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Winter 2002

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GRRI's Parade of Rescue Dogs - October 7, 2001

Leading our rescue parade this year was our Grand Marshall, a very special senior Golden named Maxwell, who is well loved and cared for by his GRRI hospice foster family, the Petrocelli's.

Maxwell was pulled out of a kill shelter as a stray last October, on the same day he was due to be euthanized. His health was very poor and he was only given about one more month to live. He was suspected of having liver cancer. He was so thin and weak. Look at him now!!! Max has beaten all the odds. His favorite daily activity is supervising the kitchen. He loves his food!!! He also loves hanging out with his new golden brothers. Maxwell's official birthday is now October 29th, the day he came home from the shelter with the Petrocelli's.

Chad, owned by Karen Coulter

Chad made himself at home since the first day he arrived. He loves agility, catching flies and laying on the lounge chair by the pool. Chad is in training for his CGC, TDL, plus Obedience & Agility. He will be joining the ranks of a working TDI dog next year.

Andy, owned by Ray & Cheryl Rupert

June 15th of this year Ray & Cheryl became the proud parents of 4-year old Andy, who was surrendered to rescue due to landscaping plans. Although he always lived outdoors, he quickly adjusted to being in a home. He bonded immediately to everyone - human, canine and feline. He is smart, loving, funny, playful and gentle. Living the good life, Andy no longer sleeps alone nor spends days without any love or attention. He now has a permanent home and family.

Andrew, owned by Jacqueline McMahon

Andrew came to live with his new family August 25th. He knew right away that his family wouldn't be hard to train. They have had Goldens before so they knew to let him pick my favorite spot on the sofa! The three grandchildren love him! Andrew especially likes it when the little ones are eating because they don t hold onto their food very well! The Toy Poodle already loves Andrew too, but the cats aren't so sure.

Cruiser, owned by Angela Urbeck and Sean Koonz

Cruiser, born the day after Flag Day, is a true Patriotic Pup. He showed off his patriotism at the Hope Township picnic by standing guard in his red, white and blue collar, at a booth set up to raise money for the NYC disaster relief. Cruiser gave a little love and a lot of licks to everyone who needed some comforting. Cruiser likes to bark his show of support when he sees a search and rescue dog on TV.

Jack, owned by Marcia and Joe Unger

Jack was found near death in a shelter in Northern NJ, hidden away so that no one would see how sick this poor pup really was. He had no food or water, a severe case of kennel cough and a badly infected incision from his neutering. Jack was scheduled to be euthanized in 2 days. Rescue called and asked if we would foster this very contagious, critically ill 2-year old Golden while he underwent antibiotic treatment. He came to his FOREVER HOME on May 8th. Jack has recovered from his illness and is slowly adjusting to a cluster seizure disorder. He is the most loving, gentle spirit the Unger's have ever known. 

Scotty, owned by Nora Anne. Ralph and Ralphie DiLemmo

Scotty is with his third family in just 21 months. Scotty's first family didn't pay him any attention and kept him chained in the back yard. After 4 months with his second family it was back to rescue - he was out of control. Scotty completed 5 weeks in boot camp and is now well behaved and happy! Scotty is smart, loving and full of puppy exuberance!

Tucker, owned by Barbara & John Ready

What can the Ready's say about a dog named Tucker? That he's the light of their lives; he brightens the darkest day with his personality. He's an energizer bunny who at home goes non-stop but who has learned that when they are out and about to be a perfect gentleman. He is very interested in tennis balls, and will whine when one goes behind a piece of furniture and he can't retrieve it - never mind that there are a dozen more laying around on the floor!

Dakota, owned by the Glazer Family

on a cold winter day in northern new jersey,
my wife went out on a mission of mercy.

she went to evaluate a dog with no name,
all that we knew was he was somewhat lame.

the shelter was kind they came to his aid
but that's not a real home - he couldn't have stayed.

his past was unclear - was he just "given up"?
such a terrible way to treat a young pup.

so we took him home - our fosterly duty
and my wife fell in love with his masculine beauty.

our other dogs had names but alas he had none,
after lots of debating the name "Dakota" won

he walks kind of funny one leg out of whack
but that doesn't stop him - nothing holds him back.

as steph's birthday did near and a present i owed her
nothing seemed better than to give her Dakota.

Lydia & Timmy, owned by Theresa Szpila

In March, rescue volunteers mobilized in record time to rescue two senior stray 
goldens from a kill shelter. Once safe, however, no one wanted to adopt
them - they were both old and she was very sick. So they came to live with Theresa. Lydia underwent two major surgeries, several grafting procedures, and fifteen radiation treatments to rid her of cancer. Timmy, mildly epileptic, is otherwise healthy. They are safe, they are happy, and they are very, very loved. 

Archie, owned by Jeanne Urna

Archie came into Jeanne's home 2 months ago after spending some time with a
wonderful foster family. He was given up due to divorce. Archie and Jeanne's 6 year
old golden, Angelo, immediately bonded and are the best of friends. He is the
typical goofy golden. Archie has the sweetest expression, the most joyous
energy and ALWAYS makes Jeanne laugh! He is the perfect addition to her family.

May, owned by Lynn Paraskeva

May was a stray that came to live at Camp Paraskeva. She is Miss Personality and in the true Golden spirit loves to walk around with something in her mouth, loves to go for rides and loves to go to obedience class. She is also excelling in agility!

Hannah, owned by Maureen Heitman

Three-year-old Hannah was a featured  Dog of the Month  in January 2001. She was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia and was overweight. Out of control around food, her owners wanted her placed in a family with older children, a stay-at-home Mom and no other dogs. This was a tough match but we found it! Hannah now exercises daily, is on a food management plan and takes glucosamine and chondroitin to manage her dysplasia. She even learned how to swim this summer - great for those hips! And of course she loves the beach!