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Summer 2011

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Tales of Gold

Our Generous Contributors

Thomas McArdle & Glenn Burke
Sheryl Ritschel
Brian & Robin Bausback in memory of Rush
Joe & Marcia Unger in memory of his sister, Joyce Fernandez, and their neighbor, Doris Jacob
Donna Tricarico
Phyllis James – RescueMe Collars
Leslie Raicer in memory of Colby Murray
Irene Murray in loving memory of Colby Murray
Marilyn Snyder in loving memory of Colby, Allie & Tisa Murray
The Ready Boys in memory of Maggie Corcoran-Masone, a sweet girl and Goldstock buddy
Joe & Irene Kennedy in memory of Colby Murray
Sue McConley
Curry Garval in memory of Oakley Baresh
Garden State Golden Retriever Club
Alex Feeney
Anne Mroz
Sandra Barrowclough in memory of Brandi Provato
Edward Fitzgerald in memory of Jake Greco-Mollica
Claire Schwartz in memory of Dodger
Leslie Raicer in memory of Savannah McFadden
John Cadalso, Jr
Fast Times, IncThe Ready Boys in memory of Savannah McFadden
Nelson & Donna Baumer in memory of Savannah McFadden
Marilyn Mahoney in memory of her Mom, Mary Mahoney
Ripley Walter
Dr Sheila Levie 

Donations in memory of Ruth Bean:
Liberty Contracting Corp
Ruth Tickle
Don & Diane Omara
Kevin & Linda Walsh
Alexander & Susan Majewski
Karen Herczegh, Mark Buese, Daria Beuse, Joan Cromer & Families 

Donations in memory of Chancey Teti
Pat Panz
Joan Fortsch
Jan Curran
Cathie Reinhard
Terry Walsh
Sue LaChance
Kathy Tartaglia
Carol Reina

Dear Friends at GRRI,

We have lost two amazing, loving ladies in our “family” recently. One is Joe's sister, whose rescued Golden became such a beloved member of our families. The other woman is our beloved 85 year old neighbor who loved her rescued animals (dogs, primarily, but also bunnies, cats, goldfish and even a turtle or two) as much as she loved us. Joe and I were her “other kids”.

Please accept this small token in memory of these 2 wonderful ladies.

Marica & Joe Unger

Our condolences to both of you on your double loss.  What a wonderful tribute to both of these women, to make a donation in their memory to a rescue organization.

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Marilyn Mahoney. On a routine visit to my vet, I spoke to Sue and Bobbie regarding making a donation in honor of my Mom, Mary Mahoney, who passed away in March. They recommended Golden Re-Triever Rescue of NJ. I couldn't agree more when they spoke of all that you do.

Please accept the enclosed check. I know it'll be put to good use.

Thank you for all you do.



Marilyn, our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your mother.  May wonderful memories of her bring you comfort and stay with you always.  Thank you for your very generous donation in her memory.  We’ll be able to help many goldens as a result of your generosity.