Vol 5 No 1

Winter 2003

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Letters to GRRI*


Dear GRRI,

I know it's been over a year now but I just had to contact you to inform you on how well Maggie is doing in her home. Maggie was adopted a few days  before 9/11. Due to the loss of someone close to us who worked at the WTC  it was difficult for my wife and I to keep up with all the doings of your fine organization. But now it's been over a year. Maggie was adopted from a foster family in Belmar who couldn't keep her because of an older female already living with them. Maggie has a 5 year old brother named Kody who was also adopted locally at 1 year old. Previously we had a wonderful pair of goldens who passed at 11 and 10.5 years of age. Since Maggie's arrival she has just been a wonderful little girl. I plan to send you some pictures soon and would hope you could post them. Thank you so much

Lewis & Kim Shinkle

Dear Lewis & Kim -- thanks for letting us know how beautifully Maggie is doing.  And our condolences on your loss ...


Dear GRRI,

A belated Happy Thanksgiving and many thanks for Honey's GRRI tag. It is on her collar! Honey was the center of attention today when we gathered for dinner. She is quite a beggar and really "sings" for her supper (and any goodies she can get!!)

We are enjoying her so much. Want to thank all of you who are involved in this grand service for giving us the opportunity to open our hearts and home to Honey.

Betty & Art Edler

Dear Betty & Art -- Sounds you've ALL been enjoying the holidays!


Dear GRRI,

Affectionately nicknamed Dusty-Bear and Kazoodi, Dusty and Rudy have slowly settled into their new home.  Rudy is now a svelte 115 down from 130, with a waistline to match.  When we received him from foster care he sounded like  a mattress being dropped when he would lay down. He is also known as "Mr. Wonderful" forever letting you know how charming he is.  He sees little green men.  He stares at shadows, and attempts to extract them from walls, foundations, floors, car roofs and any other reflective surface.  After staring, he then spends time either talking to them or telling you about them.  For the longest we thought that there might be insects or rodents...or something that we were missing ... yes ... we have now defined them as little green men.  His first trip to the groomers concerned them as he positioned himself on the floor between two grooming tables, staring at the wall.  He stayed there for an hour ... watching the reflections, tail thumping.  When we explained the preoccupation, the groomers were relieved.

Dusty has been a longer work in progress.  She is very un-golden like.  For about a month she was clearly depressed.  Absolutely no eye contact, tail way between the legs when being petted. Where she would avoid being touched, she now initiates the contact.  She has gained some weigh, filling out nicely. She loves being outside, but hates getting her feet wet.  Watching her tiptoe thru the backyard in the rain is a sight to see.

They have been wonderful.  Prior to our fence being installed they had several opportunities to escape, but opted to not explore.  Rudy is a great tracker and will spy a truck across the field a 1/4 mile away.  Occasionally he would take off thru the woods out onto the field, imagine this lumber bear.  I was never quite sure whether he was responding to my command, or whether he was just too tired to continue, but he would return immediately ... also looking for a drink.

Dusty has turned into the protector.  Other dogs or human will prompt a loud declaration of turf.  She will throw a glance at the more oblivious Rudy who is usually counting grass blades ... and he will pull up the rear. This is our first experience with Goldens that howl.  Our other two never did.  She sounds like a little old lady with the crackling voice and he is full throated ... responding to all fire alarms and train whistles.

We are delighted for the new additions to our family ... they seem to have claimed us as their humans.

Thank you...they have brought us lots of joy ... and a new Hoover steam cleaner ... Goldens and arctic white Berber just don't work ...

Karen Robinson & Jennifer Wells

Dear Karen & Jennifer -- all the best with Dusty, Rudy, and your new Hoover!


Dear GRRI,

Maxine is training her adopted parents  and they are learning  everyday. Seriously, she is settling in well  and we have no complaints. The process of discovering what she knows and likes to do/not do have been interesting to say the least.  At first she would not come when called (by name) but is getting better at it. We   discovered that if you shine a flashlight at her even in the daylight, she comes right away. She walks on  a lead very well stopping at every mailbox and light pole to smell the neighborhood. She chases the blowing leaves during her walks too, everyone of them. She now has the run of the house, except when no one is home then she stays in the kitchen. Its great to have her in our lives and we thank you for your efforts.

Geoff & Sue Boyd

PS  Please make sure you advise [foster parents] Laura and Scott Moffitt that they went above and beyond  in taking care of her. In reading her bio, you would never know she was  the same girl.

Thanks again

Dear Geoof & Sue -- That's too funny about Maxine and the flashlight!  And we couldn't agree more about the Moffitt's and the foster care they've provided.


Dear GRRI,

This is to inform you that the Golden we adopted through GRRI had to be euthanized.  We adopted Chelsea,  thought to be between 12-14 years of age, in May, 2001.  Teri Stewart fostered the dog.  At the time of death, Chelsea had liver disease, abdominal fluid,  and was dragging one back leg. She was not eating normally and could not get up from lying down on her side.   Our vet recommended she be euthanized and it was done in July, 2002.   Can you please acknowledge that you received this email and let me know if there is anything else I should do.  We have written documentation of her euthanasia if you would like a copy.

Thanks for choosing us to be her family.  She was very sweet and we miss her.

Diane & Dave Weishaupt

Dear Diane & Dave -- Our condoldences.  Thanks for letting us know, and more than that, for having given Chelsea, a very sweet and very senior Golden, a loving home.


Dear GRRI,

We are so happy to have adopted Sophie a few short weeks ago; she and my older golden, Max (who is ten),  are wonderful companions and we are just having the best time with her!!!

Thank you to all of the people who made this happen.

Robin & Herman Sklarin

Dear Robin & Herman -- awww, thanks for the adorable photo!


Dear GRRI,

Thank you for helping find our new baby!  Ozzy is so happy at his new home in Philadelphia.  This weekend we all went camping for the first time, up at Promise Land State Park.  Ozzy and Bluey were both so happy to camp. They ran, swam, and slept in the tent ... OH NO!  Looking forward to the Oct 6 date.  We marked our calendar. Hope to see you then along with lots of other goldens.

Daniel Powell & Danielle Denk

Dear Daniel & Danielle -- That camping trip sounds like it was a blast!


Dear GRRI,

Honey, Art and I want to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season. We wil be going up to NH to our sons with Honey (to show her off!!). When the holidiays are over we shall make an appointment for Honey to be spayed and check out her tumors. Will keep in touch. For now - keep well and have a joyous time.

Betty, Art and Honey Edler

Dear Betty & Art -- Thanks for the holiday wishes. Please keep us posted on Honey!


Dear GRRI,

This letter is written to thank you for your kind efforts which resulted in Patton coming to live with us.

I must admit that when we first saw him it did appear that he had a number of problems such as excessively long toe nails, weakness of both front and back legs, lots of excessive ear wax, etc.  He looked like a 12-year old dog instead of an 8-yr old.

Nevertheless, he had the friendly, optimistic, hopeful look so characteristic of a Golden while his size and weight were about the same as our previous Goldens.  So, it seemed to me that, if he had loving care in a good home, he would pick up quite soon, rapidly becoming a solid shareholder in our family.

SO - we brought him home to Connecticut.

And he took off !

In a very few days of care in our home and a couple of visits to our veterinarian he became a NEW dog.  His ears are now clean, his toe nails somewhat shortened, his strength greatly improved, his pep much improved, and his eating improved.  He had fun playing with a Chewman and a tennis ball.  He could now qualify as an eight year old!  I have now been taking him each day on "longish walks" in the town's 300-acre public park (good for him, good for me!)

He has a small skin sore on his left shoulder and shows signs of a possible hip displacement on the right side.  Our vet will take care of the skin sore, clip his toe nails a bit more and xray his hip in about three weeks.

Meanwhile, I repeat our thanks to your organization.  Isn't it nice that we all are having fun with this solution - ourselves, your group, and, of course, Patton.

Very best regards,
Hamilton Herman  

Dear Hamilton -- It's wonderful to hear and see how well Patton is doing!  Thanks so much for the update.


Dear GRRI,

Hi!  My name is Moses and I have been with my family for two years now.  I had a great birthday with presents and everything.  This place is really net.  I have two couches to sleep on.  One in the family room and one in the master bedroom.  I do not know why it is called the master bedroom since we are all equals around here.  My Mom and Dad told me to tell you I am the best dog in the world.  I believe them.  But I do not have a swelled head about it.  It is part of my job to love and listen.  They love me and listen to me too.  Well, got to sign off now.  It's late and I need my couch.


Moses and my Mom and Dad (Andrea & Tony Avella)

PS  Somebody that my Mom and Dad call "Mom" just moved in.  I guess she is my Grandma.  Well, more pets are good.

Dear Moses -- Wow, two couches!  You're a VERY lucky dog!

Dear  GRRI,

We renamed Spirit "Ed", mainly because we've always wanted a dog named Ed.

Theresa gave us a wonderful supply of food and supplements (at LEAST a month's worth).  I've continued the same diet/routine she had set up for him and he continues to grow stronger and healthier!  We've established a nice routine and he seems comfortable and happy.

Chris and I feel blessed to have this dog.  He is a wonderful, sweet boy and we hope to make the rest of his life fun, secure, and above all, happy.  We will send some pictures and an update after the holidays.

Thank you and Happy  Holidays to all!

Jane Jackson

Dear Jane -- We're so happy to hear that Ed is doing well!  His story (as Spirit) captured the hearts of everyone at GRRI.


Dear GRRI,

Thank you so much for letting us adopt Dolly.  She is a wonderful dog! Dolly loves going for a walk every morning after she sees Christopher and Kelsey off at the bus stop. She still needs some work on the leash - often she'll play tug-of-war with the leash for a block or so before she "just walks". We will be going to obedience school in January.  I still catch Dolly on the couch instead of her bed!  Dolly loves to eat tissues so we have to keep the bathroom door shut!  She loves to be brushed and given lots of attention. She is enjoying our large yard and playing with the kids.  We adopted her on October 5th.  She really feels like part of the family now.  She is more secure and she knows we ARE coming back when we leave the house.

Happy Holidays,

Jackie, Kevin, Christopher & Kesley Cronin

Dear Jackie & Kevin -- Dolly sounds like your typical goofy loving Golden!  Glad to hear you're enjoying her so much, and thanks for the beautiful picture!


Dear GRRI,

Merry Christmas to all from Shasta and Reggie Kroohs. 

Shasta is gradually settling down.  We're glad we've stuck with it.  Overall she's a sweet, lovable dog and a valuable addition to our family.

Bill & Diane Kroohs

Dear Bill & Diane -- Glad to hear it!


Dear GRRI,

Hello from Linda and Ed Daingerfield ... we adopted a wonderful redhead named Ginger in mid-November ... words cannot express what a great dog she is and how she instantly became a part of the family!!

Although its only been 6 or 7 weeks since she joined us, it feels like she's been with us forever!  Our extended family loves her too ... they've even been quoted as saying "if only we could find a dog like Ginger!"

Gnger's day is pretty much a cake walk ... lots of attention from me, lots of gentle play with my 3-yr-old, and a good, long jog/walk daily (we now have a fenced yard, so she enjoys some independent rooting around time too) ... she's a ball fanatic (she is a retriever!), loves to snatch food out from under us (we're working on that!!) and best of all, she's a mush ... a 65 lb lap dog that loves the lovin' ... I'm a particular sucker for lovable goldens, so I definitely get my fill of dog kisses and couch sharing.  She's still a little shy around men ... but is completely at ease with my husband, who adores her ... so, whatever quirks she may have had seem to be going, going, gone!

Thanks to all the good work you guys do at GRRI ... what a wonderful organization ... and thanks too for rescuing Miss Ginger and picking us as her new family ... we love her to pieces and couldn't be happier!

Pictures will be forthcoming ... after the holiday frenzy!  Happy New Year!

Linda Daingerfield

Dear Linda -- We can't wait for the pictures!  Happy New Year!!


Dear GRRI,

I want to wish everyone with GRRI a Happy Holiday Season! 

The following is an update on my Archie and my moms dog Kai.....both were adopted from GRRI!

Kai, Archie & Angelo


My mom adopted Kai about 2 years ago. Kai is now 3 and is doing very well. She is a hyper dark red girl who gets to release all her energy by running off leash with all the neighborhood dogs! She lives with my mom and dad and older brother and is rarely ever alone. My mom works part time and my dad is home-bound and is always sitting petting her!

She hasn't had any health problems to speak of. She did have a mole removed from her nose last year and the Vet did such a good job that there is not even any scaring! She is spoiled with frequent walks and loves to play with all the neighborhood kids. In the summer my mom even takes her weekly to an outdoor concert they have at the shopping center in town. Kai says it's hard to relax and listen to the music when all these people keep coming over wanting to pet me!!

Most of all she loves the frequent visits from my GR's Archie and Angelo. She really loves to play with Archie because they are still youngsters so to speak! They wrestle and play bitey face and run around after each other. Kai passed her CGC and TDI tests at last years GRRI Reunion and is maturing into a lovely, but still hyper, goofy golden girl!

Kai is a wonderful addition to my parents home and is loved and spoiled as all dogs should be!


I adopted Archie from GRRI a little over a year ago. The moment he came into my home, my "heart dog" Angelo, accepted him with open paws! They have been best friends ever since that first day!  (Archie is now 4 and Angelo is 7)

Archie came to me with skin problems that I thought would clear up with a food change but unfortunately he has "airborne' allergies. He is treated with small amounts of antihystamines daily, lots of dusting and vacuuming...UGH, air purifiers, low allergen food, fish oil supplements, and special shampoo. He is doing very well with these methods!!

He is a typical goofy male golden. He wasn't blessed in the brains department so that makes him all the goofier! He is a sweet, affectionate dog that unlike his brother....who is toy obsessed....Archie is completely FOOD obsessed! It is a constant challenge to keep him from diving across any table that has food on it but we are working on it!

Archie, Angelo and I love to travel together. This summer we went to Vermont and stayed at a lodge overlooking a 2 acre pond. They swam, swam, swam their hearts out and just had a wonderful time! We frequently travel on the weekends to visit friends and their dogs (and cats!) from all over the area!

Archie has fit into my home perfectly.....I love this sweet goofy boy so much!

Thanks to all the GRRI volunteers for all of their hard work! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Jeanne (GRRI-Vol)
Angelo & Archie

Dear Jeanne -- All the same to you and yours!


Dear Jannet [GRRI Volunteer],

This is just a little gift [a lovely quilted Golden pillow] to say thank you so VERY VERY much for all your help in finding a home for Ace.  My Mom quilts pillows to sell at craft fairs.  You and the GRRI are wonderful and I really truly appreciate all the time you gave to me and Ace.  Jannet, you went above and beyond your "duties".  Someday I hope to be on the other end and adopt one of the dogs from this AWESOME organization.

Happy Holidays!!! The best to you and your family, especially those 2 beautiful babies, this coming Christmas and New Year.

Fondly, Sue Provost & Ace

Dear Sue -- We're very glad we could help!


Dear GRRI,

Thank you very much for all your help and care in placing Toby in her new home.  We really appreciate your effort and kindness.

The Thompsons

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Thompson -- We're very pleased we were able to help!


Dear GRRI,

Happy New Year to all at GRRI.  Beau is doing great and continues to amaze all regarding his friendly disposition.  He is loving and friendly.  And boy, does he love snow!

This past summer, our pet sitter brought Beau to her home for a few days and  she advised that when he left, her dog cried for hours. Even her cat liked Beau so much that she slept on top of him.

Beau's such a charmer.

Best Regards,
The Dripchak Family (Anne, Michael, Marie & Meghan)

Dear Anne, Michael, Maire & Meghan -- Please give Beau a big hug from all of us!


Dear GRRI,

We just wanted to update you and tell you how much fun we are having with Sophie (adopted as a puppy in Aug).  And our 10 year Max is having a blast with her.  They are great friends and would play all day in the yard if we let them.  Having a fenced  secure outdoor environment has been great for her; she loves watching the birds and the rabbits and just rolling around.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Sophie ... she has given so much  love to all of us and we are having such a wonderful time with her!!!.  I will send recent pix to show you what a terrific and sweet girl she is!!!

The Sklarins
Robin & Herman

Dear Robin & Herman -- We can't wait for the pictures!


Dear GRRI,

Sorry I've never written before about our 7-1/2 year "young" golden, Missy, but you must know she is indeed a gift from God!  She took less than 24 hours to adjust to my 2 older kids, my husband and our 7 rescued cats. (she loves them all)  She is an angelic sweety!  She is our first GRRINJ adoption, and our 3rd golden.

What prompts me to write is unfortunately sad yet bittersweet news.  Being her Mommy, I knew something was terribly wrong with her this last Saturday.  Being a nurse, I knew abdominal swelling, pale gums and slowed spirits meant serious trouble.  We ended up consenting for an emergency splenectomy and  removal of a very large tumor on her spleen (biopsy results due in few days...most likely hemangiosarcoma).  We had the option of euthanizing her (we have gone that route twp times with our 2 other goldens) but knowing what a young and spirited 7 yr old she is, we decided to not give up but give her  a  fighting chance ... if she made it through the surgery, we knew she was meant to be with us longer.  I'm exuberant to announce that she pulled through all the critical care effort (2 blood transfusions et al) given her, and we were able to visit her today!  The vets say she made a remarkable recovery! (it may take my pocket book a bit longer to recover). She was able to walk in to see us, wag her tail and we all exchanged hugs and kisses!  If all continues well, I'll take her home tomorrow, Monday.  I'll be off from work for a while  to nurse her back to her former lively self (which I don't think will take much time at all).

I thank you for allowing us to take Missy into our home and our hearts.  We love her to pieces and are forever grateful for your agency and the loving, caring people who work and volunteer for GRRI-NJ.  Even though she may have cancer, it doesn't matter to us.  What does matter, is that she's with us  and that she is comfortable, and feels our love for her...forever, no matter what happens down the road.  We're not sorry in the least, that we adopted a "senior golden" because they are indeed, golden oldies...the cream of the crop.  We are lucky and blessed that Missy found her forever home here with us.

Will keep you abreast of Missy's progress.  Please let Ms. Glazer  her foster mom know about her...I misplaced her email.  Thanks.

Blessings and tail wags to all,
Nancy & Philip Read

Dear Nancy & Philip -- All of our best wishes to Missy for a speedy recovery and a favorable prognosis ... and all our thanks to you for being such loving adopters.  Please DO keep us posted on how she's doing!