Vol 13 No 2

Summer 2011

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Tales of Gold

Remembering With Fondness

Your life was a blessing, your memory a gift of joy

        You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.


Ruth Bean
Ruth Bean, former GRRI adopter & beloved mother of Patricia Bean

Buddy Mogerman
Buddy, beloved golden of Sylvia & Phil Mogerman

Rusty Kaplan
Rusty, beloved GRRI golden of Randi Kaplan & George Brower

Colby Murray
Colby, beloved golden of GRRI volunteer Shayne Murray & Tom Paskewicz

Maggie Masone
Maggie, beloved golden of GRRI volunteers Michele Masone & Beth Corcoran

Jake Greco
Jake, beloved golden of Sue Mollica & GRRI volunteer Bobbie Greco

Chester Dillon
Chester, beloved GRRI golden of the Dillon family

Savannah McFadden
Savannah, beloved golden of GRRI volunteers Eileen & Drew McFadden

Marley Neff
Marley, beloved GRRI golden of GRRI volunteer Lynda Neff & family

Stella, beloved golden of Donna & Nelson Baumer

Gordon, beloved GRRI golden of Charmaine & Ian Ochshorn

Millie Lilien
Millie, beloved cat of GRRI volunteer Judy Lilien

Casey, beloved GRRI golden of Ann & Bill Pettit