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Tales of Gold

Letters to GRRI-NJ

Many, many thanks to all of our adopters who took the time to let us know how our GRRI-NJ dogs have been doing since arriving in their forever homes!  It was wonderful to read such great stories and see the beautiful pictures that were shared!  If you've got something to share with us for our next newsletter, please send it on in!

Judy Lillien received this update with pictures on Jersey Stokrocki. Beautiful pictures!

Subject: Jersey in Atlantic City :)

Hi, hope things are well with you. Jersey is well and performing as a Therapy Dog  with TDI. He has calmed down but does have an occasional wild relapse that keeps me on my toes…….    It’s fun…


Hank Stokrocki

Thanks for the update on Jersey!  He looks great and it sounds like he's doing wonderful work!

We recently received this update about Andie Weems ...

Hi Eileen

Here is a photo of Andie and Ana (the labradoodle).  It was so nice to talk to you today.  Thank you again, for placing Andie with us.  We are so blessed to have her.

Stacey Weems

Andie looks terrific!  Thanks for the update!  It's good to know she's doing so well!

Announcing a new addition to the Slamp family ... welcome Julius!

We are very proud to announce that we have adopted a golden retriever, Julius, age 4 yrs 8 mos.  As you can see he already loves my granddaughters - age 2 & almost 6.   We heard through a friend that a reputable breeder nearby was retiring and was looking for loving homes for several of her breeding dogs, only keeping her seniors.   Julius will be having his initial Vet visit this week and will be scheduled to be neutered asap.

He is transitioning well so far !!  We all love him already !!

Robin Slamp & family

Congratulations to all of you!  Looks like Julius is very happy with his new family!

We received this picture and update from Robin Sklarin. Robin and her husband adopted Sophie from us (she just turned 10 this month)!


We just enjoy them each and every day. Sophie is ten now and she loves to lay in the grass with Bella and groom her! Fetching the tennis balls keep them slim and trim. Bella also enjoys swimming in the pool to cool off!!  We are always so grateful to GRRI-NJ for our precious girl, Sophie. Sending love to all the lucky Goldens who have found their forever homes.

Robin and Herman Sklarin

Sophie looks fantastic!  What a gorgeous face!

And now ... lots of updates about Hunny Harris!

Dear Shayne and all our friends at Golden Rescue,

Amazing!  Hunny has been with us for a whole year!  At her 1-year anniversary weigh-in, she came in at 66.8# - that's 25# from her intake weight!  It's time to start switching her over to regular food - we are SO proud of her!  Doing research now, any recommendations?  She loves to run and scamper around!  She looks great, but more importantly she seems to feel great about herself. In one of the attached pictures Hunny is posing proudly in the midst of a garden.  It has taken a while, but she seems to feel comfortable now and is allowing her own personality and traits to come out.  She has even started to play with toys!!  Even a little tennis ball retrieval!  She is still afraid of noises, fluttering flags, umbrellas opening, low-flying robins etc. , but - so what! She lives to meet-and-greet, definitely a golden through and through, and makes everyone smile.  She has gotten this 'companion ' thing down pat, and follows us everywhere.  Hunny is just the sweetest gentlest spirit, a delight to be around!  Thank you for entrusting us with her care.

Best regards to all!

Paula & Joel Harris

The following is Part 2 of the Hunny Harris update!!!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Today is Hunny's birthday - She is 6 years old!  It seemed appropriate to celebrate by giving you folks an update.  She weighed in this week at 70-1/2 lbs, a weight loss of 21 lbs. !!   Nine months ago she could barely walk a couple of blocks without needing a rest break; now she runs like crazy across the field just to meet someone and get a pet, then run just as hard back to our side.  She is so well-behaved - she never jumps up, if they want to pet her - great! - if not, she just turns away and runs back.  Everyone we meet says she is so sweet, seems so happy.   She has her early a.m. construction crew friends, and she has her evening daily walk through Congress Park where on any given day she might meet 10-15 total strangers who get down on their knees and hug and pet her.  When she has enough, she just runs full tilt back to us.  She just makes everyone smile.  She has made huge strides in her comfort level at home.  She is getting the hang of this 'companion' thing, and now always wants to be with us.  She still spooks very easily at any noise, sudden motions, not thrilled with new situations and new surroundings.   She is just so sweet and gentle.  She now seems more comfortable, at ease in her home.  We love her so, she has brought us so much, and she reciprocates.  Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Paula & Joel

Thanks for the updates on Hunny!  She's looking wonderful and it's great to hear how well she's doing!

Hi Eileen, Amy, Linda!

I hope you are all doing well and still with GRRI-NJ.  Charlie is doing very well, and we thank you so much for him - a perfect match for us, from the time he was only 10 months old to now (5 years!) and forever.  He's in great shape, well behaved (but still rambunctious and full of energy!), with no issues at all.  We can't remember life without him.

Since I've emailed you last he's been to the Catskills,  Maine, Western PA, and West Virginia when we've had vacations.  We still go to training weekly, in a roup advanced class, and work on heavy distractions under command. A challenge for a high energy boy like Charlie!

I've included some snapshots too - enjoy!

* Unfortunately, we couldn't open the snapshots of Charlie ... :(

We can't thank you enough for this wonderful family addition!
Best Regards,
Helen and Len

Thanks so much for the update on Charlie!  Please send more pictures and we'll be sure to include them in the next newsletter!

The following email was recently sent to Lilli by the Weigands ~


Here's a few pictures of our Rocky. He's an old man now, 14 maybe 15, he has a thyroid problem now and he's getting medication for it. He doesn't do too much any more, but, he does take a good walk every day and still likes to eat! He been a joy to our lives and we will see that he is comfortable in his retirement.

Hope you enjoy the pics

Denise & Rich

Thanks so much for the update on Rocky. He's looking good!

Ruth Osman recently received the following email from Olivia Bergner regarding her sweet girl Maggie:

Yesterday was Maggie's gotcha day.....do you believe it 8 years?  She is extremely frail but still enjoying her food and laying outside when it is beautiful outside. Yesterday afternoon when the dogs' chickens were cooking and were almost done.....she started barking while she was laying on her bed and did not stop until she ate her dinner.

Smooches from Maggie to you and Carolyn!


Here's hoping Maggie's Gotcha Day was extra special!

We recently received the following email from Corey Dwyer regarding her dog, Maggie!

Hi Folks,

Maggie will be 5 in April, and is she doing great! We can't believe she has only been with us for a little over 3 years, it seems like she has always been part of our family. We really love her so much and can't imagine life without her. I am attaching a photo from one of our days at Merrill Creek Reservoir.

Thanks for all you do for the dogs, and continued good luck!

All the best,
Corey Dwyer

Maggie looks beautiful!  Thanks for the update!

The following email was recently received from Belle's mom, Nancy Maclearie-Hayduk.

Hello Judy!

Our Belle is just FINE!

I've taken to calling her Cinderella.....you know, the story of the poor dog who grew up and was made to have puppies and nothing but puppies and then one day her prince came and the slipper fit and she moved in with a family where she was the PRINCESS? That's our Belle, our princess, our Cinderella!

She is funny, and stubborn, and a wise-cracker.

She still eats vacuum parts (if left on the floor) HA!

And sometimes sleeps in the  K I T C H E N.....with people walking around. Big progress.

Luke and I taught Mac how to play "Hide Your Eyes"......and he stays in a spot and we walk away counting loudly to ten....and we go and hide a stuffed Shrek (or Donkey) in another room in the house. Mac sits dutifully until he hears "TEN!" and comes running to find the hidden treasure. 

Well, our little princess decided she'd like to play too. So we sit Belle down with Mac and say "Hide your eyes."

And we walk away.....one, two, three....."Belle, get back there!" ....four, five....."Belle, stop trying to cheat!"......six, seven, eight......."BELLE! stop peeking!" ......

nine, TEN!  It is so funny....they both bolt for the hidden toys and sometimes she steals Mac's right from his mouth!

I will try and capture it on video - it is priceless!

She is a sweet, sweet girl who adores me as I do her.

She LOVES Mac and he is smitten with her and they enjoy wrestling with each other every day....they really are precious together.

Luke just got home from a high school community service trip to India....he had a wonderful time.

In the attached photo, Belle is with Simba.....while Luke was in India, Simba had adventures that we posted to Facebook,,,,,too funny.

How is your gang?

How is Belle's daughter?

I think about her often and would love to email her family if that's possible.

Fill me in!

Nancy Cinderella Belle and Mac

Thanks so much for the great update on "Cinderella" Belle!  Sounds like she's doing really well!  Please share that video with us ... it sounds adorable!

The following was recently received from Shari Stack regarding her dog, Casey.  A photo of Casey and his little sister, Anyka, is attached.

Hi Linda,
Casey has been a part of Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs (where I work) since Dec, 2010 and we visit on the 2 days off I have per week.  Casey and his little Golden sister Anyka ( who will be 3 ) are best buddies and have gotten along since the first minute we brought Anyka home in June of 2009.  Everyone loves Casey. He has devoted fans at Pet Therapy visits, in the park where we walk daily, and everywhere we go since he is a big lug of sweet goofiness. Anyka can be a typical annoying little sister and he plays along with all of her antics.

Regards to everyone at GRRINJ!

Shari Stack

What wonderful work Casey is doing!  Thanks so much for the update!

The following two emails were sent to us by the Conner Family.  Annie has become quite the world traveler!

Hello Everyone at the GRRI-NJ!

We just wanted to let you know that Annie, whom we adopted from your organization in October of 2010 (from foster mom Anne Mroz), has recently joined us in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates! She may be the best traveled Golden in town!

Our family moved here in September with plans to find a home before bringing Annie here. We also felt it best to wait until the weather was cool, which it is now. Annie stayed with our house sitter until last month and after 2 long flights (JFK to Frankfurt, Germany then onto Abu Dhabi) she arrived here to join our 'pack' in the Middle East. 

It's four PAWS up and she seems to be very happy!

The attached photos are of Annie at the beach by the ADNEC center (the farthest leaning building in the world) and on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi at sunset. She's adapting well and promises to have many adventures (the large ferrel cat population is certainly keeping her entertained!!).


The Conner Family (Philip, Laura and Zach--and Annie, too!)


Hi Bobbie,

Here is a new picture of Annie on her favorite beach. The weather is warming up here and we take her swimming often. It's not uncommon for her to jump in a fountain every now and again, too!! She's made friends with 2 standard poodles up the street who join us for regular romps in the park. We (thankfully) selected a compound that is dog friendly and Annie was well received.

What's sad for dogs in the Middle East is that they are often abandoned by locals and expats alike. The shelters here are decent and getting better, but it's hard to find homes for all the pups. Many Muslims do not want to have contact with dogs and expats don't want to make a commitment if they know they'll be leaving in the near future. Who knows, we may end up with another pup before we leave here!

We'll send pictures as we take them. Thanks for the note!

Laura and Annie

Thanks so much for the wonderful update on Annie!  She looks terrific!  Please keep us posted on her most recent adventures!

Hi, I have been meaning to write for the longest. Molly would have been 7 years old in May, and I miss her every day. I ran into a neighbor this morning whose Golden died of the same cancer shortly after Molly died. He is importing a Golden puppy from Utah that is bred from a Great Britian line, no American dog in her. He thinks American Goldens die too young from cancer and thinks it can be bred out. He lost 2 Goldens to cancer, so I wish him well. As for me, having lost 3 Goldens in 3 years was a bit tough. I have become very involved in volunteering with Friends of Wayne Animal Rescue, which has been good for me. It was through them, almost by accident, that my little ankle-biter Madison came into my life. I was dropping off kittens at a board member's home and mentioned I had been thinking of something
different, maybe a little dog. Well, of course FOWA just happened to have this little Maltese that was being fostered right around the corner, so Maddie came home with me last Thanksgiving weekend. She had been abandoned, thrown out, really, and FOWA saved her from the kill shelter in Teterboro. I guess we came together for a reason, and she has brought that special doggy laughter and smiles back into my life. In the beginning I was walking her a couple of miles a day, like I did with the Goldens, and almost killed the poor thing. She would come home exhausted and I realized how those little legs must walk 4 times more than a Golden's! I have a few kittens I am fostering in case any of you Golden lovers would care to have another breed join the family. :)

This very small donation is from Molly, in her memory.

Susan Iannarelli

Our deepest sympathies on the loss of your beautifuk girl, Molly. Rest in peace, sweet girl!