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Summer 2011

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Tales of Gold

Letters to GRRI-NJ

Barbara (GRRI foster mom),
Riley is very happy and wacky - she adores snow and has made snow angels for weeks now.....she appears to be afraid of nothing......at the nursing home she has a friend (his mom is also a resident). Phil had a golden that died last year and while he's not ready for another dog, he's working with Riley on shaking and staying with food in sight - in addition to playing ball in the lobby!  The other night Riley hopped up on the couch and snuggled with him!  I swear that she'd go home with him!  On the positive side, he said if I ever needed to get away for a few days that he and his family would watch her and I know she'd be well taken care of  - I hate the idea of a kennel or a cage for her as she's doing so well in the house and anxiety isn't an issue for her - she knows I'm coming home ......I'm glad that you liked the picture - if I ever find my camera I can take some additional photos, but until then I'm dependent on the cleaning girl - Riley poses for her!  Thanks for taking such good care of my girl...

Riley Bean

Aw…thanks so much for the update Pat.  We’re so happy to hear that she’s doing so well and is such a social butterfly!

Dear Amy Jo (GRRI foster mom),

Here is the Snow Angel making a snow angel and enjoying the snow.  He just thinks it's the BEST!

Hope all is well, and that you are surviving this crazy winter.

All my best,



Don’t you just LOVE when they make snow angels?  Adorable!

Hi Lilli (GRRI foster mom),

Little Toby is not so little anymore, just about half the size of Reno now.  Toby is doing great and he is very smart.  Mark and I have been working on training.  We almost have "down" accomplished; it just takes a few tries, but he gets it done.  "Stay" on the other hand, is Toby's difficult command.  I just can’t get mad at him though; he’s too cute and wants love all the time.  You wouldn't believe how fast Toby can run - like lightning.  Sometimes he will jump the three steps off the back porch and run lap after lap in the back yard.  Reno tries to catch him but Toby has the agility of a squirrel when he is not running like a road runner.  He still has some of the puppy floppy goofiness to him. 

I fell in love with him at "hello", and love him more and more each day.  Everyone who meets Toby says that he is such a happy dog with a dangerous wagging tail.  The tail doesn't stop!  They also comment how well Reno and Toby adjusted.  They are inseparable. 

Next Monday the 28th, Toby is scheduled for neutering.  Today is his 6 month birthday, amazing how time flies.  Wednesday night I will send some pictures your way. (I got the hint, hint LOL)  It was good to hear from you, hope all is well.

Take Care,


They grow up so fast, don’t they?  We’d love to see some pictures of him.

Hello Amy Jo (GRRI foster mom),

I just wanted to say thank you again for doing such a wonderful job taking care of and raising the puppies.  Cena is adjusting well.  She went to the vet.  Dr. G. was extremely pleased with everything about her!! Cena has mastered the three steps entering back into the house.....not going down yet.  She is drinking water and ate almost the entire 1/2 cup.  Tinkerbell is doing well sharing the attention.  The food situation is going well too......we put Tink on a leash while they were eating.  

We are all enjoying her so much!!  I will keep in touch with pictures and stories........

Thank you again!!

Rob, Kim and Heather

Thanks so much for the puppy update.  There isn’t anything in this world cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy. We’d love to see how she looks now.


I just wanted to let everyone know that our puppy, who we call Tucker, is doing great!!!!  It is almost a week and he is adjusting to us really well.  He is a really smart puppy and we are enjoying him a lot.

I will send pictures soon. 

Thanks for giving him to us.

Paul and Kathy St. Germain

Dear GRRI,

Here are some pictures of Tucker.  He looks very comfortable.

Just sharing!!!!

Kathy & Paul

Tucker Tucker

How cute is he!!!!  Thanks so much for sending them to us.

Hi Lilli (GRRI foster mom),

Drum roll...please.  Finally, things are working in my favor.  Here are the newest pictures of our boys.  Hope you like them; they’re two rambunctious, healthy boys.

Have a good night


Toby Toby Toby

The photos were worth the wait…they look great!  You can never have too many goldens.

Hi Amy (GRRI foster mom),

Thank you so much for going over everything with us last night and for making sure the puppies got off to such a great start.  You must have worked hard with them, it shows.   Brodie is such a sweet puppy, we are so impressed.  We're madly in love already!

He cried in his crate for a few hours last night.  It was tough, but he settled in.  He's adjusting nicely.

Again, many thanks,

April, Dave, Dawson, Derek, David & "Christopher" Brodie

PS- will update with some pictures soon.

Hi Amy! (GRRI foster mom)

Hope this email finds you well! 

I just wanted to let you know that we took Brodie to the vet for his next round of shots and check up last week.  At the first visit our vet heard a heart murmur (I would have informed you right away but I didn't go to the first appointment and my dear husband decided not to tell me as I am a worrier!)  Anyway, at the follow up visit his heart sounded fine.  The vet said that this sometimes happens and if it corrects itself in a timely manner it will be nothing to worry about.   I know you told me one of the other puppies had a murmur and wanted to be informed if anything came up.  Luckily it has corrected itself and Brodie is fine :)

He is an absolute love!  His training is going really well.  The boys have him doing little tricks like shake paw and high fives.  It’s so cute.  Puppy kindergarten starts this Saturday.

Here's a picture for you.   I think he grows every day. I am just amazed at how much he has changed in such a short time. 

April Narby

Hi April, thank you so much for the update.  We agree, they DO seem to grow every day.  One of the biggest indicators is how quickly they go through dog collars!  Pups quite often outgrow heart murmurs; we’re glad that Brodie’s follow on check up gave him a clean bill of health.  Keep those photos coming!

Hi Amy (GRRI foster mom),

It was great to meet you and Ken today.  Today has been really exciting!  So far everything is going well.  He was following me everywhere around the yard.  I tried to plant some trees and shrubs, and he helped me dig the first hole.  After that I decided to give up.  I think he'll get along well with the cat. Sometimes he gets excited and tries to chase the cat a little bit which is funny to watch but he quickly finds something else to do.  And then the cat comes back around to be near us.  He took a nap in his crate and pooped outside this evening so he got rewards for that.  I'm thinking of naming him Tuco ... from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  (Tuco was the ugly and I think he'll be quite the opposite!)  Right now he's asleep on my chest while I'm lying on my couch.

I'll keep you posted on how he's doing.



Puppies are such great imitators.  We’re sure Tuco was a VERY quick learner and has continued to master his gardening skills. Who knows – you may have a Master Gardener in your home!

Dear Amy (GRRI foster mom),

Thank you so much for all that you have done for the three of us. We truly enjoyed your hospitality today and very much enjoyed our visit. The adoption photo you sent is wonderful and a great keepsake of a special time. Thanks also for the booklet. We are sure to benefit from its many ideas and helpful hints. The ride home was uneventful and Crispy, Serena, Abby, Gracie, Bailey (as you can see we haven't decided yet!) seems to be getting comfortable with her surroundings.  She took a nice long nap on her new quilt bed, ate her supper, and has selected a spot to centrally observe house activity.

We are looking forward to a long life with our new golden and we thank you for fostering her.  She, and the others you help, obviously benefit from your care and compassion. May you continue your fine work in helping these wonderful dogs.

Take care and thank you again.


Chris and Steve Wance

So have you selected a name yet? Whatever it is, we know she’ll love it.  Thank you for being willing to adopt this sweet girl. Puppy Mill dogs need extra special care, and we’re confident that your home is the perfect one for her to thrive in.  The love she’ll give back will be extraordinary.

Dear Anne (GRRI foster mom),
You must have read my mind as I was going to write you this evening to give you an update on our big guy, Clancy.  He is the sweetest, most adorable gentle Golden, isn't he.... I find myself thinking how well he would have enjoyed the company of two of the Golden Girls who came and went before him.  His disposition is so similar to that of Sara and Lainie, in particular... but Golden Retriever Rescue does not work like that... Golden's come into our lives in the order that God sends them!
Clancy has fallen in love with his little sister, Pickles.  She may be small in stature, but she is huge in her personality!  She is a great match for Clancy and I believe she will add years to his life as he runs and frolics to keep up with her antics.... and, he knows when he has had enough and will just plop down and rest.  He reacts so positively when it is announced "Who wants to go out?  He and Pickles jump up in unison and together, they run to the back door - so cute.
The only issue we have been having and it has become a nightly issue is his 4-5am Bark!  He has chosen to sleep downstairs at night with Pickles in the TV room.  It has worked out fine and he always has the option to come upstairs with us, but he chooses to remain downstairs.  But, for the last three weeks, at about 5am, he gives a single LOUD bark at the bottom of the stairs and wants to go out!  I let him out, but then it awakens Pickles to also go out.  That alone is quite disruptive, and I try to go back to sleep, but Pickles, being a young girl at just a year old, DOES NOT want to go back to sleep.... she figures we are all up, so let's start the day.  So I have tried everything from letting him out later hoping that would push back the morning call, but it makes no difference to him what time he goes out in the evening to when he needs to go out in the morning.  Anyway, like I said, we are working on it...
The other problem, although not a problem really, but issue I suppose..... is his anxiety of lightening and thunder!  The slight storms we had in the past couple of weeks were not a problem at all... but a couple days ago we had a GIGANTIC thunder/lightning storm that started about midnight.  He ran around the house, up and down the stairs and could not find comfort anywhere.  As hard as I tried to comfort him, like his golden predecessor Stella before him, there is NO comforting a Golden Retriever during a big thunder storm.  I did give him one of his Rx tranquilizers and it did take effect in about an hour, but had we known that this storm was coming this fierce, I would have been better prepared.  But like you had told me, and what we had learned during his time with us so far, he had not shown any problem what-so-ever with any of the other storms we had up until this one, so I had not given him a tranquillizer in the anticipation of him getting so worked up.  Now I know at what level of storm freaks him out!    You feel so badly for the pup as he is really in a distress and you cannot do anything for him.  But again, now I know.
As far as his weight, I am certain it is slowly coming off.  He has his first official vet appointment next week.  Upon your advice, I did not rush into a wellness vet appointment for him right off.  Instead, since he had just had one with you, we decided to allow him to adjust to us and our home, HIS home, so as not to stress him out with another vet appointment until he was more settled in.
But Clancy is definitely HOME where he belongs.  He is one of us now and loves it.  And you know firsthand - he follows me everywhere around the house.  I have had that with each of my golden girls. They are all alike in that respect - they just want to be with their family.  But he is also fine when I do have to go out.
And OH, how he SNORES!  I tell him that when Joe is away he fills in that part of my lonely nights!!

I have attached a few photos for your enjoyment.  However, I did notice that his photo was not included in the newsletter that just came out the other day.  Perhaps you might want to offer one of these for the next issue.  I did see my dear, dear departed Sara in the newsletter, and oh, how quickly the tears flow at the sight and thoughts of her.  I miss her terribly, but I know, that's life.
Thanks for staying in touch and if we don't see you before September, we look forward to seeing you at the annual Golden reunion.
Katherine & Joe Pursley
and..... Clancy & Pickles


Clancy & Pickles

Thanks for the update and photos.  Clancy’s photo was not included in the last newsletter because the adoption occurred after that issue had been closed.  We have to meet publishing deadlines in order to get our newsletters distributed, but rest assured, all our adoptions, memorial notices, etc. do get published.

Dear friends, 

It is with complete devastation and heartbreak that we must say we’ve lost our sweet Maggie.  She turned 10 this past September, the dreaded double digits.  We always knew every day after 10 was a gift; we hoped we’d gotten lucky and would be blessed with many more years.  The only comfort we have is in knowing that she was her happy, exuberant self until she collapsed last night. The vet suspected hemangiosarcoma took our sweet girl from us.

If you can indulge me…

Maggie was our first dog we actually picked out (as opposed to inheriting or finding on the roadside). Maggie was from Gary Ribe, Viking Goldens; we later found out Maggie and John and Barb Ready’s Pal, also sadly at the bridge, were from the same mother. Losing Pal was especially painful, not only because we loved him dearly, but because he was Maggie’s half brother; it was a painful reminder of how short their time is here with us.  

We had no idea it would be so hard to pick out a puppy…there were only 3 females in the litter, and yet 2 hours later we were still not sure. Then this fat, butterball of a puppy waddled up, sat on Beth’s foot, threw her head back and looked us in the eye.  We knew then---she had picked us.  Maggie came home with us on my birthday and has made our lives complete for the past 10 years and 4 months.

Maggie is the reason we got involved in rescue, she was such a sweet dog, we wanted to somehow help other goldens.  Such a calm, gentle soul, she loved everyone and they her.  Even some of the feral cats who are afraid of everything saw a friend in Maggie---she’d stand there, tail wagging until they would relent and let her say hi.  She just wore them down, I guess…soon enough they’d be rubbing Maggie’s legs and running beside her.  It was an amazing sight.

She helped nervous Monty to settle in, she was his strength and stability. He’d look to her for confirmation that it really was OK and he didn’t need to be so afraid. They did everything together, side by side. Poor Monty has lost his best friend.

Our hearts are broken.  We keep looking for her; she was such a big part of everything we did. I can count on 3 fingers how many times we spent a night apart. Vacations were all about if the dogs would love where we were going.  All of our memories involve this sweet girl….trail walking (her favorite), vacations in the country and at the beach, RV’ing at Goldstock with her human and canine friends, GRRI events… It’s going to be incredibly difficult doing these things without her. Right now, it feels like the light has gone out of our lives.  

I will desperately miss waking up each morning with that sweet face in mine, tail thumping on the bed as soon as my eyes opened.  She loved our morning time and would gaze into my eyes with those beautiful, soulful eyes of hers as if to say, “Mom I love you so much”… until Beth left the room, then she’d fly off without even a backward glance. Beth was the keeper of food and Maggie was all about food.

Maggie was our heart dog, the one in a million dog.  We shared a bond with her that we’ll likely never have again. That feels so bad, I can’t even put it into words.  

This is so incredibly painful. We want to believe Maggie will be with our Buddy, her cat friends Lucy and Smudgie, her rescue event friends and all the dogs who’ve gone before us. And my Nana, who is surely with Buddy. Heaven will be a brighter, happier place with our exuberant girl.

Please keep our sweet girl in your thoughts and a candle to light her way.

We love you Maggie, more than words can say. Our lives will never be the same without you.

Michele & Beth

Maggie Masone

Many candles were lit to guide your sweet girl on her journey to the bridge, and we know she had a wonderful reunion with all her furry friends when she arrived.  Maggie will always be with you in your hearts.  We’re so sorry for your loss.

Dear GRRI,

This morning at 12:40 a.m., our beautiful boy, Jake, made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by Sue and me and his furry siblings Elle, Oakley, and Nash. 

We will never forget the cold winter day in January of 2002 that Jake came to live with us.  We were actually all set to adopt another Golden when Jake walked into our lives and decided to stay forever.  From that day forward, all he ever brought to us was joy, smiles, and love unconditional.  He was such a handsome boy with his spotty nose and white stripe ... and such a great "ambassadog" for Golden rescue.  Whenever he accompanied us on home visits, everyone wanted to keep him ... his personality was just magnetic!!!

I've attached a photo of him from the first year we had our pool; as you can see, he loved to swim!

Rest in peace my sweetest angel!  We will love you forever and see you one day at the Bridge.


Jake Greco Mollica

Bobbie & Sue, may wonderful memories of your time together with Jake continue to bring you comfort. We’re so sorry for your loss.

Dear GRRI,

I cannot thank you enough for choosing our family to adopt Toby, he fits in our family like a glove and is so easy to love.  At first I thought all the steps for adopting a golden was a bit much, but now I see why GRRI goes out of their way, the quest for a perfect placement. Thank you again.

Since we brought Toby home almost 3 months ago, it didn't take but a few days for Toby to become acclimated with our home. It may have had something to do with the toy box overflowing with toys, a new brother (Reno), big back yard to run (boy can this boy run), treats for completing commands, good boy scratches, walks, rides, and love, love, love. Okay, we can all say, "SPOILED"!!!!

I have to tell you, Toby is one smart 6-month-old.  Reno, who is our beloved 4-year-old golden, and Toby love to play.  Reno has at least 30-lbs. on Toby and could squash him if he wanted to, but plays a passive role during play.  I don't know why but Toby will sit right on Reno's head while they are playing and looks down at Reno with an "I gotcha" look on his face, but I swear, Reno lays on the floor and laughs!  He doesn't move, just laughs.  Reno has never had so much exercise in his life until Toby came into ours.  The only command Toby is having difficulty with is "Stay" .   "Sit", "Down", "Come", "Outside", "No" & "who's hungry?" no problem.   "Stay" is going to take some work. LOL.

Did I mention Toby loves to watch TV??  I think "Eight Below" and "Marley & Me" are his top picks. Toby will sit and watch most of the movie and act out parts of his own dialog while watching ... very funny.

So, on March 28 Toby was neutered; he did very well.  The day of the surgery Toby was-not so happy, he slept most of the day.  The following day you would never have known this little guy had any type of procedure done. It was quite a job for Mark and me to keep him subdued for a few days. 

Again, GRRI & foster mom Lilli, we can not thank you enough for Toby.  I think he thinks he is now Royalty. We’ll keep you updated.  Summer is coming; we can't wait to get the boys down on the beach. 

Thanks a million,

With love,

Cheryl & Mark Gill

It sounds like Toby has hit the jackpot and is quite happy in his new forever home.  Thanks for such a positive update!


We adopted a golden about four years ago named Chester.  Unfortunately he developed a brain tumor and passed away peacefully this past Monday. We were crushed, and wanted to adopt another golden.  Do we need to fill out a new application? Our home is unchanged and our children are now eight and thirteen. We may be interested in Angelina but we were waiting on additional information.

Thank you,

The Dillon family

Our sincere condolences to you and your family.  Yes, you would need to submit a new adoption application which can be done via our website (www.grrinj.org).

Dear friends,

The skies are joining us in mourning our beautiful 14-yr-old golden girl, Savannah. We started our wonderful life together when she was only 11 weeks old. She was our Bronwyn's half sister; another Stonehill Golden.

Last month she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. We chose palliative care rather than subject her to any sort of cyber knife laser treatment that probably wouldn't have helped anyway. The neurologist told us this tumor had most likely been there for quite some time. I think he was right, since I kept saying since December that there was something not right. 

I was so worried that I wouldn't know when it was time, but as always, the close bond that I share with our fur kids came through and she let me know last night that it was time. So this afternoon Drew and I were by her side as she breathed her last breath.  Please light a candle to guide her on her journey.  I know Bronwyn and her best bud, O'Hara, have joined her and are taking care of her, as is God, until we're all reunited again.

God speed my angel. May you rest in peace, and rise in glory...we love you so much.

Eileen McFadden

Savannah McFadden

What a beautiful girl she was.  No matter how much time we have together with these glorious creatures, it’s never enough.  You’re all in our thoughts and prayers.

Hi Pat (GRRI foster mom),

We took Banjo to the vet yesterday.  He weighs 87 lbs.! We have been walking his butt off.  Doc said he is in very good shape.  He did not take his blood yesterday. He said it would be a more accurate read in 2 weeks.  He also said to give him at least 2 cups of food per day.  We can feel his ribs and he has a tapered waistline.  Part of the weight loss is due to the thyroid medication.  Banjo seems to be adjusting very well.  As you said, he is readily going into his crate at night.  We really love this guy.

Let me know when you and Joe will be coming.  We’re looking forward to seeing you.


Maryanne & Walt

Congratulations on Banjo’s weight loss!  We’d love to see his “new skinny” self.  Please send some photos when you have a chance.

Dear Lynda (GRRI foster mom),

How can I ever thank you enough for giving me Misty, a beautiful dog.  She has adapted so well to my limited way of life. At 86 years of age, I can still take good care of her and can give her much love. 

Misty has a personality all her own.  She loves everyone who comes to visit and they all love her.  She has accumulated an overflowing basket of toys with which she entertains herself when she is not playing in her large fenced in yard.

She has a dog friend in a yard down the street whom she has never met but she can carry on a conversation everyday - if we could only know what they are saying. 

Again, I must express my sincere gratitude to you and to the Golden Retriever Rescue for the gift of Misty.  She has added so much happiness to my life.

I’m enclosing some pictures, some of which were taken on her 9th birthday which we celebrated with co-owner Barbara and other friends. It was a very nice day.  Barbara sends her regards.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Ann Gilroy

PS – Misty still has her pink ball which she brought with her and I am taking good care of it for her.

Misty Gilroy Misty Gilroy

Misty looks very happy in her new forever home with you, Ann.  Thank you so much for sending us an update and the photos.

Dear Eileen & Drew (GRRI volunteers),

Our hearts and prayers are with you ... Savannah was a beautiful, amazingly intuitive girl, generous to a fault in her ability to share here home with the never ending refuges that her people were called upon to help. I will choose to remember her as the young girl who ran and ran and ran with Dylan in our play group at Rockwood all those years ago, and as the grace-filled old girl whose smile out-shined them all on every Christmas card!  She was a treasure.

Please accept this check in Savannah’s memory to help other golden girls in need.


Donna & Nelson

Thank you for your beautiful eulogy of Savannah and for your generous donation.  We also look back on those days fondly; how much fun they had.  I know Dylan was among the crowd welcoming our sweet girl to the bridge, and they’re once again running like the wind. 

Dear GRRI,

It feels like she's been with me forever but it was just 5 years ago that I evaluated Ginger, transported her to my house, attempted to foster her.  I fell in love in about 5 minutes.  I couldn’t let her go!!!  She weighed almost 100lbs that day, today she weighs a healthy 58 lbs! 

For all of those at the event on Saturday, I had to include a picture with her new woobie that she shopped for herself....although she would have taken all of them home!  She treats it like it’s her baby and doesn’t let it out of her site.  Problem is, she likes to make it squeak during the middle of the night!!

My little monkey turned 9 years old in January.  I just love her to pieces.   :)


Ginger Maywald Ginger Maywald

Happy Gotcha Day Ginger…and Amy!  It’s clear, she sure does love that woobie.


We sadly inform you of Gordie’s passing on Thursday, May 19.  He went peacefully with both of us at his side.  He is now resting at harmony with all, without pain, forever.

Gordon was the sweetest dog ever!  He was a big, gentle, kindhearted boy.

We will miss his bark, his kisses, his exuberance, his playfulness.

We want to thank you at GRRINJ for letting us adopt – he enriched our lives beyond words.


Ian & Charmaine Ochshorn

Gordon Ochshon

We’re so sorry for your loss.  Gordie looks like he was very happy in this photo with his buddies.  Thank you for all the love you gave to him.

Hi Lilli, 

I was just saying to Vic that I have not written to you, Lilli. I hope all of your puppies are doing okay, I think of all of them, especially Cassie and Chase and Tiny.

Kiri is adjusting easily to our different ways.  W do drive a few times a day, and she is able to do so, though a little uneasy. I am thinking that she might have been crated while in the car, and maybe this is hard for her right now. We take her in the car every day for short rides, hoping that this will ease her fear.

Lilli, as you know, she is just so loving, just stays right by our side, and that is more than fine with me. When I am on the computer, she is right there next to me.

Vic tried to throw the ball in the yard with Kiri, and she is fast and loves to play, but then goes into a frenzy pulling up the grass, and grabbing twigs and pieces of mulch.  I think she just gets so excited, she doesn't know what to do.

As far as anything and everything, she is so wonderful, Lilli. She is eating, loving her food, we are brushing her, and I brushed her teeth for the first time.

Her left ear is a little irritated, and she has a little growth - like a pimple - near her toe, so we will take her to the vet, and bring your forms with us. I wasn't sure which vet to go to, but think we will remain with the closest one which was Cheerio's vet also.

We took her to the park, and she just wanted to have everyone pet her, sat right down by them, adults and children alike. She did meet a dog there, looked like a border collie, and they just sniffed each other. Kiri was very comfortable with the other dog.  She walked so well on the leash, and only pulled when some boys were playing with a ball, just as Cheerio would do.

We love her, Lilli, from the moment you sent her pictures, and when we saw her outside with you as we pulled up. She loves to be hugged and kissed, sleeps with us. We could not ask for a better companion.

Thank you for the gift of Kiri, Lilli....she helps me to get up in the morning...and I hope that we do the same for her.

Betty & Vic & Kiri

Thanks for the update, Betty.  It sounds like Kiri has adjusted very well to her new life with you.  Kiri was crated when she was in the van with her former family.  You’re doing exactly the right thing for her, taking her for short rides in the car so she can become adjusted to riding in the back seat.

Hi All,

Molly just turned 6 and is doing great.  We have a new baby kitten in the family (that consists of me, Molly, and now 3 cats, all under age 2) and Molly is so tolerant!  I have watched the baby kitten, Layla, climbing all over Molly, swishing her tail in poor Molly's face and jumping on Molly's tail and Molly just lays there quietly.  I have also found the two of them curled up together on Molly's bed, so I think they are secretly best friends.  Molly loves her walks and has her favorites she likes to see.  She is doing really well around other dogs, and makes me a proud Mama!  I am still unable to get a picture of her because of her fear of cameras.  It's not the flash, either, because I have a new, small digital and all I have to do is take it out and she leaves the room and goes upstairs to hide.  So far I've only captured pictures of her rear end exiting the room, but I keep trying. 

Warmest regards,

Susan Iannarelli

Ahhhh, what a good girl Molly is putting up with her new kitten’s antics.  Congratulations on your newest furkid.  Hopefully one of these days you’ll be able to send us a photo – or two – of her. We’d love to see her with her kitties.