Vol 4 No 3

Summer 2002

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Another Puppy Mill Rescue ... and a Golden Bells Update!

GRRI's 2nd Annual Rescue Reunion

Pet Loss

Send Jagger to Orlando!

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If you know of a Golden Retriever in New Jersey needing our assistance, please call the GRRI hotline at 973-208-7414. Help us help Goldens!

Allie Decina

A Few Words from Our Adopters ...

GRRI loves hearing from adopters, and as you'll see from the letters page in this issue, they've been writing to us in great numbers.  We're thrilled and hope that you enjoy their letters as much as we do.

Every spring, we also reach out to adopters to inquire in detail about their GRRI Goldens.  Adoption Follow-Up forms are mailed to everyone who has adopted from us through the end of the previous calendar year (in this case, through December 31, 2001.) 

We're always happy to hear when the dogs are doing well -- that they're in good health, learning to be better companions, and are well loved members of the family.  But what delights us most are the additional comments and photos adopters choose to include.  Here is just a sampling:

From Tracy Arthur about Kobe:  Kobe is like the seven dwarves:  sweet, dopey, carefree, happy, goofy, silly, and smiley!

From Robin & Brad Slamp about Sammie: 10-year-old Sammie is a Certified Therapy Dog!

Sammie Slamp at the GRRI Reunion

From Kathy Green about Abby:  Abby was the perfect fit for us, and she gets along great with Kramer, our other Golden.  They are great companions!

From Priscilla Lynch about Benjamin:  Benjamin is the best dog in the whole world.

From Katha Griswold about Comet and GRRI:  He and our other dog get along very well.  Your website and newsletter are terrific!

From Andrea & Robert Knapp about Niko:  Everyone Niko meets LOVES him!

Niko Knapp

From Julie Brown about Goldie:  We think GRRI does an excellent job and have recommended them to friends.  We shall always be grateful to Bea Villa for allowing us to adopt Goldie, and for her many years of service to Golden Re-Triever Rescue.

From Patricia Donham about Dante:  I thank you every day for bringing him to me!

From Marge Smith about Honey and GRRI:  Honey is very obedient and an angel.  GRRI's adoption process is wonderful and I commend them -- particularly the follow ups.

From Joan Finn about Sarge:  Sarge is perfect!  The entire procedure we went through in adopting Sarge was professional, expedient, and educational, and we would do it again anytime.  We have highly recommended it to others.

Sarge Finn

From Pam Patton about Xyla:  Xyla had cancer when I adopted her.  It is now in remission.  She is a wonderful dog!!

From Jean & Oran Brown about Chelsea:  Chelsea is a couch potato, but we enjoy having her!

From Linda Voigt about Shannon:  When we first got Shannon she was always scared about everything.  She is doing much better now -- she loves to be outside.  At the farm next to us she loves to chase the ducks.  Our family, neighbors, and friends just love her!

Pudgy Herfuth

From Peggy & Steve Manning about Buddy:  Buddy has been a terrific dog!

From Linda McElroy about Kelly:  Kelly was very easily trainable.  She still brings us great joy and has earned her position as the 4th "child" of our family.

From Stephanie & Doug Glazer about Dakota:  Dakota is doing better than ever.

From Olivia Bergner about Tao:  Tao is happy and healthy and beautiful!  He will be 10 years old in June 2002.  He is perfect!

Tao Bergner and friends

From Susan Sheldon about Dusty:  Dusty is a sweet dog, very loyal and loving.  We love him!

From Leslie & Aldo Crisanaz about Wallace:  Wally barks when people walk by so they will come over and pet him!

From Brooke Spector about Brandon:  I love Brandon and am so grateful to have added him to our family.  He is so loving!

From Tina Marie Vanderhoff about Ladybug:  Ladybug goes to work with me everyday along with my other Golden, Lucy.

From Pat & John Hannigan about Prosper:  We couldn't be happier!  We love him so much!!

Prosper Hannigan

From Margaret Jorgensen about adopting Cody:  The GRRI people are so helpful & concerned about the dogs.  It was the best thing I ever did! 

From Mary Gray about Max:  Max has been a wonderful dog -- we love him very much!

From Edward Dillon about Jake:  I take Jake to a nursing home for pet therapy visiting; the people really enjoy seeing him.  He's really an attention monger!

Jake Dillon

From Judie Glave about adopting Tucker:  I found the process easy, thorough, and informative and have recommended others look into adopting a rescue dog.

A Sad Farewell ...

To Brenda Colangelo ... who adopted Leeshay from us, renamed her Leisha, and wrote so lovingly about her in a letter we published in our Winter 2002 Newsletter.  Our heartfelt condolences to Brenda's entire family.

To gentle, sweet, Baron ... who was adopted by Lois Beck and Doris Holahan in February 2002 ... and went to the bridge in March 2002.

To Chelsea Smith, beloved Golden friend to GRRI Volunteer Joann Smith and her family ... who went to the bridge on June 26, 2002 at the age of 13

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