Vol 6 No 1

Winter 2004

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Chef Sparky Walter

GRRI-NJ's 2003 Year In Review

For GRRI-NJ, 2003 was a year of good news, bad news and really bad news.

The good news:  More great people than ever are applying to adopt a Golden from us.

The bad news:  Many of the dogs that needed us were quite challenging, requiring longer stays in foster homes, and more time to find appropriate adoptive homes than in previous years.  In short, it was the most demanding year yet for GRRI-NJ volunteers.

The really bad news:  Aggression.  We're seeing more and more of it each year.  In 2003, GRRI rejected 40 Goldens and euthanized 6 more, all due to aggression. For a breed whose reputation has been built on its friendly, loving nature, these ever climbing statistics are truly alarming.

We cannot say it strongly enough:  If you are considering a Golden Retriever puppy PLEASE buy ONLY from a reputable breeder.  The popularity of this breed has made careless breeding a lucrative business ... and the effects of careless breeding, such as the uptick in aggression we're seeing in rescue, have been devastating.  Do not buy from pet stores, or from ads on the internet or in your local newspaper.  Work with your local Golden Retriever breed club.  Each has a breeder referral program that can help you locate a caring, careful Golden breeder. 

GRRI-NJ's 2003 Year End Statistics

GRRI-NJ accepted 101 dogs into rescue in 2003.  Of these:
-  68 were adopted to forever homes by 12/31/03
-  2 were hospice fosters
-  2 were placed by shelters
-  1 was returned to the breeder 
-  1 was returned to the owners at their request
-  9 the owners kept
-  4 were rejected by the Board
-  6 were placed privately by the owners

The McFadden crew celebrates a birthday

Male:  Total:  58

-  pup - 2 years:   24
-  3 yrs - 5 yrs:  13
-  6 yrs - 9 yrs:  15
-  over 9 years:  6
Female:  Total:  43
-  pup - 2 yrs:  10
-  3 yrs - 5 yrs: 16
-  6 yrs - 9 yrs:  11
-  Over 9 years: 6

Shelter:  12
Owner Turn In:  86
Vet:  1
Other rescue:  1
Other - kennel:  1

A mini GRRI Golden reunion

The top 3 reasons for owner surrender:
-  No time for the dog
-  Moving, can't take the dog with
-  Family member illness or allergy

We assisted 23 dogs without taking them into our rescue program. These dogs were:
- referred to other area Golden Retriever rescue organizations
- referred to
- referred to  lab rescue
- referred to all-breed rescue groups

-  24 were  spayed/neutered
-  3 were Heartworm positive
-  2 were treated for lyme/erlichiosis
-  1 has cancer
-  8 were treated for other conditions such as renal failure, entropian eyelids, severe ear infections,  growth removal/biopsy
-  1 had epilepsy/seizures

Sonya says O'Hara's head makes an excellent cat bed.

GRRI-NJ received 365 online Adoption Applications in 2003.  Of these:
 - 217 were assigned to volunteers to be interviewed
-  172 interviews were completed
- 114 were approved
 - 58 were not approved
-  45 never got back to the person or were no longer interested.
- 38 adopted elsewhere
- 30 were referred to other rescues or puppy referral
- 92 did not respond for more info, app fee, or phone calls for interview
- 6 were not accepted  (under age etc)
- 9 got a puppy
- 12 are on hold  
- 6 were still being processed @ 12/31/03

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Farewell to ...

Katie, much loved dog of GRRI volunteers Erin & Matt Beam

Shiela, much loved kitty of GRRI volunteers Eileen & Drew McFadden

Cimmarron, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteer Joni Valerio

Sweetie, beloved GRRI Golden of Bernadette McGuire & Cecile Wood

Shannen, beloved Golden of former GRRI volunteer Alyssa Tierney

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