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Spring 2010

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Tales of Gold

Letters To GRRI

Dear GRRI,

Just thought I'd share a new photo of Chase... he is such a wonderful boy and we love him so much!

He's doing great... loves the snow (he was running in the yard the other night!), loves to eat, loves to kiss, loves to nap - he's just a lover! We still say that we can't believe that someone would give that all up after 15 years, but I knew from the minute I saw him that he was meant for me.  Thank you again for sending such love into our home - what a gift he is!

Enjoy the picture - this is Chase enjoying the new doggie bed. What a sweet face! (Sorry it's a little blurry) I'll send more photos as I take them.

Hoping the New Year brings good health, love, and happiness to you and yours!

Sue and the rest of the gang : )

Chase on bed

Awwww…how happy and content is he!  Thanks for sending the photos. 

Dear Eileen (GRRI adoption coordinator),

It is with a heavy heart that I wanted to let you know that miss daisy died this morning, at home, in our arms. She turned 11 this past thanksgiving and had just been to the vet last week and was pronounced in great health. The vet had said she had plenty more mileage left on her and was in better shape than most of the senior goldens he sees. So this was quite a shock. We, and he, suspect she had a stroke. She became unresponsive this morning. When we tried to call her name there was no recognition. Her heart was still beating. Then a few minutes later she stretched out her hind legs, gave a cough and her heart stopped. Doug and I were holding her and stroking her. She died at home, with us around, peacefully. Dr. G is having her cremated. I kissed her goodbye and told her to look for her brothers, Dakota and Rascal. I thought you'd all want to know. We are once again a two dog family and will all miss our queen. She was without doubt, the smartest dog we've ever had rivaled only by our dear departed german shepherd, sable.  She will be missed by all of us.


We were so sorry to read this email, Steph.  Our sincere condolences are with all of you.  It’s terrible to lose a beloved pal so suddenly, especially when you were just assured that she was so healthy.

Hello & Happy New Year!

Just wanted to share these pictures of Liberty at the vet's office yesterday.  We had him checked out for an apparent lipoma on his stomach.  We'll recheck in few months.  It should be ok.

He sure doesn't seem to mind being at the vet's office!!

Everyone keep warm!


Liberty at Dr Kings

Thanks for the update!

Hi Anne (GRRI foster mom),

Here’s our 3-year anniversary picture.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.   She's as sweet as ever.

Vicki & Fonda

Sasha Zonana

What an absolutely fabulous photo!  She looks like she’s ready for the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.

Hi Shayne (GRRI volunteer),

Hope your holidays were great and you have a happy new year.  I just wanted to let you know that my little Bear went to the rainbow bridge.   He was having problems in the past couple of months with his hind legs going out and he wasn't eating right.  He was diagnosed with diabetes.  We started him on the insulin shots twice a day and he seemed to be improving.  He still had trouble standing and then developed a deep cough.  The vet heard a problem with his heartbeat and things didn't look good so we made the difficult decision to put him to rest.  He was the best little fighter I ever knew.  He was seizure free for the past 5 years and he had the time of his life.  He went through so much in his life that he was an inspiration to us all.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt him and love him so much. We will always have him in our hearts.  We miss him immensely and always will. These are some pics from his tenth Christmas 2009. He had a great life and made our lives great too.

God Bless Little Bear!!!


Pat, Brian & Rusty Gyory

BEar Gyory

Pat, you and Brian went above and beyond for this sweet guy.  We’re terribly sorry for your loss.  We thank both of you for adopting him and giving him such a loving home.

Hi Lynda (GRRI foster mom),

Chance (now Bear) is doing fine and getting along real well with our other Golden, Atlas.  He is very loveable.

He loves playing in the dog park and going for long walks.  He just began Obedience Classes with us at the Bayshore Canine Companion Club in Eatontown where he goes on Tuesday evening.

Keep in touch and thanks for checking in.  I’ll try to get you pics soon.

Peggy & Greg

We’d love to see pictures of Bear. Thanks so much for a wonderful update.

Dear GRRI,

With tears and a very heavy heart we want to inform you that our beloved Buster went to meet up with Barney, Major, Andy, Tuesday, and Sandy to wait for us on the other side. He had synovial cell sarcoma, cancer in the joint tissue, in his back right leg. Since Buster was 11 years old when we learned of it, and since he already endured surgery last January, we decided not to put him through yet another surgery and let him enjoy the time he had left--which he did.

Around Christmas his leg began to swell and he began pulling his fur off. Soon his leg had a bruise on it and red blotches. But his mood was good. Mornings were best. But as the day wore on he would become listless and depressed. Sometimes I would sedate him at night so he could sleep. What made today so hard was that we took him to the vet's in the morning when he was upbeat and eager to go for a ride in the car. That feeling of betrayal was so strong for us. The vet told us we could take him home and he could put Buster on steroids or increase his Deramaxx for inflammation and we could wait until he's depressed all the time rather than most of the day. We decided to give him the gift of peace before his suffering increased. We would just be bringing him home for ourselves rather than thinking of what was best for him.

We thank God for the 3-1/2 years He gave Buster to us. He gave us the opportunity to give him the best home he ever had after being virtually abandoned in a backyard where his companion died. He was 150 lbs due to a thyroid problem and he never got his medication. His nose and tail had no fur on them and his fur was coarse. When I got him from the backyard he had trouble walking. But with the proper thyroid medicine and regular exercise, he went down to 85 lbs and looked like a completely different dog. The doctor thinks that damage was already done due to the neglect he suffered and set the stage for the cancer.

Our Goldens are angels from heaven, sent to shower us with loving companionship and a zest for life.

Thank you, Lord, for the precious memories we have of life with Buster. We will never forget his zeal for going to the office with me, his gentle nature with everyone and other animals, the way he would suck up to us when he wanted something by pressing his head against our leg and look up with those pleading eyes, and his prolonged attention to television shows, especially those with horses in them.
Buster started out being a foster and he turned us into foster failures. We decided that we weren't going to let this fat boy go anywhere else. He was ours to get into shape by loving him to death.

Thanks to GRRI for being God's instrument of mercy to these beloved friends.

Craig and Linda DiBenedictis

Our Goldens ARE angels sent to us from heaven, here for just a short while to bring us joy and happiness.   Buster and all the other Goldens who have crossed are in God’s care, waiting patiently for that time when we’ll all be reunited.  Our deepest condolences.

Hi All,

Today is Mac’s first birthday and we would like to thank Rescue for allowing us to bring him into our family. He is an absolute jewel. He just completed Basic Obedience 1 and is scheduled to start Basis Obedience 2 on 2/10. He and Traveller play 24/7 and there are times when Traveller looks absolutely frazzled. Maverick has him totally buffaloed. He doesn’t even have to bark at him anymore. He just gives him “The Look” and Mac finds something else to do. Attached is a picture of Mac relaxing in his favorite chair. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt him.

Barb & John

Mac Ready

Happy Birthday, Mac!  You’re one lucky guy!

Dear GRRI,

It is with such heavy sadness in our hearts that we write this note to you to let you know that Eli passed away this Tuesday.  Golden Retrievers are truly the kindest dogs in the world and Eli was the very kindest and sweetest of them all. 

This past month, our gentle giant (who at a healthy weight was 106 pounds), rapidly lost 11 pounds and became so very weak.  We were bringing Eli to the vet once or twice a week to monitor his arthritis, which was giving him a really tough time.  Rimadyl helped for a couple of weeks and his appetite returned, but then his health started to deteriorate rapidly.  The vet finally diagnosed him with cancer, which had spread to his liver, kidneys, bladder, and stomach.  In his final days, Eli had difficulty breathing and was hardly able to move.  On his last day, he was so weak; he didn't even have enough energy to give us his big wet kisses that we loved.

We were blessed to have Eli be a part of our family for 3 1/2 years.  It felt like so much longer than that.  When we adopted Eli, he was close to 8 years old and we knew we had to cherish every moment with him and we most certainly did.  We just didn't expect to lose him so quickly and in the end, we wish had more time with him.  Eli was such a special dog and he is not only missed by us, but by all of our friends and family who met him and got to know him.

We told our children that Eli is now in doggy heaven and last night, we stood outside and looked up at the stars to find Eli's star.  We saw one star shining brightly above our house and we know that Eli is up there looking down on us.  We wish we could have one more hug, one more pet, one more kiss from our sweet, sweet dog, but we know he is at peace now.  Such a wonderful dog left this earth this week and heaven is very lucky to have him there.


Toby & Peter Feiner

Dear GRRI,

This week we said good bye to Eli and it has been such a sad week for us.  But Eli brought such happiness and love into our family, so we would like to honor his memory with this donation.  Also, we would like to say thank you to GRRI for matching us with Eli 3-1/2 years ago.

The Feiner family

Toby, Peter, Jordan & Jared

Eli Feiner

Eli looks so happy with his kids and we know that he’ll continue to watch over them from doggy heaven.  We’re so sorry for your loss.

Hi Judy and Jack (GRRI foster mom and golden),
Belle has really surprised me. Our girl has turned into quite the character with her new brother. She is kind to him and funny and when he ignores her for too long, she finds a way to torment him until he pays attention to her and only her. When we are outside, she runs around Mac with a stick prancing up and down...."Look at me! I am faster than you! Try to get me now!" (While whispering under her breath, "And I'm not on a leash!")

Belle is not into walking too far, but when we do walk and see people on the street, Belle is the brave one. She greets people and wags her tail. Mac waits and watches her to see what he should be doing. Funny how she is teaching him and I thought he would be the one teaching her. When people come to the house she hops up to greet them and he waits to see what she is doing. Mac is not shy, but he is not one of those dogs that would bowl you over when you walk in. (Note: he would bowl
me over if he could, LOL!) He is a big galoop (is that a real word?) catch my drift. He is smart and funny and listens well. His biggest downside? He doesn't want to sleep alone. He sleeps either with Belle or upstairs in our room. (I'm hoping Belle will come up there one of these nights.) At 3 months old he is doing well to just put his head down on a bed and sleep through the night.

They adore each other and I have caught them wrestling, Judy! Yes, Belle wrestles! They aren't wild, just gently poking and prodding each other, tails wagging, having a great old time. I think Belle is actually the instigator and she is more puppy than I thought she was. Yes, she still has her reservations and backs away from certain situations.....but she is a big puppy and she really loves having Mac here.

The sleeping together keeps us in stitches. You know, puppies just don't have an agenda. He went from his litter mates to here and he thought nothing of hopping into Belle's bed. At first he would sleep next to her bed and put his head on the pillow. Then I started finding him sleeping with half his body on the bed and as you can see below, now he is all the way on the bed.

I know I've made this sound easy. Don't let me fool you...I am in the backyard some mornings at 5:00...again at 5:30....6:00...7:00....7:30... and by the time I get to work I am exhausted! LOL

I am always running them out the back door so the puppy can pee....."Get Busy!"...I think I say that in my sleep now. Outside I am constantly taking sticks, twigs, mulch and leaves out of Mac's mouth while Belle chomps away on a stick ......."Look, ya gotta spit it out, dummy!" I never leave Mac unattended and you know how much work that is. It's a lot of work in the beginning but I think we are all enjoying it and he is really a great little puppy and his personality is soooo laid back. Good for Belle....good for Nancy!
I gotta go get 'em outside "Get Busy!"
I hope you and Jack are him the photos of Belle and tell him she misses him.
Nancy, Brave Belle and her little bro, Mac

You go Belle.   Make sure you train your little brother exactly the way you want him to be!

Dear GRRI,

Just wanted to update you on Miley, aka Fredrica.  She is doing wonderful.

She has lost some weight and adjusted wonderfully to being with the girls. She is the ring leader of Rusty, our other dog, and of our two cats.

We have a trainer come to the house to brush up her manners and she is responding well.

We want to thank you again for choosing us.  She brings us joy and happiness with her goofy, loving personality. The girls adore her.  Miley has spent sleep overs in a tent with them in the basement because she won't leave them and forget it if they are outside without her.  She barks and barks and barks. It is so heartwarming to see. Miley has been to the Berkshires, out on our boat on the Hudson River and she's Kevin's plowing partner. I tried to send some pictures, I hope that worked.

Happy New Year!

The Young's

Please make sure Linda the foster Mom sees and Eileen :) 

Miley Young

What a beautiful Christmas picture…everybody looks wonderful!  Thanks so much for the update, Sue.

To everyone at GRRI-NJ,

Please accept the enclosed donation to the organization.  We are so happy to have adopted Willy on January 3, 2010.  He is a wonderful dog with a joyful spirit.  Our 8-year-old Golden girl, Sandy, is showing him the ropes!  They are enjoying long walks and playing in the backyard.  It is a testament to the group of dedicated volunteers that his transition was so seamless.  We truly appreciate all the love and care that Willy received by his foster mom, Linda Schnorrbusch, and her beautiful dog, Bella. We are so grateful!


The McTigue family

Cathy, Cronin, Lauren & Andrew       

Willie McTigue

Thank you so much for the donation!  We agree, Willy is an absolute sweetheart. Everyone who met him instantly fell in love with him! 

Dear Ruth (GRRI foster mom),

As you can see from the pictures, Benjamin, as we now call him, is getting bigger everyday and he loves to play in the snow. He is a wonderful dog and we are so very thankful to have been able to add him to our family. He starts puppy training classes on February 23rd and he has a vet appointment on Friday. Hopefully he will be neutered on the 16th. That is if we don't get another blizzard. LOL. I'll send you more updates along our journey.



Hi Melissa, we know that Benjamin is going to be the star of the class. He’s such a smart little guy.  Thanks for the pictures.

Hi Judy! (GRRI foster mom)

Hope all is well.  I've attached some pictures of Cooper.  The first one is from Thanksgiving.  Second is of Cooper after a long day of playing and the third is my son and Cooper in the snow fort my son and his friends built after our last snowstorm!  Needless to say, he's loving life!



Cooper1 Cooper2


We agree, Cooper sure looks like life couldn’t get any better.   Thanks for the update!

Hi Lynda (GRRI foster mom),

Just wanted to send you a few pictures.  Hope you are doing well  :-)


Tamburello Dogs

Thanks for the photos! 

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

Trevor thanks you for the card!!!! After he saw it he wanted a boney!!! He also wanted me to tell you that he also thanks you for taking such good care of him while he was looking for his new forever home. He is hoping that he will see you again at the picnic!

As soon as I download some new pictures I will send them along, Trevor is mad at me because I am taking so long to send you them!

He is such a wonderful golden and we love him so.  Just when we think we can't love him more he does something so cute and our hearts swell with more love for him. How did we go so long without a golden???

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and I hope you get lots of chocolate!

Joann, Kevin and of course Trevor

We must admit, life just isn’t complete without a GOLDEN!

Hi Olivia (GRRI foster mom)

Thought you would enjoy seeing this picture we had taken for Christmas time this year.  Riley has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Hope all is well with you.

Liza DeBlis

Thomas, William, & Riley DeBlis

Another great Christmas photo. We just love seeing how happy all of our dogs are with their new families. Thanks for sharing.

Dear GRRI,

Back in 2000 we adopted "Bruno" from GRRI. We renamed him Willie. I just wanted to let you know that we lost him to lymphoma yesterday. He had a wonderful life with us, and we just adored him. He was sweet and gentle. He didn't care much for retrieving; when a ball was thrown, he would run towards it and then keep running! When he went into the pool, he preferred to sit on the steps until he was cooled off, and then he would swim in a little circle, get out, shake and then roll around in the grass.

We did everything we could to try and save him. He had the most wonderful oncologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Joshua Lachowicz. But by the time we noticed any symptoms and got him to the Doctor, he was already stage 4.

I just wanted to thank all of you there for bringing Willie into our lives.

Nancy Richiski

May wonderful memories of Willie be with you both.  Thank you for letting us know of his passing.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

Thanks for the Valentine's Day card.  Here is a picture of Sparky.  He's such a happy boy!  I'm still not great at attachments, so I hope the jpegs come through.

Take care,

Mary Grant

Sparky Grant

We got’em, Mary. Thanks so much for the photos of Sparky. 

Dear GRRI,

When we got Ben almost exactly 2 years ago on 2/29/08, he was a wild man.  His foster mom, Judy, told us that he had actually pulled someone so hard on his leash that she fell over and broke an arm.  When we brought him home, he used to jump on and hump everyone who came to the door, including our young grandchildren.

But we are good Golden owners - he's our fifth.  So we spent a lot of time with him, including two obedience training classes at St Hubert's Giralda.  So now, he still has a lot of personality but is just about the perfect Golden - friendly, calm, and a big mush who loves to be petted.  He still likes to counter surf, but what dog doesn't.  It's actually been a great experience bonding with him for the last two years.

Thanks for Ben.

Joseph O’Donnell

We just love the training classes at St Hubert’s. They do such a wonderful job training US !

Dear GRRI,

We adopted Gia from you and have given her a loving home for 7 years.  At the time, the adoption process was fine.  Even drove 2 hours to pick her up. When our older Golden (Lucy) died, we felt it would be a great time to adopt another Golden in need of a home.  We were rejected because we have a pool in the backyard.  Please.  A POOL?  Haven't you heard that Goldens are water dogs?  We have lived here since 1995, had 3 dogs, 4 cats and too many children to name and have had a total of zero drownings.

I would appreciate not receiving any further correspondence from you, as your core values have obviously changed from helping a wonderful breed to a close-minded, self-appreciating model that I have no interest in supporting.


Matt McKenna

Matt, at your request, we’ve removed you from our correspondence listing.  Contrary to what many people believe, not all goldens know how to swim.  The safety of our dogs is our primary concern and that’s why we implemented our Home Visit process in 2003.  Having an in ground pool in the yard without a safety cover or a secure fence around it is the reason why you were rejected.  It’s not safe to leave dogs unattended in the yard with a pool.  Good luck on finding your new best friend.

Dear GRRI,

My Kassie, with her generous spirit, joyful nature and playfulness, has taught me to appreciate the joys of life. She makes me a better person and shows me how to live each moment as it comes.  Kassie came to us 13 months ago - just 4 months after my beloved St Bernard passed away. My 12-yr-old seemed depressed - enter Kassie.  In just 1 year our energetic girl has changed our lives.  Her sweet kisses and baby talk begin at dawn each morning and start the day with a light heart. Companionship and the bond between man and dog is what fills my life with joy and hope.  Kassie and my 12-yr-old, Lucky (another rescue), make dreams possible! 

Wendy Paskin

Thanks so much for the wonderful update, Wendy.

Hi Judy (GRRI foster mom),

Hope all is well with you.  We are doing great.  Sorry it's been so long....... Trevor is doing great; we still have had no luck with the poodle.  He chased her right into the house the other week and pulled on her sweater.  Needless to say she wasn't very happy!

We took Trevor to the park this past weekend and he did well.  There was a lot of people and children on bikes and skateboards and dogs.  He was great with children and people but he still runs up to the dogs and sometimes they get scared.  So we tried to stop him from doing that by making him sit next to us when a dog came by.  He did so well with this then we let him go by a little white dog the owner said was friendly and what you know the white dog went after him and he fought back!  No one got hurt; Kevin had him on the leash and pulled him back.  The lady was mortified and apologized but I felt sorry for Trevor to have another experience like that.  We were going to take him to the dog park but we didn't after that.

I am thinking to call a trainer....what do you think??  The nice weather is coming and I want him to meet my sister in laws dog and some of my other friend's dogs.

I hope it all goes well.  Trevor has become very "talkative" and let's us know what he wants.  He is in love with my nephew and follows him around when he comes over.  He even sleeps with him when he stays.  He has been sleeping in his bed which is on Kevin's side of the bed, but he always starts out at the foot of ours.  He is up EVERY morning @ 7am (right before my alarm goes off).  He come to my side and puts his head on the edge of the bed.  If it is the weekend and I don't get up he uses his "inside bark" and a soft kiss to wake me!  What a way to wake up!!!  Much better than an alarm any day!

He is still itchy.... we have him in special food but I don't think it's helping much but it is early to tell.  Since he has been on this food he has gained weight.  I am curious to see how much when I take him to the vet next week for his heart worm test.  We love him so much and right now I hear his squeaky toy downstairs!  He has brought much needed life to our household.  We will keep working on his "dog manners" I am sure it will all work out he is such a gentle dog all around.  I have attached some recent pics.  Taking a bath, getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, and random ones.  I hope you enjoy them!

Hope to hear from you soon,



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Trevor!

Hi Judy! (GRRI foster mom)

(Hi're still Belle's main man!)
It's been so long since I've sent you an update. I feel like all we've done is pray for the weather to get better and the sun to shine again. Lord, I thought winter would be here forever and then the nor'easter last weekend. These poor puppies have been dying to get outside and run, run, run! All I have done for the past three months is wipe paws and shovel snow.
The fence is finally finished and they are enjoying each other and the freedom outside....need I mention that they also like the grass, the mud, and all the things that go with spring.  Mac is getting big, very big. The funny thing is that he adores Belle and she him. She handles him beautifully and they are comical together.  In the mornings after they eat I take them out separately so everyone can get "busy" and not be distracted. When I come back in to dry my hair and get the kids ready for school it is "morning madness" with them. They romp and play and go through a ritual of funny antics. I will hear them rolling around my office and when it gets quiet I will peek my head around the corner.....Uh Oh! They both look at me and usually Mac is lying on the ground with Belle's paw in his mouth. I'll say "Excuse me!" and he'll let go and, believe it or not, Belle will put her paw back in his mouth! LOL He doesn't hurt her, I think he "maws" her. Sometimes she'll come to me and her ears are soaking wet from him but she loves his attention and they do everything together. They are always sleeping together and I find that he tires out more quickly (you know those puppies, plop down wherever and take a nap) and Belle will come in and wake him to play.
Sometimes he'll be quietly chewing an antler or something and she'll come in and steal a toy and run away - "Chase Me!" and he does. However, if he doesn't chase her into the office, Belle comes back out with the same toy and prances around him ....."C'mon young fella, chase me!"
They are so funny getting their treats....they sit so nicely next to each other and actually respect each other’s "treat." No fighting. Mac always wants what Belle has. If she has one antler, he wants that very antler. He'll come and lie next to her and stare at her until she just gives it to him. Tonight they actually chewed on the same antler at the same time! I couldn't believe my eyes...sharing. He is a sweet little boy, really sweet Judy. Tonight Luke and I took them for a walk and Belle got half way down the block and stopped. She wasn't budging. I said, "C'mon Belle, there's Mac!" and she followed him.  For as much as he is good for her, he really does adore her and he wants to walk exactly next to her. It's sweet. 
And our Brave Belle, she puts him in his place when need be. She will turn around and let him know...enough. And he listens. Sometimes I think he listens to her more than me! LOL And....our Brave Belle is the ambassador to new people. He is a little shy sometimes with new people, but not our Brave girl. Nope, she runs right up for a pat on the head. What a long, long way she has come.
This weekend is her big day - one year in her forever home! Woohoo, Belle! Can you believe it, Judy, that it was a year ago that I picked her up from your house? I was telling my friend the other day about her Forever Home Anniversary and she said, "Wow! It's only a year? Seems like you've had her forever!"
She is so sweet and funny and we are learning more things every day. She is learning how to play outside with Mac...she is very mouthy and if you didn't know Belle she would scare you. But she has no clue and is learning how to play like a dog should play. When I sit on the floor they both wiggle around and shove each other to see who can sit on my lap the fastest! LOL Gosh, can you imagine when he weighs 80 lbs and is still sitting on my lap....with Belle?
How is Jack? And the gang? I hope you are well and I think about you often. I have attached a few outdoor photos so you can see what our new fence looks like and how much they love it....just look at them. And look at Belle's is up! LOL I remember when I thought it would never come out from between her legs. Look at her...she is so happy. My sweet Brave Belle.
Alright, I need to go to bed....tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day and then a few more like it...I am so excited to see the sun. Please let me know how you and Jack are ......miss you!
Love always,

Nancy & Brave Belle in her forever home with her forever gang

Another wonderful Belle update. She has certainly blossomed in your home, Nancy. Thank you so much for giving her the chance.

Hi Jody (GRRI foster mom),

One fine and warm afternoon on the deck I filled a dog dish with water and ice cubes. Here are pictures of Brady's take on this situation... she can be so comical at times.  Brady has 2 best dog friends now - Daisy, a white lab, and Colby a Shitzu, both 6 yrs. old.  She sleeps well... and loves to be next to me...on the bed, on the couch, over my foot under the kitchen table, and next to my computer chair.   Brady has endeared herself to both friends and family...we all agree that she is a keeper... but I already knew that from day one in her forever home here in Bridgewater!!! 

Will forward more pictures and updates.   Hope Riley has adjusted and all is well with you.   

Joyce... and wags from Brady


Hi Joyce, we were so happy to hear that Brady has some new four-legged pals to play with. She’s such a wonderful dog. We can’t thank you enough for opening up your home to this wonderful girl.