind up with a puppy of Stetson’s caliber, but time has proven us wrong. When you called us Judy and invited us to your home to meet Tucker, after we had seen the photos you sent us, we loved his looks but knew nothing about his mannerism. He sure was a very pleasant surprise, he was so well behaved and taking him for a walk with the harness was an unbelievable pleasure. I know that his quiet nature and loving attitude will be greatly appreciated where we work. Tucker will be a beloved pet but also a service dog. I mean that we deal with groups of people from all walks of life and some are mentally challenged and Tucker will be able to touch their lives and give unconditional life to each of them. The staff where we work are all in love with him. I believe he has bonded with me. I am glad to say that he is becoming a bit more independent as time goes by. Judy I intent to keep you posted on all events in his future. He is going to large breed puppy training. I expect him to graduate with Puppy Com Laude. Hmm I misspelled that. Judy we will stay in touch with you and thru you we can stay in touch with all. At this time I have only two pictures but I promise more as I take them. The pictures are of Tucker in our backyard and the one with Linda kneeling with him is him applying for the position of Cranaleith Mascot. Cranaleith is a Spiritual retreat center run by The Sisters of Mercy where I worked. I am sorry to have gone on so long but we really love Tucker and again thank all involved with making this possible.

Ski & Kathie


Harley looks like he’s made himself right at home. We’re thrilled that you’re so happy with the newest member of your family.

Hi Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

The weather was finally nice enough today for Archie to spend some time outside on the deck. He gave me a big smile :-)))

Hard to believe he will be 13 in 3 weeks!

Jeanne & Lino in NJ

Aw…he looks wonderful! Happy 13th Birthday, Archie. We know you’ll have a wonderful birthday party.

Dear GRRI,

Happy Fourth of July!

Hunny Harris

You look wonderfully patriotic, Hunny. Happy 4th to you too!

To all of our friends at GRRI,

Sue and I are beyond heartbroken to have to let you know that just about an hour ago, our most beautiful boy, Oakley Shea, made his way to the Rainbow Bridge.

Today started out like any other day in a house with four Goldens ... walks, treats, hugs & kisses and the mommies were off to work.  Oakley seemed a little "punky" but we figured he was just a bit under the weather and didn't really think much of it.  When we arrived home from work, however, we realized that this wasn't just him feeling a little out of sorts ... he was lethargic and didn't want to even lift his head.  We called Dr. Fischer who met us back at the office; x-rays and an ultrasound revealed a mass on his spleen that was absolutely huge and rock hard.  As surgery wasn't an option, we made the decision that I know all of us dread having to make.  For Oakley, though, it was the right one as he truly was suffering and it wouldn't have been right to let that continue.

We will never forget our gorgeous big blond surfer dude name Oakley.  He was one in a million ... and thank you GRRI for entrusting him to us.  He enriched our lives beyond measure and will live on in our hearts and minds.

Please light your candles to lead my sweet boy to the Bridge.  Rest in peace Big O.


Bobbie & Sue, our deepest condolences to you both. Seniors are so special and we can’t thank you enough for your willingness to adopt these wonderful dogs. We know his life improved greatly once he was lucky enough to be adopted by you both.

Oh Lilli (GRRI foster mom),

Thank you for sharing these with us.  I think of you and them always, and so wish we could have kept this little family together. They are beautiful, and I just know that Kiri misses them at times.

I wanted to write to you anyway, to say that Kiri is doing so well. She is truly such a kind and loving friend to us. She has adjusted to the yard, and wherever we take her, everyone falls in love with her sweet nature. She also jumps right into the car with me, ready to go anywhere (except in this heat).

Thank you, Lilli. I wish I could show Kiri the pictures....I would so love for them to be together.

And thank you for the gift of Kiri.

Love and hugs to you and Chase and Cassie...

Kiri and Betty

Hi Betty, we’re so happy to report that Chase & Cassie were lucky enough to be adopted together. They’re doing wonderfully in their new home. Thanks for the positive update on Kiri. These are three very lucky dogs!

Dear Shayne (GRRI volunteer),

We thought we would share a Hunny update with all our friends at GRRI-NJ as we reach the 8-week mark. 

She truly is a 'honey'!  She loves to please, is very, very smart, and listens incredibly well!  Now that she knows that walks can be fun too - especially off-lead. We now walk every morning in a quiet area nearby and every evening we go into Saratoga to walk in Congress Park.  She gets so excited as we drive into the park!  She loves people, tolerates their children!  As she runs to greet them, if we see they are not 'dog people', we just call her name and she does a u-turn and runs back to our side.  She lies quietly on her blanket while listening to concerts and Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" (She is very smart! :-)  

We’re trying to find a food that she would eat; we switched her to Wellness Healthy Weight.  She likes it, and, best of all, it seems to be right for her as well.  We just came back this afternoon from her weigh-in, and she weighs 81 pounds!  That's 10 pounds less than her intake weight at Red Bank!  She looks great, and has so-o-o-o much more pep and vigor than when we first got her!  We carry a jug of ice water everywhere we go, and let her go at her own pace.  She lets us know when she's had enough, especially on those hot and humid days.

Next, we need to teach her to play.  Seems funny, but she has little interest in toys.  If I throw a ball, she just looks at me as if to say "You threw it, you go get it!"  The journey continues.

Love to all!

Paula and Joel

Hunny looks wonderful! Congratulations on her continued weight loss. It sounds like she’s enjoying life in Saratoga Springs.


It is with deep regret that I inform you that I had to put my beloved Rusty down. In the last two weeks he could not walk on his own anymore and then in the last three days he stopped eating and only drank minimal amounts of water. He was in pain as he whimpered on occasions. Friday Evening we tried to get him to stand using the old stand by towel to take him out to do his business, and he just collapsed and lost the contents of his bladder. His urine was dark so I knew he was dehydrating. We took him to 4 Paws Animal Hospital on Route 9 Englishtown. The vet there concurred that he was suffering. I enjoyed his company for 12 years and he will be missed. I know you would want to know about one of your adoptees.


Douglas Thompson

Doug, thank you for notifying us about Rusty’s passing. We’re terribly sorry for your loss.

Hi everyone,

I had to help my sweet baby boy Sam to the Bridge today.  He was diagnosed with lymphoma just 3 weeks ago.  I did all I could for him but in the end, he needed my help to let him go.  He was my first golden and I got him as a puppy from a breeder in North Jersey 10 years ago.  He was not your typical golden in that he was aloof, not velcro, a total couch potato.  When I got the leash to go for a walk, he'd run in the other direction.  If you threw a ball, he'd look at you like "go get it yourself!"  He definitely enjoyed swimming when he was stronger and did he LOVE to eat!  He was sweet, funny and very gentle, not a mean bone in his body. 

I miss him so much already; he was such a good boy.  I kept telling him that his big brother and best buddy Barney would be watching after him at the Bridge until we are all reunited again.

Godspeed Sam, I love you.


Amy, please accept our deepest condolences. We all know how painful it is to lose a beloved friend, and it’s even harder when it’s your first golden.

Anne (GRRI foster mom),

Hope all is well with you and the “kids”.

Enclosed is a photo of our sweet Lucy.

Dennis and Sandy Craig

Aw….how sweet is she. We love powdered sugar faces! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara (GRRI foster mom),

It has been a while so I figured I would update you on Gruffins’ progress. He has done extremely well in adapting to his new environment. Everyone loves him. He can now jump up into our bed and into the car. He’s lost about 9 pounds. He’s a different dog than the one you knew with lots of energy. He now moves very quickly. He plays great with the other dogs. He still has a habit of chewing on things but not too badly. He follows our other dog, Duke, at all times and they always play together. We will be at the GRRI reunion so hopefully you’ll be there as well.

I am attaching some of his latest photos at our house. Enjoy!

Mark Epstein

Congratulations on his weight loss! He looks very happy with his new brother, Duke. Thanks for the update and photos.

Dear friends,

Can’t believe that JT is three today and he has been with us for a year.

He is still a wild child but also still is our JT Sugar Bear.

We finally got him to sit still for a photo.

He plays with Mac 24/7 and with Traveller and Jerry Lee whenever he can con them into playing.

He and Mac are also trying to play with the bear cubs and the fawns thru the fence. The one fawn is into playing and it’s a sight to see JT and Mac play bowing on our side of the fence and the fawn doing the same on the other side.

JT is Velcro whenever we are on the computer making life interesting as he keeps head butting your arm as you try to type.

We can’t thank rescue enough for allowing JT to become a Ready Boy.

Barb & John

Hum….maybe Bambi wants to become a Ready Boy too! Happy Birthday, JT.

Dear GRRI,

It is with such sadness that I have to tell you that our beloved Tucker had to be put to sleep last month. He had developed a fast-growing tumor behind his eye that spread to his brain. We adopted Tucker from GRRI in November 2001 when he was six months old. I can't tell you what a wonderful addition to our family he was, and can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. For nearly 11 years, he brought us nothing but joy and smiles.

My youngest daughter, Devon, was diagnosed with a chronic disease when she was 10 and all during her middle school years was very, very ill. Tucker was her constant companion, and did what all goldens do best, gave unconditional love. When we adopted him, his name was Sparky, and while that fit his personality, it seemed to us to be a small dog's name, and Tucker, was anything but small. I remember when we got him your volunteer told us he was a small male but when we went to pick him up from his original home in New Jersey he was the size of a small pony! He was mischievous, smart, funny, loving and the best companion anyone could ever hope for.

Thank you again for bringing Tucker into our lives.

Judie, Tom, Matt, Jillian and Devon Kelly

We’re so sorry to hear your sad news. Tucker was a beautiful golden boy, and sounds like he was indeed the perfect golden. When you’re ready, we’d love to help you find a new best friend to help fill the void in your lives.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

Belle is happy - and spoiled!

She is the boss around here and for as much as Mac can be a nudge, she instigates as much as him.

She is the guardian of the food bowls and queen of the Clean Plate Club. Mac even leaves her a morsel or two each evening. She dutifully inspects his bowl after each meal.  She inhales her dinner in 3 seconds flat and Mac dawdles.  He'd gladly let her have his too so we keep an eye on her! (LOL)

Belle has never been a chewer but she has decided that vacuum cleaner parts are a delicacy and she has taught Mac that if an attachment is on the floor - FAIR GAME!  "Quick, chew it up! Then she can't run that noisy machine anymore!"  I should buy stock in Kenmore.

Belle loves other dogs and her favorite, and new beau, is Sammy, who was rescued from GRRI-NJ by my neighbor a few months ago.  He is a beautiful golden and she and Sammy wag tails and bow to each other at the fence.  Mac and Sammy square off and Mac loves to bark at him ("Hands off my girl!")

Sammy has found a wonderful home with Joy, Bill and Rebecca.....they love him to pieces!

Brave Belle has conquered ceiling fans and going upstairs!

She still prefers to sleep in her bed downstairs but does come up and "hang" once in a while.

She is also learning about tennis balls. She wasn't interested in them at all until Mac came along.

She loves stealing them and taking off for her bed where she knows he'll chase her.

They wrestle and roll around together and Belle usually reigns the victor......although he is taller than her, Mac always lets her win....actually, she probably really does win.

She's pretty bossy!

And Belle's favorite trick of late? Lay on her back with her feet in the air so I brush her belly! No kidding ....funniest thing you've ever seen!

Belle and Mac are great and they are both a source of smiles and love......Joy (Sammy's mom) said she can help me out if I need her to let them out when Matt goes for surgery if the kids are in school. She's a good lady and between her and my other neighbors and family, we will be fine.

I hope you are all well...and yours!


Nancy, Brave Belle and Mac

We just love reading Belle updates. It’s so rewarding to follow her progress from the puppy mill to now, and seeing her overcoming her fears and finally becoming a happy golden. Her “daughter” who also came into rescue earlier this year, had the same issues as Belle and is also coming into her own.

Dear Lilli (GRRI foster mom),

Well, it's been a little over 8 months since I came to live in my furever home, and I wanted to let you know how I've been doing.  I know when I lived with you I was pretty overweight so I wanted to share some really good news with you!  Yesterday, when my moms brought me to the office for a spa day, they weighed me and guess what?  I'm down to 90 pounds!!!  Can you believe that since I came into rescue I've lost 26 pounds!  My moms are SO proud of me!

On Memorial Day weekend, I got a new brother named Noah.  He is a wonderful boy ... very loving ... but pretty frightened of lots of things.  I'm trying to show him the ropes so he gets comfortable knowing that he's in a good place; I guess it will just take some time.

Then, a few weeks ago, you delivered my new sister to me.  Her name used to be Lucy; now it's Phoebe Buffay (my mom, Bobbie, LOVED the show "Friends" ... still does ... and so that's how my sister got her name.)  She's REALLY cute ... and, like me, she LOVES treats!  We get along really well.

Anyway, I hope I'll get to see you at the reunion; you may not recognize now that I'm so svelte ... but I'll keep an eye out for you!!!

Lots of love and licks,


Way to go Nash! We can’t wait to see the “skinny” you at the reunion.

Hi everybody,

Just saying "Hi". The dogs are doing great. Nothing is new, just the same old boring stuff.

Attached are a couple of shots. Shylow is the first, Sammy the second. Shylow is starting to show his grey. We’re gonna have to start coloring his hair, LOL. Shylow seems to be slowing up just a tad, Sammy on the other hand is nuts as usual. Hope all is well.

Vincent Sbraga

They’re as handsome as ever. It seems strange to see the “Dolly puppies” getting gray faces!

Dear GRRI,

Just wanted to let you know that we lost our beloved Kacey to cancer on Sept 6, 2011.   We adopted Kacey (Prancer) in January of 2001 and he was the most protective, loveable friend we could have asked for.  I have enclosed a picture with his brother and baby sister taken last summer.

We did put an application in about 18 months ago but have never heard from anyone within GRRI-NJ.   We will be looking for another adoption.

Ken Clark

We’re so sorry that Kacey didn’t get to spend more time with his new baby sister. Our condolences to all of you. We did receive your application but didn’t receive your application processing fee. We’d love to help you get a new family member!

Dear GRRI,

I wanted to send you a long overdue up date on Hutch.  He is still going strong and enjoying the forever home you all helped him get.  It’s hard to believe it's close to or about 7 years now since we brought him home to be Casey's lifetime partner. They still love each other as much as the day they first met. Just now they are getting the mature golden white face.

Hutch still spooks with loud noises such as thunder or fireworks and retreats to his own corner of the living room or our bedroom between the wall and bed. He’s always super velcro and under foot or wanting to cuddle up and be a big lap warmer.

Like any golden, they both love to take car rides or a swim. They both have only one problem - they love to find skunks on their bed time yard walk which means we have to double check the yard and pray there aren’t any that found their way under the fence.

My best wishes to all,

Charles Germer

Just what we love to see...wall to wall golden retrievers! Thanks for the Hutch update!

Dear Shayne (GRRI volunteer),

Attached please find a picture of Hunny showing off her new svelte silhouette.  Her last weigh in put her at just under 78 pounds!  She has so much more energy, and she seems quite proud of her ability to run and to chase squirrels.  She is incredibly loveable and sweet - she just wants approval, to be petted and loved!  She loves to go to the park, where she can make new friends daily.  If a child wants to pet her, she holds herself lower to the ground to make it easier!  We believe she would be happier if she could learn to play, but that looks like it will be quite the project.  Any noise bothers her, so squeaky toys are a no-no.  She's not a chewer, not really food oriented, so most training tips to teach fetch and tug-of-war don't work.  Oh well, we'll keep working on it.  She is such a love, such a kind and gentle spirit, she makes you feel good just having her next to you.  Thank you again for bringing her into our life.

Best regards to all!

Paula & Joel

She looks WONDERFUL!


I just wanted to pass along some photos of Tuco since I wasn't able to make the picnic.  He's doing well and everyone in the neighborhood loves him! (According to my neighbor, he's the talk of the town.)  We take a walk down to the bay everyday and these shots are from earlier today.  He's still a little skittish of the waves that break on the shore, but loves to get in the water.  (He always sits in my water feature and loves playing with the water from the hose when I'm watering the garden.)   He has another golden retriever that he plays with in Cape May when I can bring him down there.

And sometime in the near future, when I visit my parents I can bring him past Amy's house to visit his sibling if that's ok.

Hope all is well,


He looks like he’s having a wonderful time at the beach…what a lucky guy!

Dear Linda (GRRI Volunteer),

We just wanted to thank you and everyone at GRRI for the wonderful time we had at the Annual Reunion on Sept. 25th. We thought you might like this photo of a very happy Abby enjoying items from her gift bag.

Chris and Steve Wance

Aw…how cute is she. We’re taking bets…how long did the toy last before she destroyed it? We’ve heard some of them never even made it home that day!

Dear GRRI,

My Molly died suddenly this morning at age 6.  She had not been quite herself for the last few weeks, not eating well (especially for a Golden) and losing interest in going for walks.  Three trips to the vet in the last few weeks yielded nothing.  She vomited yesterday and then began vomiting blood overnight.  I did not want to take her to the emergency hospital and decided to wait until morning.  We never made it to the vet.  She was alert until the end.  I was lying on her bed with her and she sat up and put her head on my shoulder and leaned against my neck for a minute, then lay back down. She died a few minutes later.  My vet's best guess in hemangiosarcoma. I googled it and am glad I decided to stay home.  It's all very shocking and can't accept that she's gone and I can hardly breathe, but I wanted you all to know.

Susan Iannarelli

Oh Susan, we’re so sorry. Unfortunately “hemangio” is a very common cancer in goldens and steals them away from us very suddenly and most times without any advance warning. We’re sure Molly was comforted by your presence at her side, and it seems like she was letting you know she’d be ok and loved you by nuzzling your neck.

Dear GRRI,

We adopted “Sandi” in August of 2009. Although her name was changed to “Sophie”, there is nothing else I would change about her.

She is the light of our life. She sleeps every night curled up against her grandpa – my Dad.

She is soooo affectionate and just wants love and lots of kisses.

She looks forward to her walk every morning and her ride every afternoon. Her personality makes us laugh every day. She actually “talks” to us every day. She is really, really smart and is such a wonderful and good girl.

I’ve attached photos of our girl for you to see how gorgeous she is and how much she has meant to us.

Thank you so much for sending this angel into our lives. We look forward to celebrating her third birthday on November 11th.

Patricia McConnell

She looks wonderful!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Hunny was the hit of the Halloween parade. She made everyone smile.

Paula Harris

Aw…what a sweet Jack ‘O Lantern she made! Or is that Jacqueline ‘O Lantern?

Dear GRRI,

It is with deep sadness that I write to tell you that we are mourning the loss of our beautiful red-head, Ginger. Adopted from GRRI, Ginger was a beloved family member for almost 9 years. It’s hard to believe she's not sitting beside me now.

Ginger was not only a wonderful and loving companion but a strong, smart girl too. Obsessed with balls and swimming, she was a candidate for Dock Dogs because of her uncanny ability to find a ball six feet under! She spent hours every day in the swimming pool - dropping balls, finding them and then devouring them. That's when she wasn't - literally - dragging me around the neighborhood. A classic "who's walking who" - she was an enthusiastic and energetic runner in her day!

But Ginger's story is not all play and good times ... she had many maladies and ailments throughout her life but handled them with dignity and grace. She was completely healthy for the first year or so after we adopted her, then she had the first of many seizures and we found out she was, in fact, prone to them. They got so bad we had to medicate her which turned out to be a good thing because it brought back her quality of life. Sadly, though, as she got older, her health became a constant challenge ... thyroid problems, surgery for a busted knee, kidney problems, bad teeth (one just snapped at the gum), lumps and bumps galore, blindness (SARDS), hearing loss and, finally, lymphoma. She was stoic and good humored throughout ... never complained and always seemed to enjoy life. She was swimming and counter-surfing up until the last couple of weeks - amazingly always able to sniff out a loaf of bread even though she couldn't see a thing!

To honor Ginger and all the "special needs" dogs out there ... I wanted to say to anyone considering adopting a pet that has health issues, its well worth the time and effort. And, in fact, the effort isn't all that hard when you consider the payback! Unabashed love, affection and loyalty. Its a matter of working with your vet to figure out a course of treatment and then sticking to it ... pills are easy to give and even the tough stuff like surgery and blindness, well, they just keep on trucking and so do you!

We had adopted another Golden - a rescue found on Petfinders that we renamed Henry - through a very responsible kennel owner. He had been dumped there and never picked up (his previous owners had a reputation for neglect and abuse). He came to us about 4 years ago because I thought Ginger would enjoy a companion -- and did she ever! They had some great times ‘til her health got the better of her. I know us humans like to anthropromorphize our dogs' reactions but I swear he is mourning her loss as much as we are. I'm sure he would like a companion and we hope to accomplish that by fostering ... what a great way to enjoy and help another Golden down the road. I'll send our application in by-or-before the end of the year.

Thanks to GRRI for trusting us with Ginger, she was such wonderful member of our family. A dog whose body didn't always work well but who had the biggest, best heart in the world. There is simply no way to express how much she is missed.


Linda, Ed and Caitlin Daingerfield

PS ... I'd love to send a picture ... please look for that in a separate email once I work through some computer problems!

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family. We absolutely believe that our other pets mourn the loss of a family member just as much as we do. Henry would probably LOVE to help foster dogs while they’re waiting for their forever homes.

Hi Lilli (GRRI foster mom),

I hope all is well with you. Just thought I would give you a little update on the guys. They are doing really well. That snow storm on Halloween was something else, but they were really good in the snow, no problems. They weathered the snow and wind, and thank goodness my fireplace is gas, so we had that going and we all cozied up there. We only lost power for 48 hours, which was nothing considering what others went through. I hope you weren't without for too long. I just miss that cup of coffee in the morning, my caffeine fix. They are both being bathed and groomed this weekend, so I will take their pictures for you. My daughter Korey and I were saying the other night how happy the household is with Cassie and Chase with us. It’s hard to imagine what it was like without them. I am trying to get Cassie to walk a bit longer each week, she needs to slim down a bit, don't want any extra weight on those joints. Chase seems ok with his weight, of course I think he worries it off. Always following me around and he is so devoted, won't leave my side, even when Cassie has gone off with my daughter. My loyal guy. I guess I don't have to tell you how much I love both of them. They have certainly enriched my life, and my family loves them too. My son and his family stayed with us for 3 days when the power was out, both Cassie and Chase had a ball with my little grandson. The day after they went home, Cassie didn't understand where they were - the pull out couch was empty, and the look on her face!

Will be in touch again soon, hope all is well with you and Tom. You’re a very special lady with all that you do.

Warm regards,


Lois, YOU’RE a special lady for adopting these two wonderful seniors! Thank you for giving them such a loving, happy home.

Dear GRRI,

I am 7 today!!!!!

Yesterday I decided to be bad for a change. Below is my list of "things" I did in preparation of my birthday:

Aunt Helena stopped by for a visit. What fun it is to rush the door when she opened it and rubbed my golden hair all over her black pants and then choose not to listen to dad when he ordered me into the kitchen.

Next, I stole an empty pizza box from the trash and shredded it in the den. What a mess, just the way I like it!

Dad put Sammy, Piglet, & me out back and then went in the house to use the bathroom. I decided it was such a beautiful day for a walk and thought "How funny it's gonna be when dad comes out & we're all gone". I used my nose to lift the gate handle. Piglet & I made a run for it while Sammy stayed home and kept lookout. It was fun roaming the neighborhood while dad & Vinnie drove around in their cars in a panic looking for us. Now the gate has a lock & dad moved the BBQ in front of it.

Since I just got a bath last weekend I decided this weekend was perfect to lay in a mud puddle filled with brown stinky water, just to "spruce" things up a bit.

Dad let us run loose in the field for a while. I thought it would be fun to run all the way to the other side, about 200 yards & poop next to the neighbor's gate. Now I can run around like a wild horse while dad walks a half mile to clean up.

After all that excitement I was whooped! I slept like a puppy.

Tonight I plan on standing on the table like I do every year.


Shylow, you never cease to entertain us and we’re sure your family feels the same way. It’s so hard to believe the “Dolly” puppies are 7-years-old already. We can’t wait to see the annual birthday photo on the table. Make sure your dad sends it to us.