Vol 5 No 1

Winter 2003

Features in this Issue:

2002 -- GRRI's Year in Review

Special Help for Goldens Needing Special Care

Happy News

Letters to GRRI

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Thanks to our volunteers, adopters and contributors, here is a summary of what GRRI was able to accomplish in 2002:

Goldens GRRI Helped in 2002
Shasta Casey
Cassie Duncan
Tawny Belle Lady
Dora Bailey
Sandie Simon
Baron Jake
Jake Bear
Buddy Freedom
Chase Alpine
Bear Caesar
Tuesday Rudy
Duncan Sandy
Zoe Shadow
Madison Beau
Maggie Boomer
Rudy Cinnamon
Doc Gracie
Sammy Curly
Paulie Daisy
Molly Allie
Holly Honey
Rusty Lacey
Angel Max
Nina Sabrina
Andy Bailey
Clifford Ruby
Sofie Oliver
Sunny Taylor
Jack Bingo
Jake Maxine
Lucky Rebel
Finn Dakota
Gia Polar
Ozzy Patton
Callie Dylan
Rambo Missy
Molly Shadow
Molly Dusty
Rudy Higgins
Ed Honey
Dolly Goldie
Buddy Jessie
Jack Jessie
Goldie Shockey
Ginger Kayla
Brittany Sonya
Max Shadow
Caesar Toby
Megan Brandy
Max Alex
CB Beau


Intake Calls GRRI Received and Returned During 2002:  300+
Goldens GRRI Accepted for Placement:  115
Goldens Cared for in GRRI Foster Homes:  70
Goldens Placed in GRRI Adoptive Homes:  93
        48 males; 45 females
        17 to age 11 months
        28 age 1 - 2 years
        15 age 3 - 4 years
        14 age 5 - 6 years
        11 age 7 - 8 years
        8 age 9 years +
   Youngest GRRI Goldens:   A litter of 7 at 1 week of age
Oldest GRRI Goldens:  Three 11 -year-olds
GRRI Pairs:   Two, both placed as pairs

 Goldens GRRI Accepted but Owner Placed Privately:  8
Goldens GRRI Was Unable to Place:  3
Goldens GRRI Had to Euthanize:  3
2 Aggression; 1 Illness
Goldens Owners Decided to Keep After Advice from GRRI:  7
Goldens Awaiting GRRI Placement @ 12/31/02:  8
        6 males; 2 females

Top Reasons for Owner Surrender:
    Dog Too Hyper;
    No Time for Dog;
    Allergic to Dog

GRRI Veterinary Expenses  $29,000 + (includes estimate for month of December)
    Major Veterinary Procedures
        Spays Neuters 15
        Heartworm Positive 4
        Neurological Disorders  2
        Hip Dysplasia  2 (including 1 bi-lateral case)
        Ectopic Urethra  1
        Starvation  1
        Bi-Lateral Entropian Eyelids   1
        Hospice 1 (multiple disorders)

Online Adoption Applications GRRI Received:  536

Hotline Requests for Mailed Applications Fulfilled by GRRI:  300+