Vol 8 No 2

Dedicated to the memory of

Bronwyn McFadden

Spring 2006

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Letters to GRRI

Hi Mom and Dad #1 [GRRI foster home]
I asked Momma #2 to write to you and let you know that I am doing just great. Momma # 2 was going to call you Christmas morning so that I could talk to you but she got a cold and wasn't feeling very good. I am so happy here. I helped my new mom wrap Christmas presents and I had my picture taken on Christmas morning with my new sister. My new mom will send them to you as soon as she downloads them to her computer. I get two meals a day, mom is faithful with my eye meds and antibiotics and she is always checking my ears. I am very gassy (smelly) because of the antibiotics, so I am getting lots of yogurt. My new friend Mackenzie is getting used to me. We sleep near the front door together when mom & dad go out and wait for them to come home. I did do one bad thing- Christmas morning, I took all of Mackenzie's new squeakies so she could not play with them but now we are sharing. I get to sleep wherever I want which is usually at the front of my parents bed at night. I don't even look at my old bed anymore because I feel so secure. Mom walks me almost every day and dad plays frisbee with me. I am very happy!!!!

I do want you to know that I miss you both very much but you don't have to worry about me. I am okay! Mom # 2 will keep in touch and let you know about all the new things happening in my life. Oh I forgot to tell you that last Friday I had my first ride in the car. I went to my one of my aunts who rescues Collies. She has two of them, Molly, the youngest was a pain but I let her know who is the boss.

Anyhow- I will always love you for what you did for me. I know there are more of us lost souls out there who need you with all your love and compassion. Stay well, have a Happy New Year and I will see you at the GRRI picnic.

Smokey (via Carlin Buehler !)

Happy New Year first Mom & Dad!  
I am doing just fine. My new Mom took some more pictures- me with my New Year's derby hat and Mackenzie with her princess crown. My big sister will download them soon and we will get them to you. I had lots of walks with Mackenzie this past weekend and I got to ride in the car with Mackenzie 2 times. I think Mom has to get a bigger car though because I took up the whole back seat and Mackenzie got squeezed into the corner. I go to see my new vet on Jan 10 to have my eye checked. Mackenzie even played a little with me on Sunday outside but she runs when I try to talk to her. Mom found my dog food at a store right in town, so I am eating good. As soon as Mackenzie's dog food is finished, Mom is going to try to wean her over to my food since it is so healthy. That's all for now. Hope everybody is happy!  I will right again soon. Love you and miss you!


Dear Smokey (and Carlin too!),

Great to hear from you!! It is so nice to know that you’ve settled in; it sounds as if you have a terrific home even if you do have to share the squeaky toys. Be nice to Mackenzie and be sure to keep sending us photos. We’re glad you’re so happy!

Dear GRRI,

The pictures on the website are beautiful - those faces !  Thanks for helping our Golden friends!

Happy Holidays!

Buzz and Sam Labarbara

Dear Buzz and Sam,

Many thanks for your kind words and especially for your donation. Best wishes for every happiness in the new year.

Dear GRRI,

Just a follow-up to let you know how much we love Brittany and how it seems as if she’s been a family member forever. The vet says she’s in very good health, and we’re looking forward to good months ahead.

Everyone involved with Brit’s adoption has been in touch – Peggy, Joanie & Lyn, and Ruth [GRRI volunteers] – to make sure all is going well.  I’ve also gotten a huge amount of information and help from Joanie and Lyn about diet and ordered from Aunt Jeni’s today, not only for Brit but also for our two senior cats.  The GRRI community is a warm and welcoming bunch, and we are very grateful for everyone’s kindness.  

Thanks again from all the Shonborns

(If I ever get a new battery for my digital camera, I’ll send you some pictures of Brit with the cats.)

Dear Shonborns,

Thanks for your letter. We’re glad to have been able to help connect Brittany with you, and of course we’ll always be here to help along the way with questions. Lucky Brittany to have feline companions! – get that fresh battery and we’ll look forward to the pictures.

Dear GRRI,

We would like to thank you for your assistance in our adoption of Jake. We have had him for just four short weeks. He has become an important part of our family already. He is just a love and so sweet. We are very happy that we found your website. As soon as I figure out my digital camera we will email pictures of our new member of our family, Jake. He had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very good to him.  Thank you again.


Gale Conti

Dear Gale,

We couldn’t have done it without you! We’re glad that Jake is happy and loved. By all means, please do send along pictures!

Hi Terry [GRRI volunteer],

Everything is going so well! I really cannot believe how perfectly Keira [formerly Honey], her new name, has blended into her new family. She seems very happy and content and I just love her. She is the sweetest dog and we feel so very lucky. She likes her bed and the yard and walks and the kids and is very affectionate although, as you warned, quite a moocher!! We are being very careful with the food and her meds are no problem...she takes them like a champ.

Her first vet appt. is this Thursday. I am so excited to bring her and get everything settled (her license and all). Thank you for the food store info. I did order some online but will buy some locally to hold her over till the order arrives.

Rich did take the pictures and will e-mail them tonight. We took a photo with the whole family and Keira in the family room and it came out great!

Thank you again for all you did for her. You really saved her and she can now enjoy being a happy and healthy family dog! Her new name, which is gaelic, means fiery red and we thought it was pretty like her. The boys would not agree to calling her Honey in public!

I will stay in touch!

Kerin, Keira and the gang!


Dear Kerin,

Keira is a wonderful name, and describes her well! We’re pleased that she’s settled into her new life so easily. She’s lucky to have a great family to call her own. Please keep us posted on how she’s doing!

Hello Shayne [GRRI volunteer],

I hope you are well!

Enjoy the pictures of Liberty....he is such a love.   The picture of him sleeping
(which is a little too dark) was taken after running around in the snow last week.

Joe is doing very well .  Liberty was great during the process
and they are best pals!

Liberty loves to play with the tennis balls, squeaky toys and chew on his bones.
He continues to do well with the crate and even goes in it when he knows
we are leaving the house. He waits in the crate for the small bowl of water/ice and treat
that we bring for him.  It is so funny!

Liberty is doing well on walks and enjoy his runs on the beach when we go to our condo.  And oh...the sticks/branches he finds....some are larger than him!  He is so proud to carry one around!

We have "play" time every night after our walk and then some quiet time in my lap!

Take Care and we thank you all again for the love support you give to many Goldens!



Dear Irene,

Liberty looks great! Balls, bones, sticks, toys, and treats – everything he could have ever dreamed of! And best of all, you and Joe to keep him safe and happy and loved. We appreciate everything you’re doing for Liberty; keep sending us those pictures!

Dear GRRI,

Just a note to let you know how Lady and Tiger are doing. We adopted them together back in 2001. They are wonderful companions. I could not imagine life without both of them. They are key members of this family.

Tiger is so smart and truly loves the family. Lady is so loving and a wonderful caring companion. We thank you for having given us the opportunity to find them. Please keep up the great work that you are doing in helping the Goldens find homes. They have stolen our hearts. They are both amazing swimmers and tennis ball players. They have made us laugh so many times when we needed it. They have provided us with companionship and have made us appreciate that sometimes in life all we need is a good friend nearby. We love them so much.

Best wishes,

Mike, Ana, Christopher and Matty Hennie

Dear Hennies,

Many thanks for your letter. You’ve said it perfectly: a good friend is indeed sometimes all that we need, and you’ve been that and more to Tiger and Lady. We’re happy that we could help them find you, and even happier that they are such dear members of your family.


Thought you would enjoy hearing Kip  is doing well . He hasn t been on any pain killers for his elbows in 4 weeks!  He has been receiving shots  of Legend, and taking glucosamine chondroitin.   He has lost a total of 27 pounds(!) and is in love with his r-d diet food (go figure)!

Here is a picture of Kip in our last snow storm.

Regards to all,

Paula and Joel Harris


Dear Paula and Joel,

Kip looks great! Congratulations on helping him trim down; it really does make a difference for their joints, but it isn’t always easy to do. Please do keep in touch; we’d love to see more pictures!

Dear GRRI,

I wanted to share some pics of our new 'Rusty Boy'

Rusty is here 3 weeks today and making some progress every day!   He is such a sweet boy!!!

He had a ball when we had the snow 2 weeks ago and we got a few cute pictures.  He would bury his nose into the snow and push along butt up in the air and then come up for air. He raced around the yard and acted like a young pup instead of a 10 yr old.  If not for the white face you would never guess he's 10!  We are doing 3 walks a day at least 1 mi each and he loves it!!  As soon as I get out his no-pull harness he starts to be so happy I can hardly get it on him!
Robin & Super Industrial Strength Velcro Golden Rusty

Dear Robin and S.I.S.V.G. Rusty,

Ooops!! Someone clearly forgot to tell Rusty that he’s an “old dog.” They say age is a state of mind, and if that’s true, Rusty is enjoying a second puppyhood. Thanks, Robin, for welcoming Rusty to your family – and for everything you do for Rescue!

Dear Friends @ GRRI-NJ,
Please accept the enclosed donation in honor of fellow volunteer and friend Ken Florky.  Ken's devotion to his senior Golden, Spencer, is the type that sets all our volunteers apart - and a cut above - all the rest.
Joe & Marcia Unger

Dear Marcia and Joe,

Many thanks for your generosity. We note with regret Spencer’s passing, but also know that Ken made all the difference in providing Spencer the love and care he needed in his “golden years.”  People like Ken – and indeed, the two of you as well – are truly what makes GRRI work for the benefit of “our” dogs.

Hi Mary Jane [GRRI volunteer]

Hope all is well in your household.  Received the GRRI News and saw our handsome guy, Zack mentioned.  He is doing just fine, truly living the good life.
Nice long walks everyday, it's amazing he NEVER strays and carries his own leash when we go for our walks.  He follows me everywhere - he knows where his bread is buttered.  Still giving him a special diet w/supplements, fish oils, ....  I pray everyday to St.Francis to look after him and keep him around for a long time - he is the sweetest dog I've ever met and is very happy and content.  Also good he gets a little activity with the boys and young relatives, not to mention our two kitties who cuddle up w/him on his bed at night (that's when he isn't passed out on our sofa).

Well I must be going.  Just wanted to say hi.  I saw Harry Potter mentioned in the newsletter - is he still with you? And how are you other two babies?

Keep in touch.

Barb Carney

Dear Barb,

Thanks for your note and for the update on Zack. He looks quite happy, and it sounds like for good reason! Please give him a scratch under the chin for us, and send some more pictures when you can!

Dear GRRI and Linda [GRRI volunteer],

Thank you for everything you have done for Harley. He is such a sweet dog, and we are enjoying him very much. He is a handful, but we are training him and he is not jumping on us as much and i can leave the house now without him jumping on me. We lost our Golden Samantha in May, and Harley has been a great addition to our family.

Thanks again,

Christine, Neal,  Kaitlyn and Emily Hattem

Dear Hattems,

We’re glad Harley is doing so well! They really all do have such different personalities, so we know he can never take the place of Samantha, but we’re glad that he’s fitting into the family in his own way. Keep working on the training and he’ll surprise you sometime soon by being the obedient dog you know he can be. Keep us posted, and thanks for all that you’re doing for him.

To my sponsors at GRRI-NJ,

"How I spent my summer vacation" By Kyra [GRRI foster dog]

Well I wasn't too sure about this trip. I got so upset before we left that I gave myself diarrhea but once we got started I was alright. The ride wasn't bad. I got to take a nap in the van then we stopped and went for a walk. Then I got to take another nap in the van and we stopped and went for another walk.  Then we got into the van and I got another nap and we stopped again and I got to take another short walk (talk about work!!!). Then we stopped for the night (Phew).  Thank goodness because I needed a break by then.  We stayed in a little room with 2 beds and Bandit was jumping back and forth like an idiot. I'm too much of a lady to do that. Well we had dinner and settled in for the night. I slept pretty well.

The next day can you believe I had to go back to work!  These people are tough!  Workaholics - who needs that stuff?   Anyway, more napping and more walking. It sure got hot all of a sudden. We did soon stop at a house and went in to check it out. Not bad!! Nobody ever warned me about a huge bathtub outside of all things. I never saw anything like this before. To make a long story short I proceeded to fall in while I was checking it out. I always thought that all dogs can swim but guess what? I went right to the bottom and my foster mom had to jump in clothes and all to get me. It really wasn't that dramatic. I popped back up. I just don't know how to swim.

Anyway, after I got used to the pool it was great fun. I have been learning to swim. My foster mommy Jean holds me by my belly and I paddle my front legs. I'm try to get the hang of it. I think I'll take another swim today.  The pool thing isn't too bad.  Maybe I need one up north. Jean whispered in my ear that she'll work on it but she has a pain somewhere or something. I think she said she named her pain John. Funny huh, same name as my foster Dad.

Well guys time for my swimming lesson so I'll have to finish this later. How many words does this essay have to be anyway?


PS - Food here is good. Same as home. John said the dry ice is amazing. No seizures yet. Everybody keep your fingers crossed.

Dear Kyra,

Thanks for writing! You’re missing some beautiful weather back here in New Jersey, but we’re a little envious that you got to go to Florida. Your foster parents really know how to treat you right! – from all the love and attention they’re giving you to vacation trips to water rescues (!) – you’ve got it made. No wonder you have that goofy grin on your face. As much as your foster parents love you, we’re all hoping for that special family for you to call your own. We’re telling your story in a little more detail here and hope that someone, somewhere will look beyond your special needs and understand what a wonderful dog you are. Until then, give John and Jean (foster parents) a big sloppy kiss and tell them how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for you. And stay out of the deep end!!

Hello GRRI volunteers,

It has been 3 months since we brought Marco home, and we wanted to let you know that he’s doing great! With help from Marco's foster Dad, Matt [GRRI volunteer], we got Marco through some initial difficulties acclimating to our other pets. He is now the perfect gentleman! Marco has gained 7 pounds since we got him, and the vet said he’s in  good health. He seems very happy. We think he knows that he’s finally home. Marco especially adores our 12 year old son, Alex. He sleeps on his bed at night, and waits for him to come home from school. Marco's already a beloved member of our family, and we can't imagine being without him.

I'm attaching a picture of Marco with two of our children. In this picture, Marco is enjoying one of his favorite activities, sleeping on the sofa!


Joel and Donna Brower


Dear Donna and Joel,

Thanks for writing! Marco is one lucky dog; he looks very content with “his” kids.  He’s going to be even happier during summer vacation when he gets to enjoy them full time! Please keep us up to date on how he’s doing – we’ll always enjoy hearing more about him.

Good morning, Lilli [GRRI volunteer]

Just thought I’d let you know that things went very well the first day home.  Lucy slept in her crate last night, and was very happy to see us—including Raleigh—this morning.  In fact, Raleigh went right over to her crate & wagged his tail—the two of them bounced around—ran right outside into the snow. So—so far, so good.  She’s a doll.  I thought you might like to view the page I started for her on Dogster: http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=262808&j=t   You can see their first “in the snow together” pic.  I’ll be adding new pictures and diary entries from time to time.  Okay—that’s it for now—I’ll talk to you soon.  (Glad you like the name).

Hi Lilli [GRRI volunteer],

Lucy has been having a blast going to visit Raleigh’s buddy, Tommy—now her friend, too.  (He was also a rescue dog.  Our friend, Larry drove to Pennsylvania to meet him and take him home).  She loves to chase Tommy around the acre-sized property, and of course Raleigh just loves running after tennis balls and knows that he can’t keep up with their speed anyway.  Larry also has a bird, Jasmine—and Lucy was absolutely beside herself watching a real bird right there in the house!  She kept running downstairs wagging her tail like crazy looking at all of us as if to say, “Hey!  There’s a real bird right upstairs!  Come see!”  Larry made a photo show of the first visit—thought you’d enjoy it.  Hope all is well.


Pamela Schmidt

Dear Pamela,

Lucy is one busy dog! We love the pictures; she obviously has about a hundred different ways of looking happy and pleased with herself! As for Jasmine the bird, maybe Lucy is getting in touch with her inner cat? We’re glad that she’s found such a great brother in Raleigh, and of course for you and your family making such a terrific home for her.

Dear GRRI,
We made it through our first year with much happiness and success in getting Haley accustomed to all the males in our household. She is a very loving, playful and gentle girl.  She still will steal the food from your plate if you walk away but we can work on that.
She truly is a delight to have and I thank all the GRRI volunteers for choosing us for Haley.  I promise to email some pictures over as son as I download them.  
Thank you !
The Thompson Family - Ann, Steve, Sean, Glen and Jared

Dear Thompsons,

Thanks for the good news about Haley. We’re glad she is fitting in so well. She’s obviously concluded that no matter how tasty the food in her dish, whatever you’re eating just has to be better! – good luck with discouraging her from cleaning your plates. We’ll look forward to pictures of her!