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Winter 2003

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If you know of a Golden Retriever in New Jersey needing our assistance, please call the GRRI hotline at 973-208-7414. Help us help Goldens!

Teaching Kayla

Kayla was pulled from a shelter in the late fall and was placed in foster care with GRRI volunteer Linda Schnorrbush ... who fell hook line and sinker, so guess where Kayla lives now ... 

Here's what Linda had to say about this spunky (and smart!) Golden during the first week of foster care!

Oh boy, you guys are really testing my skills with this one!

Sunday ... Kayla teaches me to fly down the steps, we come in after 5 minutes and she pees on my rug.  I tell her NO!!! BAD!!! I take her back out on a shorter leash and I still fly with her but not as high off my feet this time ...

Monday ... I use a very short leash and choker, I really hate those things.  Kayla tries her hardest to choke herself.  I teach her EASY GIRL, she laughs at me.

Tuesday ... I buy a gentle leader.  Oh by what fun this is trying to get her to sit still so I can put it on her.  I carry treats, bring her to the front steps, tell her to WAIT!  Ha ha this is a joke. She tries to make me fly again but the gentle leader works wonders.  After practicing all day and many liver treats later, Kayla understands the word WAIT.

Wednesday ... We are working on SIT today.  She gets this right away, sits for me, struggles into the gentle leader, waits at top of steps on deck at my command, I say OK, she starts to bolt and I tell her EASY, she listens and gets a treat.  We walk merrily down the steps and Kayla gets two treats, a GOOD GIRL and a big hug.  She knows she has pleased me, she is happy and so am I

Thursday ... Kayla sits at my command, then I teach her DOWN, she picks up on this after four or five times, a few treats and a GOOD GIRL..  I release her, we do it again!!! Kayla SIT, Kayla DOWN, she does it immediately.  I scream YES VERY GOOD GIRL!!  She jumps up and knocks me down, licking my face.

Friday ... We get up, she sits for me and we still struggle with the gentle leader, she convinces me she doesn't need it she will be a good girl, we go out on the deck ... she sits and waits at my command, EASY I say going down the steps, she does it and looks up at me as if to say I told you so.  All is fine until she sees a cat, I fly across my yard and tell her NO Kayla, to my surprise she stops pulling and I give her a treat.  GOOD GIRL Kayla.

Saturday ... Kayla greets me, I take her out, she sits, waits and goes easy, we come in and she goes to the treat cabinet, looks up at me and tells me she wants to learn some more so she can please me and behave like the good girl she really is.  We practice on and off all day, she does well and pleased with herself, she rewards me by jumping over the gate in the kitchen and looking at me laughing again, saying she could have done this all week but she was being a good girl.  I take the gate down, sit in the living room and she lays on my lap.  My legs fall asleep from her weight as she looks at me with those eyes and tells me how good she was today.  She gets a hug and a kiss and a GOOD GIRL Kayla, you are so smart.  She tells me she just needed some guidance, a little patience and lots of  love.  She promised if I let her run free in the house when I am home, she will will not pee on the rug.  So far so good!


Congratulations Jagger!

 Jagger won the 2002 GRACE Award in the Law Enforcement category!

Jagger  attended the ceremonies, held at the Golden Retriever Nationals in Orlando, with his partner, officer Rich Colon and his wife.   It was Jagger's first flight in an airplane and first stay in the hotel --  and true to his training, he "bomb-sniffed" his way around the plane, the hotel, and everywhere else he went!

GRRI received a check for $100, and Jagger got a beautiful rosette and trophy. 


Jagger is STILL very energetic and playful.  After playing fetch for over an hour with him, GRRI volunteer Eileen McFadden was pooped -- Jagger wasn't even winded.

Eileen also reports that Jagger absolutely adores Officer Colon.  The bond is incredible and no matter what he's doing, Jagger always has Officer Colon in his sights.

Jagger poses in NYC with his partner, Port Authority Police Officer Richie Colon, officers from the NYPD, and NY Governor George Pataki


Keeping Bear Warm

Bear shows off his new coat!

GRRI volunteers are known for finding new homes for Golden Retrievers in need, but in this case, a few volunteers worked just as hard to find a Golden a new coat.

Bear, a rescue Golden owned by GRRI volunteer Ruth Osman,  was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Chronic Leukemia.  Although he is now in remission, attempts to wean him off his daily dose of Leukeran were unsuccessful.  A side effect of this medication is hair loss, so after a year, Bear has a very thin top coat, no undercoat, many bald patches and a totally bald stomach and left shoulder.

Finding a coat for the 78-pound dog wasn't easy.  Ruth had been looking since last winter, and had mentioned it to some other volunteers.  GRRI volunteer Theresa Szpila found a foal coat and ordered one for Bear. 

When the coat arrived, it fit across the back and down the sides, but the neck and head opening were enormous.  Another GRRI volunteer, Carolyn  Decina, put her fashion-design degree to use and custom tailored the coat to fit Bear.

Bear is now able to join his family outside in the wind and cold air. In honor of this great gift, Ruth and Bear sent a donation to GRRI and as Ruth says, this new winter coat is the best kind -- it doesn't shed in the house.

A Sad Farewell ...

to Max ... 10/31/02

to Barney Thompson, four legged friend of GRRI volunteers Norm and Karen Thompson ... 10/30/02

to Chelsea, adopted GRRI friend of Diane and Dave Weishaupt ... July 2002

to Chelsea, adopted GRRI friend of Jean and Oran Brown

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