Vol 13 No 2

Summer 2011

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Heat Stroke

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Tales of Gold

Recent Adoptions

Brody Pepe
The Pepe family

Clancy Pursley
Katherine & Joe Pursley

Ripley Walter
GRRI volunteers Linda & Rich Walter

Cena Lavin
The Lavin family

Charlotte Herron
The Herron family

Dave St. Germain
The St. Germain family

Zeus Lee
The Lee family

Bam Bryson
Ken & Colleen Bryson

Daisy Schoonover
Anne Schoonover

Alexei Fogg
Bob Fogg

Sammy Wimmer
The Wimmer family

Crisy Wance
The Wance family

Wally Feeney
Alex Feeney

Sebastian Kazahaya
GRRI volunteer Amy Jo Kazahaya & her husband, Ken

Lance Dillon
The Dillon family

Dallas Kiningham
The Kiningham family

Noah Greco
Sue Mollica & GRRI volunteer Bobbie Greco

Kiri Dubinin
Betty & Vic Dubinin

Sierra Kocis
The Kocis family

Bohdan McArdle
Glenn Burke & Tom McArdle

Shay Sabile
Joseph & Maria Stabile

GRRI volunteers Anne & Rich Mroz

Bob & Jackie Anderson