Vol 2 No 2

Spring 2000

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Introducing ... TRAVIS!

GRRI's  16-year-old Foster Boy

Travis is doing GREAT! He's blended into our home like he's been here forever. He's fine with our other two Goldens, is eating well, sleeping beside our bed at night, going potty outside, catching tennis balls, and taking LOTS of naps! 

He's a blonde guy with a completely white face, but oh that face is soooooo sweet. He's a charmer, handsome, and loves rubbies. He learned right away how to "nose butt" my hand when I'm typing away on  the computer! He's smart, gentle, and has the dignity befitting a gentleman  of 16 years. He has a face you just want to smother with kisses, and I have  been. What a LUCKY foster mom I am!!

Travis is deaf, but responds well to hand signals. We tap our leg meaning to "come" and he comes immediately. He has cataracts, arthritis, and needs to go out often, but is in good health otherwise. 

I know many of you are wondering WHY???? How could anyone give up a Golden after almost 16 years? At this point the reasons "why" are unimportant. What IS important is that GRRI was willing to take in this very senior golden. Travis' owners had tried two other rescue groups and a no kill shelter, all of which declined to accept Travis, because of his age. 

What's just as important is that Travis has generated so much interest in seniors. I've been fostering for several years, just recently with GRRI, and have seen a real need for foster homes willing and able to take in a senior or special needs golden. I hope that everyone who has been touched by Travis will be encouraged to foster and/or adopt a senior. 

It's not about quantity of life,  it's about the quality of life they give to us.

Teri Stewart, Foster Mom

Learn more about senior dogs ... their special needs and the special joys they bring by visiting The Senior Dogs Project.

In honor of volunteer Kathy O'Connor, GRRI dedicates this issue of The GRRI News to the memory of her much loved Golden,

Stonehill's Easter Beau, TDI, UD, WC


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