Vol 3 No 2

Spring 2001

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Letters to GRRI

He's A Happy Guy!

Dear GRRI,

Whew, my family finally has been away from the computer for a while, so I can finally write to you. My name is Moses and I was adopted on November 30th.   At first I wasn't sure what was going on and who these nice people were. 

Well now I get it. They are here to make me happy, and I am here to make them happy.

I did confuse them once, though. As I was playing in my fenced in yard, I decided to eat a bird, after all I am a bird dog!  Well, I got really sick. I even chewed up some carpeting to make myself, well, you know.  Finally I did, and there was the bird skeleton. Off to the vet, who said I would be fine.

I'm sorry I scared those nice people I live with. I hope I learned my lesson.

We just had some play time and now I'm going to go sleep on my very own couch. Ahhh the luxeries of living here. I will write again.

Thanks for placing me with such a wonderful family.

Love, your Golden pal, Moses Avella

She's Having Fun & Doing Great

Dear GRRI,

We just wanted to send you a photo of Abby with her buddy Kramer. We adopted Abby from you this past December and she has quickly become a true member of our family.

She and Kramer, our 7 year old Golden, get along great and love to play together. Abby is such a sweet dog, we just can't believe someone gave her up. But then Kramer is also adopted (from a pound via a friend who was fostering him) and he, too, is a great dog. We love them both and can't imagine life without them. Thank you so much for what you do.

The Greens

He's a Special Friend

Dear GRRI,

It has been over seven months since we adopted Mac and we couldn't be happier. Mac is a wonderful dog, affectionate, playful and a constant joy and presence in our lives. Fortunately he is a fine traveller as we "commute" between NJ and NH at least twice a month. He loves people and everyone who visits receives a Mac greeting!

Mac had a great summer and fall frolicking in the NH woods and swimming in the lake (if it weren't frozen he'd be in it right now!!)

Goldens are very special. We continue to miss Chandler, our first Golden, but Mac makes it a little easier. We are very grateful to GRRI for all their good work with these wonderful animals and we continue to recommend GRRI to those searching for a special friend.

Pat and Scott Nelson

Training and Love has Made ALL the Difference!

Dear GRRI,

My name is Maxamillion of the Mountain and I was adopted on December 23, 2000.

Sorry I haven't written you all to let you know how I'm doing but I have been VERY busy! You see, my new owners have been so happy to have me that we've been doing things all the time.

On the weekends we go to this big lake area near my new home and play. This lake area is huge! So big that we play for hours.

My new master has been diligently training me since we met. The reason my previous owners didn't want me was because it seems I was an Alpha male, and I wouldn't listen to anyone and I'd run off all the time. I guess they were right because I was even hit by a car once.
All that has changed now. You see I'm not the man of the house anymore. My master is one tuff guy. He doesn't let me get away with anything. He's been training me for about six weeks now.

My old family probably wouldn't even recognize me now. I can sit on command, lay down, stay, heel, and come when called. I actually like the discipline. It's made me feel very proud of myself. I'm even learning to retrieve like my ancestors! I guess you could say life is pretty good. 
I went to the vet last week. Dr. Giordano said everything's good. My new owner even asked Dr. G to check out a few things like my pads. He's pretty smart. Good thing because I couldn't tell the Dr. myself. Dr. G put me on heartworm preventative. No complaints here. I even attached a photo of myself lounging around the house. Are ya jealous?!

And Now a Few Words from His People

Max was a very big, head strong, alpha male. He now is a very big, well behaved, beautiful golden. His previous owners surely did not know what they had. Max is a wonderful dog. He is so well behaved, and so receptive to love and training. We can't believe how good he is. We truly feel very lucky to have him and we thank GRRI very much.

Christopher & Alecia Seliga