Vol 4 No 2

Spring 2002

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A Special Dedication for a Special Team

In the spring of 2000, GRRI admitted a rambunctious Golden named Jagger to rescue; shortly thereafter, we placed him with the Port Authority Police to be trained as a bomb sniffer. 

Three months later, Jagger successfully graduated from their bomb sniffing school.  At his side was his human partner, Officer Rich Colone, and one other graduating team:  Officer Dave Lim and his canine partner, a beautiful yellow lab named Sirius. 

Upon graduation, both teams were deployed to posts at the World Trade Center.

We were all very relieved to learn that Jagger and Officer Colone had been off duty on September 11, but deeply saddened to know that Officer Lim and Sirius had not been as fortunate.

Officer Lim risked his own life to help countless people to safety that day, and thankfully survived -- despite being inside the building when it collapsed; but his faithful partner, Sirius, perished.

On January 21, 2002, recovery teams at Ground Zero located Sirius's remains.

Photo courtesy of The Journal News/Ricky Flores, photographer.  Reprinted with permission.

Sirius was granted the same dignity bestowed on every victim -- draped in an American flag, members of the uniformed services -- in this case, his colleagues from the Port Authority Police Department -- carried him out, while the nearly 1,000 workers there stopped whatever they were doing to pay their respects in silent tribute.

This issue of the GRRI News is dedicated to Sirius's memory, with our condolences and thanks to Officer Lim and the many other police and fire personnel for their brave efforts  ... and with a profound sadness that all of us will carry forever, as we remember the ultimate sacrifices so many made on that terrible,terrible day.

Read More about Officer Lim and Sirius

And a VERY Special Thank You ...

To GRRI co-founder Bea Villa, who after many years helping our Goldens, retired this year from GRRI.

Bea has been here since the beginning -- and we do mean the beginning!  Bea has been helping Goldens with us for years, even before GRRI officially incorporated -- holding things together through difficult and changing times, being the voice of reason as we faced challenging issues, steadfastly putting the dogs first, and always willing and able to help us and our Goldens in countless ways.

We will all miss her gentle ways and her unselfish generosity ... All the best, Bea, and thanks so much for all you've done!

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Farewell to Oakie, a sweet white face who entered our program last year, was adopted by the Strowe's, and is now at the bridge ...

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