Vol 3 No 2

Spring 2001

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Thank You to these Recent GRRI Contributors and Adopters!

We couldn't do it without YOU!


The Jerome Family

The Marrone Family

Laurelton Veterinary Hospital, in memory of Garth Bogert

Paula & Tom Ford, in honor of Malibu

Sister Olivia Reginella

Paula Federocko

Leslie Raicer

Jean & Oran Brown

Hank Hahn

Jay Shortway

John Walsh

Danielle Abbruzzesi

Penny Siegel

Elaine Bolchune

Jim Giancarlo

Terry Dobrowski

Debra Furphy

Doreen Parry

Liam Kristiansson

John Vidvich

Nancy & Charles Silberman

Steve Kuhn

Denise Villasana

William & Frankie Hedges

Robert & Brandi Lacey

Vincent Villa

E.G. Campbell & Company

Albert Buys

Cheryl Minnier, for sharing foster home volunteer training materials with us.

The ALOVE4GOLDENS Golden Rescue Benefit Auction team, for all their hard work in putting the auction together.

Wag-n-Wash and owner Janie Semprevivo, for hosting Wash-a-thon 2001 to benefit GRRI, and Adam Zack for being an all around great helper!

Stewart Aron, Stacey Garrett & Laurie Burnham, in memory of Miss Scout and Tyler

Barb & John Ready, in memory of Early

Marion Meene

Ruth Osman

Diane Szymkowiak

Roxanne Scully

Sandi Brocklebank

Douglas Thompson

Terry Veiga

Priscilla Lynch

Leslie Crisanaz

Emily Barnes

Barbara Till

Susan Bordonaro

Lisa King

Michelle & Tom Goffredo

Amy Lillianthal

Debra Weinberg

Susan Goodman

Lillian Matthew

Mary L'Heuveux

Elaine Strunck

Jannet King

June Urna

Dimitrious & Kathleen Vourlos, in memory of Gypsy

Richard & Ann Donn

Gerard & Kathy O'Connor, in memory of Jessie & Gypsy

Beachplumb Quilters of the Jersey Shore, for donating 2 magnificent hand made quilts that GRRI will be raffling off soon!

Sue Sternberg, for allowing us to liberally excerpt from her materials for this issue of the GRRI News.

Bob Dannhauser, GRRI Angel
Jack's Good Samaritan, GRRI Angel
Janet Boss, GRRI Angel
Alicia Matz, GRRI Angel
Theresa Szpila, GRRI Angel
Eileen & Drew McFadden, GRRI Angels
Donna Pollifrone, GRRI Angel
Our Friends at the GSGRC, GRRI Angels
Our Supporters at the Super Pet Expo, GRRI Angels
Tom LaPeruta, GRRI Angel
Ruth Lopes, GRRI Angel
Kathleen Lopes, GRRI Angel for donating Nutro Dog Food for GRRI's February raffle.

Pam Skowronek, for donating woobies for GRRI's February raffle.

Robin Kralik & Jane Bender,for creating the ALOVE4GOLDENS Calendar; and all the ALOVE4GOLDENS voters and others who voted for GRRI, enabling us to share in the proceeds.






Alexandra Menendez

Kenneth Clark

Delores & Robert Voegele

Barbara Pressman

Stephanie & Doug Glazer

Charlene Jackson

Karen Walker

Phyllis Horsting

  Ann Marie Gorman

Lucille & Curtis Wehberger

William & Frankie Hedges

Jodi Miller-Olcott

Maureen Heitman

Eileen & Drew McFadden

Anna Campbell