Vol 4 No 2

Spring 2002

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Letters to GRRI

Dear GRRI,

Hi from Vermont.  Lady is doing great.  She is such a joy.  We can't believe it's only been 3 weeks that we have had her.  It seems like we have always had her.  She is so at home.

She takes at least 3 walks a day plus sometimes 4 or 5.  She loves to eat icicles.

We are weaning her off our constant attention and leaving her alone in the house while we go snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

She lets us know when it's her bedtime.  Sometimes she goes upstairs without us.

It has been so much fun learning about her.  I'm taking lots of pictures.  I have two rolls to develop.  I will send some to you.

Lois Wiggins

Dear Lois, glad to hear that Lady has you wrapped around her paws -- can't wait for the pictures!

Dear GRRI,

Just wanted to thank you for Tawny Belle.  She is everything, and more, than we wanted.  She is doing great.  It is going very well with Micky too. 

At first I wasn't sure it was going to work, but Micky seems to have adapted to having another dog in the house.  I wish I could find a picture of Peaches, the Brittany I had.  You wouldn't believe the similarities between Tawny and Peaches.  Bill said that Peaches is reincarnated in Tawny.  We weren't looking for this but it is uncanny, the looks, behavior, reactions to certain things, the way she eats, walks, plays, just everything. 

We are so pleased with this wonderful creature, (new addition to our family).  You couldn't ask for a better match.  I'm sure that Tawny is happy here in her new home.  Thanks again for doing a wonderful job.

Fran Radino

Dear Fran, Resident dogs like Micky can really surprise us with how quickly they adapt -- but then again, we see it so often in how quickly the dogs in our program adapt to foster care and their eventual forever homes, just like Tawny Belle has. Thanks for letting us know how splendidly things are working out!

Dear GRRI,

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for letting us adopt Jonah.  As you can see from the enclosed photos, he is part of our family already.  He is a wonderful dog with a great personality.  We truly are enjoying him.


Your organization does a wonderful job.  Keep up the good work!

Joe, Jennifer, Alexa, Justin, Cody and Jonah Giordano

Dear Joe, Jennifer, Alexa, Justin & Cody, Thanks for making Jonah such a special part of your family!

Dear GRRI,

We are really enjoying Max.  He is full of life and keeps his older, now brother, Sam, in great shape.  He gets lots of exercise in our yard and we are keeping him lean at 64 pounds.  He is a big boy for 7 1/2 months.  We started training at Top Dog in Flanders last week and he really shows off in front of the others.


He has the sit, stay and down commands almost mastered, but we are still working on come.  He does fine if I shake the treat can, but I know this takes time.

Keeping him fit and lean is going to be very important.  We had the Vet do an x-ray when he was neutered and we have found out that he has fairly severe hip dysplasia. His left is worse than his right.  It doesn't slow him down, but we are going to have to keep him very slim, no jumping and he is on daily doses of Glucosamine to keep his tendons healthy.

Thanks for giving us Max.  He quickly became a part of our family and he brings joy to the kids life daily, even when he sneaks upstairs to grab a stuffed animal of theirs!

Mary Powell

Dear Mary, Hip Dysplasia is so common in Goldens -- you were wise to have him x-rayed when you had him neutered.  (Note to readers:  GRRI occasionally places intact dogs, with provisions in our adoption contract that require proof of altering within a specified period.)  The good news, though, is that lots of the volunteers at GRRI (and adopters,too) have found that all the things you're doing -- weight management, appropriate exercise, and glucosomine supplements -- REALLY help a dysplastic dog.  All the best with him, and please keep us posted on how he's doing!

Dear GRRI,

Enclosed please find the neuter certificate for Casey, formerly Jazz. Everything went very well and Casey is doing great!

I have also enclosed pictures of Casey in his new home. He loves to be outside in the yard running or happily watching the birds. We are so thrilled to have him as part of our family.  Casey came to us at such a perfect time. He has been a comfort to us since the tragic events of September 11th.  He is a blessing to us!


He has such a wonderful personality.  He loves everyone and that's truly what he gets form everyone he meets!  Lots of love!

We want to thank Eileen and all the volunteers at GRRI for the wonderful work you do. How lucky these dogs are to have such wonderful caring people looking out for them and finding them good homes!

We love Casey so and thank you for the help you've given us.

Keith, Joan, Becky, Katie, Michael and Casey Pahira

Dear Keith, Joan, Becky, Katie & Michael, You said it all -- our dogs really do give us so much comfort.  Extra hugs and biscuits to Casey from all of us at GRRI!

Dear GRRI,

Duncan has adapted very quickly to his new home, and it has been an exciting week for all.  Our two cats thought they were seeing double for the first few days.

His first visit to the vet went well, his blood work is normal and he is in excellent health.

He is well behaved and seems to know sit, stay and down. We are working on come and heel.  He is doing much better on leash walks and prefers a halter to the collar.

Today was his first visit to the dog park with his sister Amber. He was very vocal, and made some new friends.

We would like to thank everyone involved in his rescue;  he is a great dog.

We will keep you updated,
Janice and Jim D'Agostino

Dear Janice & Jim, Sounds like you have a full house and that Duncan has fit right in!  Thanks for letting us know ... and we'd LOVE some pictures when you get a chance!

Dear GRRI,

Thought I'd drop a line.  Bailey has been here a couple of weeks now, you'd think she and Dakota (the 8 yr old neutered male 100# that already owns me) grew up together.  They even fall asleep touching each other.  She is very sweet.  Even loves going to the vet (except putting that glass thingy.... where??????)  She loves her walks and the back yard, and rides in the car.

It seems like a perfect fit.

Thanks for giving me another reason to hurry home from work!

Ralph Dorzback
PS:  I'll send pictures when I can.

Dear Ralph, Thanks for your very funny note about Bailey!  Sounds like she's found the perfect home!

Dear GRRI,

We are so happy to welcome Chase into our family. It was definitely worth the wait.

He is a great family dog and has fit into our family nicely.  People ask why such an "old" dog, he is 8 1/2 years old.  I am so grateful that we could adopt such a loving dog and that his other family, who obviously loved him dearly, is comforted with the knowledge he went to a home that could offer him lots of love, a big yard and kids to play with.  The transition went smoothly, the vet gave him a clean bill of health and he is already trying to sleep on our bed.

What more could you ask for.

Thank you,
Wesley Yeager

Dear Wesley, Those seniors sure are special ... Thanks for opening your heart and home to Chase!