Vol 8 No 3

Summer 2006

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GRRI Quilters

GRRI volunteers are a diverse bunch with many talents, and we’re used to being pleasantly surprised to find great people able and willing to do all the things we need to get done to help Goldens in need. But who knew that we had amazing quilt artists in our midst?  GRRI volunteers Michele Masone, Anita Ringen, Julie-Ann Ulbrich, and Robin Slamp all contributed to the most amazing Golden Retriever quilt.  Michele told us a little about how it all came together, commenting “It was a lot of fun, actually.  Because we were from all over the country, we couldn't shop together (fabric shopping, for those who don't know, is more fun than the actual quilting!), we probably all have very different preferences in fabric and colors and different skill levels, yet somehow it all worked out!  Anita and Robin were the first to send their blocks, two weeks BEFORE the deadline, thereby making Julie-Ann and me look quite bad...Julie-Ann worked on hers while commuting on the train (drawing strange stares) and somehow finished them during a power outage...hers were in on time.  Mine, on the other hand, practically had to be overnight mailed through UPS in order to be TWO WEEKS LATE.”

This gorgeous work of art is being raffled, with proceeds benefiting the Golden Retriever Foundation’s April Fund, which provides grants to Golden Retriever rescue organizations confronted with extraordinary veterinary expenses.

Visit http://www.spudderjunctn.bizland.com/AprilFundQuilt/ for more information about the quilt, and to purchase raffle tickets.