Vol 13 No 1

Spring 2011

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Paw Prints On Our Hearts

2010 Annual Survey

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Tales of Gold

2010 Annual Survey

Annual Survey Feedback

Before getting into the survey feedback, we would like to thank Eileen McFadden for her 11 dedicated years as Adoption Coordinator (AC).  So many of the dogs our adopters told us about were placed due to her hard work and wonderful match making over the years.  Eileen, you are a big part of why this rescue has been so successful and thank you again for your service as AC. 

We also sometimes forget to stop and say thank you to our incredible team of volunteers who have helped so many Goldens reach their forever homes.  Without each and every one of them we would not be able to rescue this wonderful breed of dogs that each of us holds close to our hearts.

Finally, to all of the foster homes, a huge THANK YOU for giving these Goldens your love and devoting your time in helping them to get to their forever homes. Many of the surveys mentioned how great our foster families were.  You are the core of this rescue.

 Survey Quotes from our adopters:

* "Everyone that we encounter at GRRI is so helpful and a pleasure to deal with"
* "Riley is a hit when he visits the nursing home"
* "Marshall loves to swim under water and his family is amazed" 
* "Max and his new sister Sophie are the best of friends"
* "Brody already has put a Golden paw print on my heart.  GOLDENS RULE"
* "Thank you again & again. Sadie is just unbelievable...we're so lucky, she is really the best Golden"
* "Everything was great when we adopted Chester"
* "We had wonderful support when Bernie was diagnosed with mass cell cancer"
* "Benjamin was meant to be a part of our family. He brings us so much love and happiness"
* "We feel blessed to have Proper as 'our son'"
* "Bella is a wonderful girl.  She is the sweetest"
* "We love Harley! And loves us! Thank you!"
* "Angel is still a wonderful girl and now lives with us in our new home in Kentucky"
* "Maui is blind now. Still as sweet and lovable as can be".
* "We love Sophie and want to become a foster home next year when my husband retires"
* "You do a terrific job"
* "We love Maisie, she is an amazing dog, especially with our kids.  We still wonder why anyone would give her up"
* "We love our Trevor and he is truly part of our family".
* "Judy is a great foster Mom, she even came to Ben`s graduation from obedience training"
* "Just a BIG thank you for Molson and Copper"
* "Coby is the perfect dog and we love him to death"
* "Jackie is a great dog, we love her"
* "Echo continues to be a wonderful and affectionate companion for me"
* "Bailey & Sonnie are important members of our family and we can`t imagine life without them"
* "We are so happy to be senior dogs adopters.  We trust your assessments 100%".
* "You folks do a wonderful thing for a wonderful breed"
* "Lee is undergoing chemotherapy - doing well"
* "We love Reese.  I could not imagine her not being part of our family. Thank you!!!"
* "Carter is doing great and it's been a fabulous year"
* "We appreciate all the love & care Willy was given by GRRI during the adoption process"
* "Charlie is a GOOD DOG"
* "I appreciate the time you took to match Molly to my home. She is a wonderful addition to my little family"
* "We love our adopted dog Bella. Thank you"
* "Host family was very nice. Still the best thing that ever happened to us"
* "Every aspect of the adoption process was pleasant and not intimidating"
* "Sambuca is a lover for sure"
* "Everything was great!  We love our Sophie girl" 
* "Mr Dickens is very gentle w/kids and the baby....everyone loves him!"
* "Great organization.  This is our second adoption w/GRRI, and we could not be happier"
* "Harley is a pleasure"
* "Goldie`s foster parents were very helpful.  Absolutely a PERFECT MATCH"
* "Had a wonderful experience" .
* "Charlie is the best dog so happy we got him"
* "Angel is well & happy"
* "We simply adore him, A+ for Chase"
* "Jack is "wonderful" w/my mother who is elderly, he's great w/young children and is very affectionate. We love him"
* "Bailey turned out to be a great dog"
* "You guys are the best - keep up the good work"
* "GRRI process was professional, encouraging"  

To our adopters - thank you so much for your feedback and sharing your loving homes with a Golden in need.  The pictures were awesome too.  Keep sending them in with your surveys each year!

Bear Scavone Ben Cassidy
Boomer Daniluk Buddy Milosz
Chase Salsano Jack Conlon
Maggie Dwyer Marshall Sharples
Sambuca Vlahovic Sophie McConnell