Vol 3 No 3

Summer 2001

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Letters to GRRI

In late April, GRRI volunteer Pam Patton gave a career day presentation for Mrs. High's 3rd and 4th graders at Octorara Elementary School.  Pam is a dog groomer professionally, and talked with the kids about her job as well as about her involvement with Golden Rescue.  She also brought her rescued Golden, Kramer, along.  Of course, Kramer and Pam were both huge hits!


The kids also each received a copy of GRRI's booklet designed especially for kids -- a fun eight page activity booklet with word finds, coloring pages, quizzes, mad libs, and more. 

Afterwards, Pam got some delightful thank you notes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Thank you for coming in for career day.  The stuff you said really hepled me with my dog.  Thanks a million.

Sincerely, Bobby

PS Say "hi" to Kramer.

PS2 I will remember to brush my dog every week!

Thank you for teaching how to brush the dogs.  I like your dog it's big and furry.  I wish that I could have a dog.  My dog had to go because we had to give him to the farmers.  I have to go.

Your friend, Nathan

Hi!  My name is Cynthia.  I want to thank you for teaching us about Pet Grooming.  I really liked your dog.  He is so big.  Well that's all.

Your friend, Cynthia

I enjoyed hearing about Kramer.  Thank you for coming.  I used to have an American Eskimo.  I had to give him away because we moved.  I hope you come again.


Thank you for coming to our school on "Career Day"  I think your job is neat.  It seems very fun and exciting.  I want to be a teacher and a pet groomer part-time when I grow up.  Thanks for giving us tips on how to groom our pets.


Thank you for coming in and telling us about "Pet Grooming"  I really like Kramer.  He is really cute.  I have a dog named Checkers and he is a Jack Russell Terrier.  I think they would be really easy to groom because they have short hair.  I like dogs very much.  My dog sometimes sleeps with me, but he mostly sleeps with my mom and dad.  Again thanks for coming in and telling us about your job.

Sincerely, Brianna