Vol 4 No 1

Winter 2002

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Helping the WTC Disaster Search & Rescue Teams

Holiday Shopping with GRRI 

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If you know of a Golden Retriever in New Jersey needing our assistance, please call the GRRI hotline at 973-208-7414. Help us help Goldens!

In 2001, thanks to our dedicated volunteers, wonderful adopters and generous contributors, GRRI helped 111 displaced or abandoned Goldens by providing them with needed medical care, placement in caring foster homes, and adoption into new loving forever families.

Dusty, Kasey, Riley, Tanner, Dakota, Molly Belle, Hershey,
Ginger, Amelia, Oskar, Cuba, Bristol Murphy, Max, Bubbles, Hannah,
Mystery, Chip, Jack, Samantha, Lady, Pudgie, Gabriel, Zachary,
Prosper, Maggie, Scotty, Lydia, Timothy, Pooh Bear, Count IV, Max,
Sammy, Jake, Rocky, Duffie, Jack, Kobe, Chelsea, Abby, Chelsea, Copper, Lady,
Tiger, Andy, Katie, Oakie, Niko, Czar, Sparky, McKenzie, Brewster,
Bailey, Archie, Brody, Shundar, Bernie, Sarge, Jake, Haley, Colby,
Carmel, Calvin, Romeo, Charlie, Daisy, Bud, Sunny, Guenther,
Tucker, Cruiser, Andrew, Maxwell Edison, Wallace, Maggie, Casey,
Rusty, Angel, Jonah, Lil Red, Shamus, Shannon, Kensey, Maximillian, Goliath, 
Jake, Shannon, Leisha, Cosmopolitan, Sir Winston, Shirley Holmes, Brodie, 
Katie, Patsy, Lady, Duncan, Monty, Rusty, Lacy, Casey, Dusty, Xelly, Cassie, Xyla, 
Rocky, Molly, Maxwell, Casey, Cookie, Sandie, Dora, Freedom, Belle 


This issue of the GRRI News is dedicated to the memory of these special friends ...


Mose Ready
Cassie  Ready
Buddy Cohen, shown here with his forever family
Cody Harris, shown here right before he entered GRRI, with his best buddy, Rusty
Tanner Pressman
Daisy Roskowski
Barney Stewart
Teesa Murray-Paskewicz 
Rusty Spizla

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