Vol 8 No 3

Summer 2006

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GRCA NRC Interview

Summertime Safety

GRRI Quilters

Adoption Interviewers

Summer Shopping

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Remembering With Fondness

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Remembering With Fondness

Timmy Szpila

Timmy, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteer Theresa Szpila


Cassie & Tugger Lilien

Frost Lilien

Tugger, Frost, and Cassie, beloved cats of GRRI volunteer Judy Lilien


Boo Boo Price

Boo Boo, beloved American Eskimo of GRRI volunteers Matt and Ann Price


Rory & Max Mozeika

Max, beloved GRRI Golden of the Mozeika family


Penny, beloved GRRI foster dog

Samson, beloved GRRI Golden of Allison and Phil Gassaro

Braxton, beloved GRRI Golden of Paulette and Jonathan Sabol

Kelli, beloved GRRI Golden of Patricia Lawyer

Dr. Mombo, beloved GRRI Golden of Judy Conover

Sammy, beloved GRRI Golden of Jennifer Kelly and Greg Malesich