Vol 8 No 3

Summer 2006

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Summertime Shopping

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy being with our Goldens.  Be sure to check GRRI’s online store (http://www.grrinj.org/store)  for all of the gear you’ll want to keep your companion comfortable and safe.

For example, nothing beats the heat like a canine cooler bed; this puncture-resistant memory foam mat combines with water to provide a cool cushion of comfort for your dog, making even the hottest day more tolerable. They wipe clean easily, and come in a variety of sizes and fit many crates. Depending on the size, cooler beds can be ordered for between $60 and $120.

Keep your dog safe in the car with a “Doggie Catcher” seat belt, designed to allow your dog to sit or lie down comfortably while offering protection from uncontrolled movement in the event of a crash. We’ve long known the importance of using seat belts ourselves when we drive, and the same protection is now available for our cherished friends. Just $22 from the GRRI store!