Vol 10 No 2

Spring Flowers

Spring 2008

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Tales of Gold

Remembering With Fondness

"There is a special place
 for those who have loved us without question,
without a word or promise...

There is a special place where there is no pain or fear,
where love flows freely...
There is a special place to rest in our hearts forever."


Jack Daniel Bausback
Jack Daniel, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteer Robin Bausback & her husband Brian

Noah Hoffman
Noah, beloved Golden of Steve & Kathy Hoffman

Jake Dillon
Jake, beloved GRRI Golden of Eddie Dillon

Doc & Judy Isaksen
Doc, beloved GRRI Golden of Judy Isaksen and the staff at the Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center

O'Hara McFadden
O’Hara, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteers Eileen & Drew McFadden

Buddy Perlin
Buddy, beloved GRRI Golden of the Perlin family

Julie Ringen
Julie, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteers Anita & Rick Ringen

Dakota Glazer
Dakota, beloved GRRI Golden of the Glazer family

Mattingly Bender, beloved Golden

Beau, beloved GRRI Golden of the Dripchak family

Johnson, beloved cat of GRRI volunteer Lorraine Meaney

John, beloved brother of GRRI volunteer Tom Girvan