Vol 13 No 3

Holiday 2011

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2011 Rescue Reunion

2011 Rescue Parade

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Jessica Fliss
Bob & Lynda Neff in memory of Jersey DeSarno
Ken & Colleen Bryson
Anthony & Jody Tallone
Carol Costante in memory of Kate, beloved Golden of Don & Gail Windrem
Joy Mathiowdis in memory of Sophie, beloved Golden of Joni & Tom Valerio
Robin Slamp
Elsevier Foundation, matching a gift from Rita Lanson
Irene Kennedy in memory of her precious Carli
LeAnn Frost
Lynda Neff
Anne Mroz
Jessica Marchand in memory of Angelina, Koby & Max Hoffman
Pat DeSarno
Zigmont & Kathie Ulinski
Dennis & Theresa Blake
Joyce Schurzky
Michele Masone & Beth Corcoran
Sandy Leibfried
Lorraine Meaney
Lilli Girvan
Thomas McArdle & Glenn Burke
Kathy Davis
Ruth Osman
Terry Veiga
John & Barb Ready
Rich & Linda Walter
Keith & Pam Higdon
Diana Trout
Sandy Breznican
Eileen Hoyson
Winnie Clark
Suzanne Yenchik
Charlotte Grossarth
Kim Seigler
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Patricia Bean
Albert Buys
Joseph & Maria Stabile
Diana Pintus Emma
Wendy Smith & Kevin Wilkening
Jack Cadalso in memory of Cassie Shaw
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program, matching a gift from Michele Masone
Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program in recognition of GRRI Volunteer Michele Masone
Phyllis James (RescueMe Collars)
Dr & Mrs John Stuart in memory of Vera Stuart
Joan Schaeffer in memory of Larry Kavanaugh
Suzanne Cerminara
Barbara Vilschick in memory of Maggie, beloved Golden of Michele Masone & Beth Corcoran
Ian Lawrence & Charmaine Ochshorn in memory of their beloved Gordon
Chris Pollock
Marke Moores
Cliff Zukin in memory of Molly
William Nicholson
Susan Iannarelli in memory of her Molly girl with love
LeAnn Frost in memory of Cleo, Luke, Anna, and Lilly, beloved Goldens of Ken & AmyJo Kazahaya
Kristina McKenna, Karen Guthrie, Michael Guthrie, and Erin Guthrie in memory of their father's beloved Golden Chaz
Meyer Family
The Wildwood Foundation
Eric & Cheryl Braun in memory of Rita Keynton
Rocky & Ripley Walter in memory of their Grammy Rita Keynton and Ripley's birth mom Anna
Sheila O'Neill in honor of Cherry Scafaria

Donations in memory of Lois Mollica

Antoinette Fiore
Angela Fiore
Bob & Kathy Lilley
Marilyn Mahoney
Sandra Meyer

Donations towards Anna's care in memory of Margo Ryan

Carol Williams
Cathy DeLoreto
Mary Adams
Pamela Johnson
Linda Tice
Patricia Sweet
Deborah Maruottolo
Kari Schoen
Joan Solomovici
Caroline Higgins
Diane Stasiek
Marcia Hayden
Cynthia Berdan
Sandra Guy
Amanda Robinson
Sally Robinson
Karen Teesdale
Margaret Dun
Eileen Henderson
Lezli Ragland
Suzanne Draper
Tara Pesnell

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Richard & Patricia Brunker
Jeanne Boyle
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Heather Chapman
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Peter & Carole Martucci
Edward & Kristen Read
John Rapetti
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Robert & Amanda Boulton
Leroy & Diane Mahaffey
Gerald & Lorraine Schofield