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Summer 2012

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Tales of Gold

Annual Survey

Thanks so much to all of our adopters who took the time to fill out our Annual Survey and send in comments about their wonderful furry friends!  I hope you enjoy reading what they all have to say!

Culver is the best; we love him very much!  Thank you!

Laura Wendy Smith & Kevin Wilkening

Great experience!  Angel fit right in; it's been like I've always had her!

Eileen Markey

Jack continues to be a fantastic Golden to all he meets!  He is outstanding with young children & seniors!  He loves to walk and play with his tennis balls and his "babies" (stuffed animals) and loves to swim and roam the path in Cape Cod!

Tim & Katie Conlon & Family

Just have to say we just love Coby and can't imagine our lives without him!

Lauren & George Walters

Copper (Ruffy) has been a great dog!

Christine & Mark Wakefoose

Bo is doing great!

Tom McArdle

We appreciate that you are keeping in touch - thank you!  We love Willy!

Cathy McTigue

Boomer continues to brighten our lives on a daily basis!  He is the most lovable sweetheart in the world.  We love him to pieces!

The Daniluk Family

Sadie is doing great!  When we adopted her, she was 145lbs.  She is now down to 106!  Sadie is the most affectionate dog.  We love her as if she is one of our children!  Thank you again!

Susan & Neil Eisenstat

Goldie is still a joy in our lives!

Wendy McKenna

Echo is a wonderful & affectionate companion!

Marilyn Good

We are extremely happy with our Golden, Maggie!

Karen Reed

Max is doing fine.  He will be 10 this year and is still a great dog.  We love him!

Sandra Coffey

Casey has been a great therapy dog with Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs!

Shari Stack

Rocky is a wonderful dog.  He's about 14 or 15 now.  Only sweetness!  He's a joy to have with us!

Denise Weigand

Chester is the sweetest dog ever!

Melissa Gooch

Marshall is doing awesome!  We got a pool last summer and he had the best time ever!  He is a wonderful dog.  I cannot believe how lucky we were to get him!  He's looking forward to spending the whole summer swimming!  Thank you!

Mary & Kara Sharples

Clancy is a pure joy and an absolute gentleman!

Katherine McLain Pursley

We love Chase from the bottom of our hearts!  Our whole family adores him.  Chase is so alert and attentive.  Personally, I've never had a dog so loving and adorable as this dog; he is family!  Thank you for this wonderful dog!

Lana Salsano

I want you to know what sweet, sensitive Wally did for me on 10-25-11.  I couldn't sleep and at 2:30 a.m. I went downstairs to get some warm milk.  As I was walking through my dining room on the way to the kitchen, I felt an excruciating pain in my left thigh and fell to the floor.  My left femur had a spontaneous fracture.  It took me over 5 horrendous hours to reach my cell phone which was in the kitchen.  Throughout the ordeal, Wally stayed right next to me, encouraging me to keep inching along.  At one point, I passed out or fell asleep and when I opened my eyes, he was stretched out along my body with his head on my chest.  He eyes were wide open, watching me.  Wally helped me keep going.  He's a Golden with a truly golden heart!

Linda Beck Cane