Vol 9 No 3


Summer 2007

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Features in this Issue:

No Pets Left Behind

Emergency First Aid

Thank You

Fond Farewells

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Thank You to Our Generous Contributors
J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies, Inc.
HealthyPets, Inc.
The Pampered Chef
Schering-Plough Dollars for Volunteers Program (GRRI volunteer Bill Bergner)
Yellow Farmhouse Candles/Beth Corcoran & Michele Masone
Ann Cox, Heavenly Temptations, LLC, in memory of her GRRI Golden, Buck
Kathleen Goodhand in honor of Denise O’Shea
Debbie Hamm
Albert Buys
Jenny Carlozzi
Tom McArdle & Glenn Burke
Suzanne Andrews in honor of Angelo Urna’s 12th birthday
Lynn & Peter Russell in honor of their GRRI Golden, Alice
Sheila & Stefan Levie
Kathleen Pulizzi
Susan Palius
Nora Wilcox in memory of Kramer, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteer Pam Patton
Christine DaSilva & John Meyer
Linda Ferrara
Leslie & Sunny Raicer in memory of Lulu McFadden
In memory of Fast Charlie Rutledge, from Leslie & Sunny, and Scout & Tyler romping with Charlie at the Bridge
Pam Morgan
Ruth & Kathy Lopes in memory of their beloved Golden, Cookie
Joni & Tom Valerio with appreciation to the GRRI volunteers (especially Shayne & Eva) for helping to organize their adoption of GRREAT dog, Jake

Congratulations to Our Most Recent Adopters

Roxy Ridge
The Ridge family

Gail Robinson

Ann & Bill Pettit

Sue & Bill Shine

Sadie Magnuson
Jane & Ed Magnuson

Terry & Curt Messinger

The Neff family

Nancy & Joe Myers