Vol 3 No 3

Summer 2001

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Vet Specialists

Low Cost Spay & Neuter

Finding Your Lost Pet

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Marjorie Smith

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Alfred Schmalfus

Douglas Thompson

David & Karen Trast

Stephanie Glazer

Laurie Lynch

Bruce & Helaine Taub

John & Linda McElroy

Olivia & Bill Bergner

Sister Gloria Maldonado

Mary Gray

Julie & Ken Brown

Jean & Oran Brown

Eileen & Bob Allbright

June Urna

Mark & Bonnie Summer

Betty Mihansky

Barb & John Ready

Priscilla Lynch

Bob & Katha Griswold

Mr & Mrs Marshuetz

Maureen DeMane

Garden State Golden Retriever Club, in memory of Susan Matayas

Jackie Wagner, in memory of Susan Matayas

Michael J. Folenta

Irving Darchowsky

Maureen Laverty & Michael Webber

Bonnie Allensworth, in memory of Ken Murray

Kay Cassidy, in memory of Ken Murray

Nancy & Richard Richiski

Inga Hooper, GRRI Angel
Nancy Hara, GRRI Angel
Linda Justesen, GRRI Angel
Nancy Jasper, GRRI Angel


Barbara Greger, GRRI Angel
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The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program, GRRI Angels
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Diane & Dave Weishaupt

The Lindeblad Family

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Jannet King

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Teri Stewart

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Judy Laureano

Jolinda Babcock

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Jesse Dillon

Special Thanks To

The Golden Retriever Foundation, for their generous $5,185 grant award to GRRI, which is underwriting the purchase of much needed GRRI office, event, fostering and outreach equipment.

The ALOVE4GOLDENS Auction Team, for all their hard work in putting together and running a very successful benefit auction!  

The Garden State Golden Retriever Club, for allowing us to particpate in their Match Show in April.

The Lenape Golden Retriever Club, for allowing us to participate in their Specialty Show in May.

Johnson & Johnson, for allowing us to set up a booth in their offices in April.

Mrs. High and her students at Octorara Elementary School, for being such a great career day audience!