Vol 8 No 3

Summer 2006

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Letters to GRRI

Hi Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

I was just looking at the web page from GRRI…we are so sorry to hear about Bronwyn. I have attached a video of Ariel with the girls (Sandy and Samantha). They are so great with her and she just loves to climb all over them. It is endless entertainment for all of us. Sandy and Ariel have a special relationship, especially when Ariel is eating her meals. Sandy sits right next to Ariel. They have an agreement, one piece of food for her, and then she hands over one piece of food for Sandy. After the meal is over, Ariel takes all of the left over food from her bib and gives it to Sandy. The best part is, we never have to clean up the floor or high chair because Sandy takes care of that too!


Laurissa and Seth Berkman

Dear Laurissa and Seth,  Ariel is beautiful! – and how lucky for Sandy that she has such a generous friend. There still isn’t a vacuum cleaner on the market that can do a better job of cleaning up after a meal than a Golden.  Thanks so much for writing.

Hello all,

Just a couple of pictures (I have many!) of Lucy – I’m sure you’ve seen them on her site at Dogster. She has the most incredible personality – I have never seen any one or any dog who loves life as much as Lucy. She makes these contented little grunts when you cuddle her face in your hands and scratch her ears. Her tail even wags in her sleep. She and Raleigh fast became siblings – she loves to tease him – and he secretly loves it. We are so glad to have her in our family – she’s a true joy and treasure. I wish you luck in placing all of the “patiently waiting for forever homes” Goldens.

Pam and John Schmidt

Dear Pam and John,  Great to hear that Lucy is so happy and loved.  She can’t possibly understand how lucky she is that you found her, but wagging her tail in her sleep sure suggests that she knows how good she has it. Please, keep sending photos, and give her ears a good scratch for us.

Dear GRRI,

Thank you so much for taking Sasha!! Though I miss her I know she is somewhere better. I know she will have a better quality of life with you. My home just wasn’t suitable for her anymore and it broke my heart. Thank you again. If ever you need help with her please don’t hesitate to ask. I do love her and miss her.


Dear Dawn,  Sasha is indeed a wonderful dog. We know that it often is very difficult to turn a dog over to us for placement, but as you point out, sometimes circumstances are such that it is the best thing for the dog. We thank you for your generosity of spirit in doing what is best for Sasha despite the pain of being separated from her, and know that your love for her will always be remembered.

Dear GRRI,

Hi! Just a little note to let you all know that Cherokee is doing just fine. I got her teeth all fixed and she is up to 74 pounds. She rides in my truck every day and loves to swim. There is no way to thank you enough for saving Cherokee. She is truly my best friend and by my side 24/7.

Thank you.

Cherokee, Paul, and Nina Esser

Dear Nina and Paul,  Glad to hear that Cherokee is doing so well. Although we appreciate your thanks, Cherokee wouldn’t be enjoying the life she deserves without you! Your care, companionship, and love have made all the difference for her. Please keep us posted on how she’s doing, and thanks again.

Dear GRRI,

Please accept the enclosed donation in loving memory of Mr. William Brazzel on behalf of the Frank J. Dugan Elementary School PTA in Marlboro, NJ. Your organization was chosen because it was meaningful to Mr. Brazzel and his family.


Joanne Neustater

Dear Ms. Neustater,  Thank you for your generous donation. We’re pleased that memories of Bill Brazzel will live on through your financial support and the dedication of volunteers like Bill’s daughter Ann Price.  Our work allows countless dogs and families to share lives of joy, and we hope Mr. Brazzel would be pleased to know that his friends and family contribute to that effort.


We adopted Carmen (original name: Willow) in November of 1999. She is simply one of the nicest dogs we have ever had. I’ve enclosed a picture of my son, Ethan, with Carmen at your rescue picnic last fall.

We just wanted to thank you for all the good work you do, and please accept the attached donation check with our gratitude.


Kim Andersen

Dear Kim,  We can’t tell who looks happier, Ethan or Carmen!  Thank you for your donation and especially for giving Carmen such a wonderful home. We hope we’ll see you all again at our reunion picnic on September 30!

Hi Pam! (GRRI volunteer),

Reese is awesome.  We are all loving her so much, especially Charlie. She has really settled in and calmed down into a responsive, loving and fun pup. She is so smart too. Her favorite treats are Omaha Steaks Doggie Beef Jerky (Charlie buys it for her) and Frosty Paws Doggie Ice Cream. Of course peanut butter in a Kong ball still rates way up there.

Yes, we got the Woofstock invite and at least the girls and I will be there.

I attached some pics of Reese. The one of Reese surrounded by white is my wallpaper. Hope you enjoy them!


Beth Reese and family

Dear Beth,  Omaha Steaks and Ice Cream?? There are several volunteers who want to know if you’d be interested in adopting them! Sounds like Reese is living a great life, and we appreciate your letting us know ho well she’s doing. Please, do stay in touch, and keep sending those pictures!

Dear GRRI,

Last week when I was lying around playing hound dog my mommy got a call from my aunt Gina inviting me to her house to go swimming. I had so much fun. Talk to you all later.

Shylow Sbraga

Dear Shylow,  Looking good!! We all feel cooler just looking at your picture. Please give your family a couple of good licks for us to thank them for giving you such a great home. Write again soon!