Vol 5 No 2

Spring 2003

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Letters to GRRI


Dear GRRI,

Our holiday was great and we did take many pictures of Ed with all the 'loot' Santa brought him.  Chris dropped them off for developing over the weekend and we are just waiting now.  I should have them by the end of the week and will drop some in the mail for you.  I wanted to send you a recent picture and an older one (we have taken 2 rolls or more over the last 2 months).  I think you'll see that he is looking even healthier!  We've stuck with your plan of supplements and food (our vet highly approved of them by the way) and he has continued to thrive.  His coat has gotten nice and thick and silky. He gets perkier all the time.  He really is the most wonderful soul -- happy, sweet, lovable and funny.  We are so happy to have him with us.

Jane & Chris Jackson

Dear Jane & Chris -- thanks so much for the adorable photos!  As the next letter demonstrates so clearly, the volunteers associated with his rescue are absolutely THRILLED to see how happy he is, as are all of us at GRRI.  Please stay in touch and we hope to see you and Ed -- and Will (see below) -- at the GRRI reunion this fall (you and all our other adopters can expect an invitation in the mail a few weeks before hand.)


I am so glad that Ed (formerly Spirit) has a loving home and family.  I remember Spirit in a different light.   Spirit was my first rescue.  When he was pulled from the shelter, he was skin and bones with green ooze coming from every orifice of his body.  It took three weeks to get his "smell of death" out of my car.  I thought of him every night and cried, "How could someone be so cruel".  I often think of Spirit and his new found happiness when rescue ventures go amiss.   Many thanks go out to [fellow GRRI Volunteer] "Saint" Theresa who nursed him back to the handsome boy he is now. 

Barb Bleidorn

Dear Theresa [GRRI Foster Home],

Thank you so much for the baby gift.    Our son, whom we have named Will, arrived via C-section on 1/23.  He had a birth defect which required surgery when he was 4 days old.  He flew through the surgery brilliantly and was able to leave the hospital at 11 days old.  He is now fully recovered and thriving.  As you can imagine, it's been very hectic around here.  Ed, of course, has been super.  He is very gentle around the baby and is not bothered by his crying.  I have a feeling that Ed has been through this before.  He continues to do well and we love him more and more all the time. He's definitely a perfect fit for us.  Prior to Will's arrival, I bought a digital camera.  As soon as I get organized, I will download pictures of Ed and e-mail them to GRRI.

Thanks again!
Jane, Chris, Will & Ed

Dear Jane & Chris, many congratulations on the birth of your baby!


Dear GRRI,

It is with a really sad note that I am writing to you today.  Our Jake passed away on Dec 29, 2002.  My sister and I only had Jake for 18 months but  we wouldn't trade that time for all the money in the world.  He was our best friend and companion, following us everywhere we went.  Everyone in our family and neighborhood loved his calm and friendly disposition.  If we only knew his time with us was going to be so short.  The morning he left us he had a wonderful time running on the beach in Sea Bright and later had a good rest on our sunny enclosed porch.  I believe he was happy and content.

Here is a picture of Jake watching us through our screen door.

Betty and Mary Croft

Dear Betty & Mary,  Thanks so much for letting us know ... its sounds like you and Jake shared many wonderful times together.  Our condolences on your loss.


Dear GRRI,

Just a note of thanks, although late, for allowing us to adopt Xelly in December of 2001.  We adopted him directly through his former owner with the aid of GRRI.  At first we weren't too sure we had done the right thing, as our other "son" Rocky did not like the "intrusion".  Xelly was always stealing his milk bones and toys.  Although they have not become the greatest of friends, they do get along.  Our "daughter" Reba, also a Golden, is so laid back, she accepts everyone.

Almost immediately after adopting Xelly, I took him to the dog park that we frequent and he just loved it!!  Freedom to run, play with other dogs and swim in the creek were great in helping him adjust to his new family and becoming well socialized.  He became the official greeter in the park because he just had to say hello to everyone.

We've recently moved to Virginia and Xelly, Reba and Rocky have all adjusted quite well - except for the fact that there are no dog parks here.  We have a large fenced in yard and live in close proximity to a farm so they all continue to get lots of exercise.  Xelly has gained a few pounds but we are working on that!  We have to - he thinks he's a lap dog and when he sits on you, you know it!!

Despite our early apprehension, we are glad we took Xelly in and stuck with it.  Reba, Rocky and Xelly provide hours of pleasure and love!!

Cathie Winkelried & Paul Ansaldo

Dear Cathie & Paul,  Please give Xelly the lap dog a few extra scritches from us -- and while you're at it, give a few to Reba and Rocky, too!


Dear GRRI,

Thank you for allowing us to adopt Daisy (formally known as Casey).  Of course we are a bit biased, but we think that she is the best dog in the world.  She goes everywhere with us, swimming hiking, or just playing in the snow.  We started obedience/agility training right after we got her.  Daisy is one of the stars of the class.  Besides being a quick learner, she loves to "perform"  We taught her how to beg, and now she just loves to sit there and show off.  THANKS for having such a wonderful organization, and allowing us to be a part of it.  You have two very loyal adopters.  We tell everyone we meet where we got Daisy, and how wonderful your organization is. 

Rosemarie Corigliano, Paul Hubbard & Daisy Corigliano- Hubbard

Dear Rosemarie & Paul, Thanks for your kind words about GRRI.  And we're so happy to hear how well Daisy is doing!


Dear GRRI,

We adopted "Gia" this past July and are happy to say she handled the  transition well (no problems) and is very happy to have a sister "Lucy" (7  yr old Golden) and 4 cats. We love her to death and can't imagine our lives without her.  Thank you!!

Matt & Elsie McKenna

Dear Matt & Elsie, Gia sure looks very comfy and content! 


Dear GRRI,

Megan seems to have adjusted to us well. We are having a great deal of fun with her already! I had hoped to get her into obedience classes the week of Jan. 14, but when I called to enroll I found out that the obedience class for older dogs is on a night that I have a night class already. But I did get a good book on teaching a dog obedience and one on training Golden Retrievers, so with that I may try to go right into agility classes in spring if the instructor thinks that we can handle it.

Megan is a great dog, but we are working out some problems with food allergies. We went to basics like you do with a baby, take away everything except the food and add things (like treats) gradually. We are feeding a high quality fresh lamb and rice food that doesn't contain a high proportion of corn or wheat products. The scratching and itching is much less than when we brought her home. Also, we are able to spend time with her outside, and are giving her a skin and coat supplement, so she has a little more hair to keep her warm these days.

Megan loves to be out, and would be out doors 24-7 if it was left up to her, but she is content to go out 4-5 times a day for a walk or to play fetch. She loves to go with us in the car and we take her anywhere that she doesn't have to be left in the car. That isn't hard as the kids always have to go to work or elsewhere and be picked up, so lots of car rides for Meggie! She never bolts out of the door any more, we had her learn to sit and wait to have the leash put on at the door. We worked with her coming back to us while on an overhead runner, to give her the freedom to run, but not be able to "get away". We can take her to the car without putting on the leash now! She will come right to us when called! She is also heeling on the leash about 90% of the time. She loves "chase the cats", but again she is becoming more used to them and to what we will allow her to do, so she doesn't give in to the temptation to chase as much.

Overall, she seems to be settling into our routine and correcting herself with verbal commands from us when she does "act out". It has been a matter of us just being consistent and observant. Meg is very sweet and extremely smart. I am happy that she is "different" than our last pet Jasmin (also a Golden) who passed away in Sept. 02. I want to keep Jazz as a separate memory, and the differences in the two girls help out a lot. Meg has been great with all of our company over the New Years holiday and she barks fearfully when someone comes to the door. However, when she realizes that we are friendly with whom ever is on the other side of the door, she is welcoming and friendly. Which is the reaction we want from a dog. All in all we have had a great experience with your organization and the pet that you helped us adopt.

Mary Edwards

Dear Mary, Allergies are so common with Goldens -- sometimes food, sometimes household, sometimes seasonal -- but we're very glad to hear you're on the road to helping Megan with her's.  She looks VERY happy!


Dear GRRI,

Here is our most recent picture of our Sophie and our 11 year old golden  Max.  We are still having a blast with her  ... what a joy!!

Happy Valentines Day,
Robin & Herman Sklarin

Dear Robin & Herman, All the best to Sophie, and to your beautiful white face, Max, too!


Dear GRRI,

It is with a very sad and heavy heart and soul that I send news that our sweet Missy has gone to the Bridge, 10:20am today.  I've been in touch with so many of you who are GRRI-NJ volunteers, who continued to send wishes of love and support our way...THANK YOU. You truly are angels sent to minister to our Golden friends.  Although we had our Missy only a short 7 and 1/2 months, it truly seemed that she was our forever dog in our forever home.   To  say she will be missed misses the mark entirely.  I know that someday, I will be reunited with her and my other Goldens again, in our forever home for all eternity...what a glorious day indeed! I know without a doubt, that soon, another special Golden bundle of love  will come our way, and stay forever in our hearts...Love you forever Missy...

Nancy, Phil, Lauren, Philip Read Jr.

Dear Nancy, Phil, Lauren and Philip, we were so saddened to hear about Missy -- our condolences to all of you.


Dear GRRI,

Hi! I was thinking of you earlier this morning. Today we took Buster on his first beach walk. We got so into it we walked 1 1/2 hours. It was a beautiful morning. He's such a pretty boy, too. He loved it and even got a kiss from a young lady. No wonder Roy likes to walk him!

Spring is in the air. I brushed him today. I'm having him groomed the end of next week. I'm also called to get him his first visit with the vet. Ali and I saw the perfect collar for him at Pet Smart but we didn't have him with us to get the size. It's blue suede on leather with thunderbirds on it. He'll look so pretty! We bought him the leather lead, too. He loves his walks.

Roy has pretty much taken the favorite spot in Buster's eyes. He walks him everyday when he gets home. Usually 2 miles on the bike path. The first day both were drained but they're keeping up the pace. Buster loves us all but Roy is number one. He sits at attention at his side. I also noticed he's the first dog I've ever seen Roy kiss goodnight. The other night I crept into the bedroom to put some clothes in the drawer after Roy had gone to bed. Buster was right behind me and sat right along side of Roy as though he was protecting his master. He also jumps up when he hears the Oldsmobile. (I'm told he doesn't take notice when I pull up in the Chevy!)

Ali loves to lie on the floor with him and give him his hugs. He looks for her when it gets around 3:00. What a smart boy he is. He has a new special toy. I think I told you about it. It looks like Big Bird with bumps and wings on it. Our other little buddy, Andy "Gooby" came over this week. They huffed and puffed a bit but soon got over it and became friends. Although Gooby prefers not to share his toys, Buster drops the favorite one for him to play with. Of course if he comes to sit next to me Andy gives him dirty looks. I'm hoping Buster will teach his cousin how to share. He's made many friends in the neighborhood. He's such a nice dog.

Thank you for choosing us. If there had been a hundred dogs, or a thousand, I bet we'd have chosen Buster. We love him very much.

Take Care!
Barb, Roy, Ali, Buster (xo)

Dear Barb & Roy, It's always so gratifying to receive letters like yours.  Thanks so much for writing!


Dear GRRI,

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for both Malibu and for us.

After having several great days, Tuesday he woke up and was not as perky. He went through his normal routine, but was very lethargic. About 4:00 P.M. yesterday, he threw up, came downstairs, went outside and lay down. Tom could not get him in, so he went to a neighbor and they carried him in. I cam home about 5 and his breathing was getting very labored. He did not want to eat, I gave him some medicine for an upset stomach, and we waited to see if it would calm him down. He had a hard time lying down, since his pericardium was so filled with fluid. We decided to take him into New York because there are always vets there who can do the tap. The vet wanted us to euthanize as  soon as she saw him, but we wanted to see first if he would get any better if they took some fluid from the pericardium and around his lungs. She called us back into the operating area to show us that he had no improvement and now his heart in an abnormal rhythm. We decided that was his sign to show us that he wanted to give up, so they took him into a private room with us and we put him down. Can't write any more right now.

Paula Hoffman & Tom Ford

Dear Paula & Tom, you have all our sympathies ... thanks for having given Malibu such a loving home.


Dear GRRI,

It's our one-year anniversary of adopting Bailey from GRRI and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for allowing us to adopt our second child.  It was our understanding that Bailey needed a new home because of a  divorce.  She was brought up with a seven year old boy who adored her.  We wanted to let you know that we adore her too.

Dakota (our other Golden) has fallen in love with her as well.  She continues to watch TV and tries to talk to the animals on Animal Planet.  We think, given the opportunity, that she could catch every squirrel in the  neighborhood and she guards our bird feeder diligently.  She has figured  out how to get Ralph out of the bed and sleeping on the floor so she and  Dakota can spread out as much as possible.

She is in the process of teaching Dakota that you can get treats when we are not looking.  And recently, Dakota has taken to sleeping with his head on her hind quarters.  Admittedly, I was concerned at first, that Dakota would not be happy with his new sister, but all of my doubts were washed away after the first few days.

The vet says that she is in great shape and she smiles quite a bit.  She still hates having her nails clipped though.  She is getting used to being brushed frequently, with every brush that has ever been produced.  Ralph is very proud of his collection.

We just wanted to let you know how well Bailey is doing and please let her previous family know that she is happy and has constant loving companionship.  We are so thrilled that she has become part of our lives and we wanted to share this with you.

Thank you,
Ralph Dorzback & Eileen McGovern

Dear Ralph & Eileen,  Thanks for your VERY funny letter!  Our own dogs want to know more about getting a human to sleep on the floor so THEY have more room on the bed!


Dear GRRI,

This is Maxine, the week after her adoption.  She had chased a rabbit thru the fence.

She is a joy and settled into her new home well.  She enjoys nightly walks and on weekends goes to work with me midnight to eight.  We make hourly tours of a fuel storage tank farm.

First dog I had who would not come when she is called. But turn on a flashlight day or night, she is RIGHT THERE.  Better than whistling or calling, but I must say, different.

Seasons Greetings,
Geoff, Sue & Maxine Boyd

Dear Geoff & Sue, Thanks for letting us know how well Maxine has settled in!


Dear Stephanie [GRRI foster Mom],

Hi!  The dry area is nearly gone.  I'll point it out to the vet.  He's going on Thursday afternoon.  I will get the heart worm medicine and flea medicine. 

Today we went to PET SMART.  We took Bus (The 3 of us) and bought him his new collar.  It suits him well!  We also bought him 40 lbs of dry food, Natural Choice and some more snacks.  He sure loves to ride in the car. 

Last night we went to Cherry Hill and took him along for the ride.  First stop the cemetery where we put something on my dad's grave.  He loved retrievers!  Buster sat at his headstone so gently, I always feel my dad's nearby so I know he appreciated the gesture.

Then, we went to the nursing home on Brace Road.  My aunt has been very ill since August and has been in and out of the hospital and nursing homes since them.  Roy was going to walk Buster while I visited.  However, my cousin said pets were welcome so she went down for Royston and the three of us visited my aunt and cousin.  That was of course after Buster was finally able to come to our room.  The other patients fussed over him and Roy said he loved it.  I've thought about what you said about getting him certified to visit nursing homes and Roy said he'll do it with me.  He's an old softy.  He REALLY loves that dog.  He rode in the back seat with him today when we went to PET SMART. 

Of course we all love Buster.  What a loveable animal.

Our last stop was my Mom's house.  We stopped for Panzarottis and ate them with my mom.  She met Buster for the first time.  She simpered and pampered him.  She had several presents for him.  He loved the red ball, the pink ball and the rawhide chews, pupperoni, etc.  She said Charlie was disappointed he couldn't come see him as he was leaving for Florida this morning to see the Phillies in training camp.  They want to babysit if we decide to go away.

He was sitting next to me while I typed this, however, I think he's had a long day.  Oh, did I mention his Dad took him for a 2 mile walk this morning on the bike path while we were at church?  Then we had a catch in the yard.  It was a lovely day today.  Spring can't be far behind.

Well, I couldn't wait to tell you about the nursing home deal.  I feel Buster came into our lives to minister to the sick and shut-ins.  Somehow I think his presence in our hearts and home will change our lives forever.

Have a good week and Happy St. Patty's Day! 
Barb, Roy, Ali and Buster

Dear Barb & Roy, Thanks for your very touching note.  We can tell that sweet Buster has found a wonderful home with you -- and perhaps his calling too.


Dear Pat [GRRI Foster Mom],

We just wanted to let you know that Sandy is doing GREAT!!!  She has been sleeping the whole night through and has just been a complete pleasure.   Sandy and Sam have been getting along sooo well.  This morning they were  up at 6:00AM playing like best friends.  We went for a very long walk and they  both took naps for the rest of the day.  Everyone loves her so much,  especially us.  Thank you for taking such good care of her.

 We will send digital pics when we have them.

Seth & Laurissa Berkman

Dear Seth & Laurissa, Thanks for your note, and for subsequently sending the photo you promised.  All four of you look so happy that we put it up on the Happy News page in this issue!


Dear Judy [GRRI President],

Almost 9 years ago, we sold our last litter of Golden puppies in order to turn our attention to building a family.  We didn't feel we had the time to devote to raising well socialized puppies and kids.

As was our custom, we held a 1-year birthday party for the puppies. For five or six years, we continued sending holiday cards to the puppy owners, then moved on to other things.

second from right, Sammy at a long ago puppy birthday party

About 1 1/2 years ago, we lost our last Golden (the Mom of this particular litter) quietly in her sleep.  We were dogless for the first time in over 30 years.  There were advantages -- no hair, no need to return home to let the dog out, no vet bills ... But there was also an emptiness.  We talked about it, but rejected the idea of bringing a puppy into the family.

Then two weeks ago, [GRRI volunteer] Joanne called with amazing news.  One of the puppies from that last litter had found its way into rescue.  Were we interested in having him back?  YES!!!

Sammy has been with us for just a short time, but he has worked his way into our hearts.  He's been to the vet -- no health issues.  He's very well behaved, good with the kids (6, 7 & 8 year old girls), polite, well trained in obedience, crate trained ... he's wonderful!  His biggest problem from our perspective is that he's restless at night.  Not much of a problem, is it?

So thank you for all you do -- and please thank Joanne for tracking us down.  Sammy is a wonderful gift to our family.

Suzanne Moreland

Dear Suzanne -- How we LOVE happy endings!!!!!!!!!