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Summer 2007

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The GRRI News

Letters to GRRI-NJ

Judy (GRRI volunteer),

Tylar is doing quite well. He has had no grand mal seizures and is currently only twitching occasionally.  We have been to Red Bank a few times and have been seen by all the Neuro Drs. and interns.  We also made a video of Tylar which was sent to other neurologists around the world. A doctor in Europe sent a video, which I saw, of a dog whose face twitched and asked Dr Glass for his opinion. He in turn is sending out Tylar’s video to get other opinions.  Who knew that Tylar would be world famous! We had a hard time getting the right dose of the medicine, but we seem to be close to something that works on the seizures, but doesn’t make him too dopey. He is on the Potassium Bromide and a low dose of Phenobarb. None of this has kept him from being hyper. The doctors said that both medicines would slow him down.  Even when he had too high a dose of Phenobarb and could hardly walk, he was still trying to run around!  We think he is a little more hyper and he and Baillie seem to get into more mischief. They are both very good chewers! They no longer have the run of the house when we are not home.

Tylar is such a sweet dog and all the people at Red Bank really like him.  I have the feeling that they are very interested in his well being and want to figure out what is causing his twitching.

I have sent three pictures, one of Tylar & Baillie, one of the four dogs, and one of my daughters and their daughters. They were taken on Jerry’s birthday weekend Feb 16-18.  Hope all is well. Hope we can get together when there isn’t too much mud!!


Tylar & Ballie

Mary, thanks for the update.  We’re happy to hear that the seizure activity has decreased and that Tylar is getting such excellent veterinary care.  We think very highly of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital; let’s hope they can figure out what’s going on with him.


Rusty is 2 today! It's been almost a year since we adopted Rusty and he turns the ripe old age of 2 today. Having seen all the cute birthday pictures throughout the year, I had visions of sending a copy of our boy in the perfect birthday pose. But then, it's Rusty, and in less than 30 seconds, he had trampled his cake and destroyed his birthday hat! So we went to Plan B - a few shots of him sitting on the stairs. I had cleaned off the cake and mud and brushed him for these pictures.  However, by the time I had put the brush down, grabbed my camera and made it to the stairs, there had been a rousing game of bitey-face (actually bitey anywhere you can reach) between Rusty and Bandit; hence the tufts of hair protruding at odd angles from Rusty's body. But .......... how nicely he is sitting, you say. What you don't see in the pictures is my son, Andrey, holding a treat.  Even the difficult maneuver of "stay" is possible when promised the reward of a yummy treat.

All kidding aside, thank you so much GRRI for allowing us to add Rusty to our family. We can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday Rusty - we love you! 



Anne, it’s YOU we need to thank for adopting Rusty from us.  He has come such a long way in the two years you’ve had him.  We’ll never forget the frightened, cowering, physically abused young dog that we rescued that fateful day.  Little did Rusty know that his surrender to our rescue group was the start of his journey to a wonderful life with you.


I am a volunteer with Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) and I’d like to thank you for sponsoring a senior puppy mill dog.  Your dog Gabriel, 07-175, is a seven-year-old dog that seems to be adjusting fairly well. We promise that we will take it slowly and find the best home for him that we can.  You can watch Gabriel’s progress at .  We will add your name as a sponsor this evening.

Again, thanks so much. 



Dear Joan – we were honored to be able to sponsor one of the fortunate Goldens rescued from the North Dakota Puppy Mill.  Please thank every one of the volunteers – both from within your rescue group – and from the supporting organizations - who donated their time and skills to this rescue effort.  Also convey our thanks to the foster homes that are providing their love, patience, and ongoing care to help these wonderful dogs adjust to their new lives outside of the mill.  All of the dogs and puppies will be in our continued thoughts and prayers.

Dear GRRI,

I can't believe it has been 6 years!  I remember going to Terry Veiga’s house the day before Easter and seeing Scotty for the first time.  He was all legs and had the biggest, blackest nose I had ever seen.  It was love at first sight!

Scotty is the best dog-gone dog on earth!  I tell him that every day.


Nora Anne, Ralph, Ralphie and SCOTTY!!!

Scotty & Ralphie 

Happy Gotcha Day Scotty!  Nora Anne, he looks wonderful…and Ralphie is just as adorable as ever.

Judy (GRRI foster mom),

I am so sorry to have to tell you that we put Tylar to sleep tonight. We did everything we could for him.  His illness left him basically starving to death.  All the doctors felt that we had done everything that we could do for him and there was no hope for a cure. I have never had to put such a young dog to sleep and I did not make this decision lightly. You know us and our dedication to Tylar so I know you understand.  We are quite devastated by this turn of events and hope that everyone in the golden retriever rescue operation understand that this was a necessary decision.  Tylar was such a loving pup and we will miss him terribly as will our other dog Baillie.  Baillie has seemed depressed all week.

I hope you will pass this information on to the people in the rescue operation that want to know and also to your neighbors who also loved Tylar. We loved Tylar with all our hearts and are truly devastated. I know that Tylar was close to your heart as well. We feel that our time with Tylar was destined to be. He belonged with us and will live in our hearts forever.


Mary & Jerry, losing a beloved friend at such a young age is so devastating.  Megaesophagus is a terrible disease, and one that is almost always fatal.  Thank you for all the love and wonderful care that you gave to Tylar while he was a member of your family.  And for giving him the ultimate gift of helping him cross over when it was time.

Dear Amy Jo (GRRI foster mom),
We want to report that Sadie had a smooth transition into her new digs. She took the ride (this time only a little over two hours because rush hour was over on the Garden State Parkway) comfortably, sleeping most of the time but sitting up at times to watch the traffic. Her first night in our apartment was a bit sleepless for all of us but she had no serious complaints. She fussed when we closed the crate gate, pawing into the plastic bottom, so we left it open. She moved about the bedroom, sleeping briefly in different spots. The second night was better and we had a good night's sleep. As soon as one of us gets out of bed, Sadie pops up and wants to follow.
Our first encounter with two small dogs from the building was encouraging. We were on opposite sides of our narrow road. Jane said Sadie growled softly but I could not even hear it. She pulled slightly away rather than toward the other dogs. We have been warning other pet owners here at Hudson House that we should keep the dogs separated, at least until their meetings become more commonplace.
This morning we had a fine tennis ball fetching session on the big south lawn. As you predicted, she brings the ball right back and looks happy as can be, rolling in the wet grass between romps. Also, as you showed us, she walks nicely on the leash without tugging to go her own way. She is still dedicated to her big soccer ball but makes no fuss if we pull it away and roll it back to her.
We have had visitors stop in to meet her and she just nudges them for more petting, never jumping up.  They are all her new friends now. Our gateman greeted her by saying, "Oh, I have not seen you for a long time." Yes, she does resemble Maggie.
She surprised us when first arriving in the apartment by examining all rooms and corners--and then jumping up on the bed. But she noticed our disapproval and that never happened again. She was forgiven.
I should explain that my slow gait in walking Sadie is because I had an accident from a step-ladder that injured my right leg. After much therapy and continued home exercising, it gets stronger each day. But that was one reason we preferred an older, trained dog and one who walks calmly. Sadie fits that need perfectly.

We thank you again for your devotion and care of Sadie and for all of the goodies that you sent with her. Your long and wonderfully detailed notes and suggestions went well beyond your duties as a foster caretaker--and we are deeply grateful and will be referring to them frequently.
We know how much it must hurt to give Sadie up but we assure you we will give her the same kind of love and attention that you did. You folks who work with the rescue shelter are performing really heroic services. We feel fortunate, indeed, to be the beneficiaries.

Ed and Jane

Sadie Magnuson

Ed & Jane, we can’t thank you enough for adopting Sadie.  She really is a wonderful girl who was just waiting patiently for the right home to come along.  We love hearing how wonderfully she’s doing. 


Attached is a picture of Jessie.  We adopted him from you in late 2005.  He was kept in a crate daily prior to being turned over to you folks.  His life is much different now.  He has 3 children under 6 that dress him up and keep
him busy.  He lives on a 4 acre wooded lot and loves to chase balls that the kids love to throw.

Attached is a picture of him in a wagon bringing smiles and laughs to us and the children.

Thought you may enjoy the update.

Stephen, Christine, Emily, Nicholas and Julianne Caunt

Stephen, thanks so much for the update and picture. We’re not sure who looks happier – Emily or Jessie!  It’s an adorable picture.

Judy (GRRI foster mom),

We must be on the same wavelength as I’ve been thinking about sending you an Amber update!  She is fine … so many funny, quirky things about her.  Here’s Amber’s top ten list of experiences, behaviors and funny things:

Remember how she would jump backwards and try to bite her leash?  When I take her for longer walks and we get to a certain point close to home we play that game (never before that point though!).  Then, I let her loose and she runs a bit ahead and stops.  I get close, lunge at her and she runs like a crazy dog and we do it all over again.  Always cracks me up.

Had her in the car while I waited for my daughter at school.  We parked right near the tennis courts (as in tennis balls). She sees the balls going back and forth over the net and starts going from one window to the next as the balls go back and forth.  Eventually she stayed at one window, practically climbed out and cried.  I tried giving her a tennis ball of her own but nothing doing – she wanted to be on that court.

Took her to a soccer game and was walking around the field.  There was a monument nearby made of high gloss marble. We walked around it and she put her face right up to the marble and stared.  I finally realized she could see her face – not sure if she thought it was another dog or what.  She’s done the same thing to the front of glass screen doors – pretty funny.

I don’t know how much she remembers from her past – I can’t whistle to make her respond, but sometimes that whistle is on TV and it always turns her head.  And, when we walk she always wants to go up houses with steps leading up from the sidewalk, always.  Makes me wonder …

She doesn’t like thunderstorms.  She’ll jump on our bed and look out the window at lightning – almost like she’s drawn to it.  When the thunder comes she completely lays down next to one of us.

Took both dogs to be groomed yesterday.  Kate knows the drill, isn’t happy, but goes into the back with the owner. Amber has to be pulled (dragged?!) across the rug less floor all the way in.  I feel badly for her, but it is kind of comical.

Kate is always thrilled to see me after being groomed.  Amber is always happy, but will go to anyone (and not usually me).  Yesterday some other woman had entered to pick up her dog and she went straight over to her.  I’m trying not to take this personally …

I’m going to speak to the vet about her response to the hot days we’ve had so far.  She seems really uncomfortable.  She spends a lot of energy panting, which I know is the way dogs maintain their temperature, but she’s not interested in tennis balls, water (!) or much else when she’s panting away.

While she was outside with me the other day I got out the hose to water some plants.  The second it went on Amber very purposely (as in not looking back!) went to the backyard – she wanted nothing to do with water.  When I was done, she reappeared in the front.  She hesitates when we leave the house and it’s raining and will more often than not walk around a puddle than through it.  She’s a particular girl that Amber.

Each day I throw the ball for Kate and Amber in the front of the house.  Amber will run for it once, then keeps it in her mouth.  As time has gone on she still lays down with the ball, but drops it by her paws.  Then she’ll turn her head – message being, come take the ball, I’m not looking at it and I’ll run for it.  It’s very coy.  Previously when I got close she would grab that ball so I wouldn’t get it.  It’s so funny the way she lets me know it’s OK to take it.

That’s probably more than you wanted to know, but I love talking about Kate and Amber – especially to people who understand dogs.  Despite the fact that she doesn’t run happily to me when coming out of the groomer (!), I think she’s happy.  When we came back from vacation she gave us all a big hello – and we gave her one as well.

How many dogs do you have right now?  Are your dogs healthy?  I do have some pictures, haven’t put them on my computer yet.  Will send when I do.


Donna, we love Amber updates!  We agree you should have Amber checked by your veterinarian to rule out any medical issues.  You may also want to look into some cooling options for her.  The Canine Cooler bed is a big favorite among many of our volunteers’ dogs.  Subcutaneous fluids are another way to cool off a dog as are cooling vests and scarves that are available on the internet.

Eileen & Terry (GRRI volunteers),

Just a note to let you know that Brady is doing great!  Attached is a photo of him out on the patio.  (Taken just yesterday)  He is learning to become a 'deck dog', a term we call the others during the summer months, as we spend a ton of time outdoors, and it's only fair they be with us!  He's thriving, he's fun, he's a love, although he still insists on trying to eat paper, steal books from the library, and fresh clean laundry from the laundry baskets.  But is easily bribed to be good with a home made PB cookie!  He gets along well with the others, although Lexy still wishes we never brought him home.  He ignores her and she eventually puts away the snarlies.  Madison wishes he would play more.  Luke thinks he's alright as he likes to lay around like he does.  Boys!

Health wise, no more seizures, and on rare occasions gets a little itchy, although that seems to be after he insists on rolling in the grass with the others.  But after a bath with his special anti-itch shampoo, he is good as new. He's maintaining a healthy weight, and is doing well on the dog food we have him on.  He's truly been a great addition to our home.

We absolutely love him!

Wendy Reich and Family 

Brady Reich

Wendy, this is a wonderful update; Brady looks fabulous!   Thank you for taking such great care of him.  He was such a train wreck when he came into rescue last year.  It really is heartwarming to see him looking so healthy and happy.

Dear Robin & Shayne (GRRI volunteers),

This is a long overdue note. I thank you so very much for sending me "The Meaning of Rescue" poem, as well as your "I would have died that day if not for you" story. They both touched me deeply; as did the words you shared in your card Robin. Both poems are posted in the special section of my house in which I do my rescue work; they serve as constant reminders of the importance of a second chance in life.

You are a wonderful group of people-from my first initial contact with Shayne over the phone and the handling of my sister-in-law's surrender of Bear.  Had it not been for the network of support you have in place at GRRI, I can only imagine where he might have ended up had it not been for the many loving arms at GRRI.

I hope that Bear remains happy and healthy.  I have prayed for his health and especially his happiness in this life and the next. If you can, I would love to hear how he is doing and whether or not he has found a loving, forever home.

As a side note I wanted to share with you that I am halfway through my certification to be a Telling T-Touch Practitioner. I don't know if you've heard of this technique for training without fear or force, or its hands-on touch which is beneficial in both reactive dogs as well as dogs with chronic issues (ie arthritis/inflammation etc.) of course in conjunction with traditional veterinary care. I tell you all this because, once certified I would like to volunteer some of my services with rescued dogs that you deem may benefit. I will append the website here for your ready reference-  I have checked your website as I believe Shayne had mentioned that you have an event in NJ coming up soon however I don't see anything posted-I will keep checking in-

Special blessings to all the angels associated with GRRI

In friendship, 

With gratitude,

Pam Morgan

Bear Morgan

Pam, thank you for your continued support of GRRI.  Bear is indeed in his forever home and he’s doing wonderfully.  He was actually adopted by his foster family who fell in love with him and couldn’t stand the thought of him going to anyone else!

Eileen & Terry (GRRI volunteers), 

I am writing to let you know that we had Brady euthanized this morning after a 24 hour battle with seizures that were not controllable.  I can't even begin to tell you how I feel especially in light that I just wrote you both and shared he was doing so well!  This past 24 hours took us by surprise and literally knocked us all off our feet.  He began having seizures and despite meds to control them, they continued.  We were told by the neurologist that there was probably a brain tumor and that if it progressed, chances of controlling the seizures would be nil at best.  So after a heart felt struggle we all decided it was in his best interest to die with dignity, something I feel very strongly about.

He went peacefully in Caitlin's arms, and with his blanket beneath him.  He truly loved that blanket and will be cremated with it.  We will bury his remains along side Tyler, our first Golden out in our pet memorial garden.  The vet office staff and Dr. Carlson were incredible and there with us every step of the way since we adopted Brady, and I really believe they will miss him as well.  A tree will be planted in his memory in their office garden.

I cannot thank you both enough for all your support, emails, phone calls and general advice before and after the adoption.  Thank you again for allowing us the time to care and love him. Your organization is truly commendable and every bit as wonderful as it is known to be.  I absolutely loved Brady with all my heart and he will never be forgotten. The pain I feel right now is not easy to express, but as dog lovers, I know you both understand. Eileen, I know right now you feel similar pain.  I hope that we gave him the best possible end to what was a difficult life journey.  I believe we did.

I know that he was met at heavens gate by Tyler and the two of them are now chasing the soccer balls together.

With fondest regards,

Wendy, Jim, Caitlin, and Daniel Reich

Brady Reich

Oh Wendy, we don’t know what to say except we’re all devastated by this sad news.  It was so encouraging to read that he was seizure free and was doing so well.  You and your family definitely made the right decision in helping him to cross over with dignity. It’s so unfair to keep a beloved pet around for our own selfish reasons.  We know that he is very grateful to you for that last act of love.

To the folks at GRRI-NJ,

Just wanted to let you know that CB and Beau have crossed the rainbow bridge within 2 weeks of one another.

CB was diagnosed with an anal sac tumor 1.5 years ago. Upon removal it was discovered to be an aggressive cancer. He was happy and unaware of his condition.

Beau had elevated kidney levels from the time we got him. He went from 104 lbs to 74 lbs. this past year. Last Thanksgiving we were in the hospital for three days with a fluid flush and the vet advised putting him down then. We took him home not ready to say goodbye and he made it until last week. An extra 6 months!

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the rest of their lives with us.

RIP Beau and CB

Darcy and Jim Baadshaug

Darcy & Jim, we’re so sorry about your double loss.  We can’t imagine how heartbroken you must be to lose both of your wonderful companions within two weeks of each other.  It’s almost like one couldn’t bear to live without the other.  We are so grateful that you agreed to adopt both of these dogs so that they could stay together for the remainder of their lives.

Dear GRRI,

My Golden of 5 years 3 months just passed.  Though very young, he was hit with lung cancer and we had to put him to sleep.  Thankfully our vet said he felt no pain, suffered hardly at all and only had a bit of distress breathing.  Thankfully his 5 short years with my wife and me gave us much enjoyment and I'm sure we to him.  He is missed.  In his honor, his name was "Chico", a co-worker of mine, Nate Blutunger, asked me who he could make a donation in my Chico's honor. I chose you guys!  Nate is a fellow dog lover too!

So, in honor of "Chico" here is $100 to your organization.

Please say a prayer for Chico so he gets to heaven as fast as he can. I know he's there or arriving after a special grooming, which he so loved!


Robert T. Nebelung, Jr.

Robert, you and your wife have our sincere condolences on Chico’s passing.  You’re right, 5 years is much too young to lose your special pal.  Our volunteers have lit their special candles to help guide Chico on his way.  We know he’s now running and playing with all the wonderful Goldens that have passed over before him.  Thank you for selecting our rescue to be the benefactor of Nate's generosity.