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Spring 2009

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2009 Annual Survey

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Tales of Gold

2009 Annual Survey

Late last year we mailed 228 Annual Adoption Follow Up surveys to our wonderful adopters.  This survey covered Goldens (still living) adopted from 1997 through June 2008.

We only had five forms returned with no forwarding address!  Thank you all for keeping us apprised of where you and our wonderful rescue dogs are living.

129 forms were returned. Overwhelmingly, you are happy with your GRRI adoption experience and would adopt from us again if you could.

Sadly, we learned that 8 of our wonderful dogs had passed away since last year’s survey. Our sincere condolences are extended to their families.

Someone questioned how much longer they would need to fill out our survey; they had been doing it every year for several years.  We appreciate your feedback and next year we’ll add a box that can be checked off if the information has not changed from the prior year.  We ask that you continue to fill it out and send it back to us.  This is how we find out how our dogs are doing; if there are any problems that have come up, if you have moved or if the dog has died.  And yes, we do like to hear we’re doing a great job!

Another person commented that we don’t adopt our Goldens to families with invisible fences.  This isn’t true. However, there are some Goldens that can’t be placed in a home with an invisible fence. When this is the case we clearly state it in our website summary.  We’ve placed many dogs in a home with an invisible fence.

 We just love to see pictures!  Thanks so much for sending them.  We thought we’d share them with you.

2009 Survey Collage