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Summer 2000




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An Update on Travis, GRRI's 16-year-old Foster Golden

By Teri Stewart, Foster Mom

I wanted to let everyone know that Travis has been doing GREAT!  He's been here about three months and he's come such a long way.

He's adjusted to the routine of eating two meals a day, AM and PM, and after being a little sluggish at meal time in the beginning, he's now chowing down both meals.

Carrots are treats at my house -- but when I first tried giving them to Travis and he'd just spit them out.  Not true with Barney and Botchka ... I say "carrots" to them and they go running to the fridge.  Travis, being deaf, can't hear me of course, but these days he's right behind B&B anyway ... heading to the fridge. He now LOVES carrots!! 

For the first month and a half or so, Travis would get in Barney's face and bark. Barney pretty much tolerated it, and would get up and move if Travis became a pain. Travis ALWAYS followed, and Barney tolerated it. But the barking has now lessened considerably, and Travis licks Barney's face instead ... again Barney tolerates it! They've even become buddies, and on occasion will play bow with each other, bark, and make an awkward attempt to play. It's a sight to see!  Botchka's snarley face has also stopped, and she, too, will even initiate play with Travis. 

For 16-years-old, Travis is in remarkable shape. He's mentally alert, and being deaf hasn't caused him any problems that I'm aware of. And he's been responding beautifully to hand signals -- I pat my leg when I want him to come and he ALWAYS comes. I point to the floor and he will sit or lay down.

He's been taking two buffered aspirin a day, and some pills for incontinence (poop incontinence). I find little prizes sometimes after he's been laying awhile and gets up. But I've found it helps A LOT if we take him out immediately after he gets up, and in general, let him out quite a few times in the evening.  He prefers it if someone goes outside WITH him, so of course, that's what we do! 

Most important, Travis is the sweetest, most charming "little chug along" (my nickname for him). He's well mannered, well adjusted, and pure delight to have around.

That's why my husband Bud and I adopted him in May.  We just couldn't imagine him being anywhere else but here. This is his home now, and it was time to make it official!!

Travis, Botchka and Barney Stewart

This issue of The GRRI NEWS is lovingly dedicated to Tyler, aka The Big Woof.

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