Vol 8 No 1

Dedicated to the memory of

Monty McFadden

Winter 2005-2006

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2005 Reunion

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Letters to GRRI-NJ

Dear GRRI,

We're a happy family with Jack as a new family member. Davis and Jack are getting to know each other and are doing well.  We can't thank you enough and the foster family for making this special connection. We will send some photos of the guys hanging out.

The Conlon Family

Dear Conlons, Glad to hear that Jack and his new brother are doing so well together! We'd love to see pictures, please do send them along.


We adopted Coby 2 years ago and fell in love with him from day one - as did his "sister" - Hope. The kitties have a quiet détente with him - and that works out fine.

I have been meaning to send photos for a while now - so here are a few I hope you'll enjoy.

The 2 dogs get along fabulously and are best pals. Coby goes to work with either me or my husband and enjoys being with us 24/7. The one photo is him at my office. Everyone there loves him and he can usually talk someone into rubbing his belly or playing ball. His favorite thing in the world is playing frisbee (or ball) - and he can catch things out of the air from amazing distances.

He just loved the snow this winter - and enjoys hiding his ball in it and finding it again.  Both dogs travel with us when we visit Chuck's parents in PA - and they share the backseat with love.

He is really a beautiful guy and does his best to always please. He has had a few issues with protectiveness, which we continue to work on. We would love to come to the reunion in Sept., but because he has real alpha issues with other dogs, we aren't sure he is quite ready, and can't completely be trusted to be a nice guy to other pups when he first meets them. (Hope is that exception for sure!) It usually gets worked out within a few minutes, but we try to keep that limited to friends' and relatives' dogs - since the loud initial encounter is understood as harmless more readily once you've seen it.

Please thank Pat [GRRI volunteer] for helping us find our perfect match. We are very grateful to GRRI for giving us this wonderful dog.


Connie Snyder

Dear Connie, Coby's a great looking dog! We're sure the workday goes by a lot quicker with such good company. Thanks for all that you're doing for him.


Just wanted to update you on how everyone is doing. Buddy and Pumpkin are just fab!! They are so much fun - they play ball every morning.  Buddy plays Jeter and Pumpkin is Bernie. They are in training to work in the store. The problem with Pumpkin is she is so cute the customers just sit and pet her and forget to shop. She is working on walking them through the store as they pet her. Buddy has such a presence about him that he is a show stopper. He is great and will be in management in no time at all. Rusty is still in charge and works almost every day. He tolerates B & P's antics and I even found all three of them "spooning" one night on of their beds. Here is picture of them relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. We'll stay in touch!

Marie Northrup

Dear Marie, We're glad that the new "employees" are doing so well! The Yankees look like they might need some help next year; do you think Pumpkin and Buddy would be willing to take a second job at the Stadium? Thanks for writing.

I know it's been a while since I updated you on Hutch. He's become a great loving dog who we at times call epoxy, since he is worse then velcro at times. Most of the baggage he came with is gone except for a major fear of loud noises like thunder and fireworks, and a few small issues that we feel he will never lose. Biggest thing is he gets along great with our other golden, Cassie,  and the two are side by side companions. Attached are a few shots that I hope you will share with Debbie [GRRI volunteer] as after a computer crash I lost her email address.


Charles Germer

Dear Charles, Hutch and Cassie do indeed look like they're glued together! Lucky Hutch to find such a great sister and good home.

Dear Friends at GRRI,

It is with great sadness I write to tell you that our precious Katie Marie died on Aug 2. Thank you for providing us with a wonderful friend. She was written about in your Winter '04 newsletter. Please accept our donation to your wonderful organization. Katie Marie 11/4/92-8/2/05


Eileen and Greg Smith

Dear Eileen and Greg, We're very sorry to hear of your loss. Katie Marie was lucky to find you, and we hope that your memories of her will long be of comfort. Our thoughts are with you.

Dear Michelle [GRRI volunteer] & Family:

I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for fostering such a great dog "Buddy" formerly known as "Bully"!!! He really is fantastic and we love him to pieces! I think I mentioned to you how shocked both Keith & I were when he jumped in our hot tub within the first half hour of being at our house. I think he thinks it's his own little private swimming pool. And the pool!! I think if it was up to him he would stay in it all day keeping cool sitting on the top step of the shallow end. Our hot tub is connected to the pool & he also likes to be in the hot tub with his front paws hanging over into the pool. Don't worry - the hot tub is never on when he's in it. He's also a great swimmer as you know.

Mike (our son) & his friends get a big kick out of watching him swim. Every day when I take him out in our fenced backyard to do his business he will immediately jump in the pool first unless I put his leash on him. Although we've gotten him a few other toys he still likes his Booda and the bone you gave us. We put them in the crate with him when we need to put him in there. Of course you know he loves, loves, loves tennis balls & will either retrieve them with you or play with them by himself either in the house, outside or in the pool.

He has had a couple of accidents :o( but is learning that the backyard is his bathroom and his playground, pool, etc. I never would guessed that 16 years of age (our son's age) would be a good time to get a dog for a child, but Mike has definitely bonded with Buddy. They play, go for walks & most nights sleep together. It's great to see.

I have to tell you that one of my best friends (another Golden owner) said that Buddy was so handsome he should model. He is gorgeous - thanks for taking such good care of him.

Fondly - The Phillips Family

Dear Phillips, Poor Buddy must be missing his swims now that the weather has turned colder. We're sure he's finding plenty of other fun things to keep busy with! We love photos - keep them coming!

Dear GRRI,

I would like to thank you all & GRRI for inviting Shylow and us to the annual Family Reunion. We all had such a wonderful time, plus we got the opportunity to see more of what GRRI does and how well organized they do it. Shylow had a fantastic time! He met up with his sister Chelsea and they played so nice together. I sent a link to some pictures we took, please let me know if it doesn't work. Please feel free to copy them or use them if needed. Photos 100_522 – 526 were taken by my nine year old son. I gave him the camera to just run around and take some shots and he found this guy sleeping with his dogs.

Eileen & Ruth [GRRI volunteers], it was very nice to see the two of you again. Shayne,[GRRI President] it was very nice to finally meet you in person.

Talk to you later.


Dear Vince, We all enjoyed seeing Shylow at the reunion, and we're glad that he could see his sister too! It was a great day and we appreciate your having been a part of it.

Hi Lilli! [GRRI Volunteer]

Awww I could imagine how much you all miss Brandy!! She is so special!! She is doing great!! She is adjusting really well. Her and Abby have become pals very quickly. They lick each other and follow each other, run around together. It's too cute. She is really such a sweetheart. She gets lots of hugs and attention from all of us. My parents came down the other day and fell in love with her instantly. How could you not, right?!?! She's just so lovable. We are having Thanksgiving here and can't wait till she meets the rest of the family!

Thank you for checking in. When I take some more pictures I will send you some.

Take care!

Michele Gallo

Dear Michele, Hope Brandy's Thanksgiving was a special one and that she enjoyed meeting everyone. We'd love to see more pictures! Thanks for writing.

Pat [GRRI volunteer],

Got the pictures! The dogs are doing great. Perrier has a new name...Anie...some day I'll tell you the significance of it to our family, but she really is doing well. Seems to be getting around better, especially up and down stairs. Plays and fights (playing) with the boys, but holds her own.

Good to hear from you the other day!


Janis, Vince, Brodie, Shamus, Anie (aka Perrier)

Dear Janis, Vince, Brodie, Shamus and Anie: Sounds like Anie is settling in to her new home very nicely! It's a long way from New Orleans to here, but with your help it sounds as if her journey has a very happy ending.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Golden Retriever Foundation, I am pleased to acknowledge your gift of $300 to the Rescue Fund. Your donation is deeply appreciated. Special provisions have been made to aid Golden victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita with grants from the Rescue and April Funds. Your generous help will make this possible.

The Golden Retriever Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization, has five funds serving the health and well-being of the Golden population: the General Fund which supports the full range of Foundation grants and operating expenses; the Zeke Cancer Research Fund which finances canine cancer research at major universities and cancer centers; the Rescue fund which assists volunteer Golden Retriever rescue organizations to care for and find homes for displaced Goldens; the April Fund which defrays extraordinary veterinary expenses incurred by individual rescued dogs; and the Rachel Page Elliot Educational Fund which underwrites public education projects concerning Golden Retrievers and responsible pet ownership. The Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Please be advised your gift is fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law and no goods or services have been provided in consideration, in whole or in part, for this contribution.

Thank you for your generosity.


Barbara J. Zelechoski, Secretary-Treasurer

Although our focus is on the New Jersey area, the extraordinary circumstances in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes created unusual hardships for many Gulf residents and their pets. We're pleased to support the Golden Retriever Foundation's relief efforts.

When you gaze up into the sky tonight, you'll see one star that is brighter than the others.  It's the spirit of our beloved Golden, Monty, who we helped to the Garden of Animals this morning.  Monty was abandoned in a NJ state park reservation 4 years ago to fend for himself. He was starving, and had a mast cell tumor in his neck.  Someone found him and brought him to the Clifton shelter.  Rescue was called and foster mom Theresa Szpila saw him through his surgery and nursed him back to health.  We adopted him 3 years ago.  Many of you met Monty at Goldstock and our shows and events.  He was a gentle, friendly guy....he was so grateful for any attention that was given to him.  In early September he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and we opted not to treat him with radiation since the prognosis was poor.  We worked with a homeopathic vet and bought him an additional month of quality life.  He went to the Outer Banks with us and enjoyed his last vacation.  We saw his health started to decline, and this week we felt his quality was declining as well.  He was going into renal failure as the tumor grew.  So this morning, Dr Paul, Lou (Monty's favorite vet tech), Drew and I all bade him a tearful farewell.  I know he's at peace now, and is healing in the Garden of Animals.  Our time together was much too short but that is the price you pay when you adopt a senior.  It was something I never regretted.  He will always be with me in my heart.

Eileen McFadden

Dear Eileen, Monty was so very lucky to have found you and Drew at the time he needed you most. His last years were certainly more wonderful than he ever may have imagined, and we hope you find comfort in the knowledge that you made all the difference in the life of this quiet, gentle soul.

Dear MJ [GRRI Volunteer],

Kip is doing much better. Last we spoke he was quite uncomfortable. We started him on weekly shots to lubricate his elbows and he is like a new puppy. It took about a month and the difference is amazing. He also lost 14 lbs. Our vet is so excited. He loves that diet food R-D. He is spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it. My girlfriend who watches Kip when we visit David at school and who has a Golden says Kip is without a doubt the most affectionate dog she ever saw. Well I just took half a roll of pictures so I'll send you some when I get them developed. From the bottom of our hearts thanks for such a great friend. Hope all is well at home.

Fondly, Paula Harris

Dear Paula, Glad to hear that Kip is feeling happier and healthier. Great job on helping him lose the weight -- no easy task. We'll look forward to the photos!

Hi Mary Jane [GRRI Volunteer]

Well it has been one week and it feels like Zack has been a part of this family for quite a while, even my groomer commented on how comfortable it felt prettying him up. He is doing great; has adjusted well to the kitties, his new home including family & friends, he is doing well w/electric fence (since he never seems to wander far from our side - the fence hasn't been an issue). He walked the beach twice never venturing to the water........yet. He is quite a calm guy but is starting to become very playful, even w/our neighbor lab, Zelda (his new girlfriend). He took a partial dip in our backyard pond today. So I can definitely see how comfortable he is feeling as time goes by. I am working on a few photos to send off to you and I will continue to keep you updated. I will take him to meet our vet next month when his heartworm meds expire, they are anxious to meet him also.

I hope your two babies are doing well (it would be great to get them all together again for a reunion, maybe next year at your GRRI reunion). Remember, if you're ever down this end please drop me a line, Zack would love to see his foster family. Thank you again for sending us this wonderful boy. PS - he luvs his bed, it's by our family room fireplace where he sleeps at night, and naps during the day. He's a cutie.

Barbara, Kevin and Family

Dear Barbara and Kevin, Thanks so much for the update. We're glad that Zack is making the adjustment quickly; sounds as if he has lots to explore! We'll look forward to hearing more about how he's doing as he settles in -- and of course, seeing pictures! Thanks for writing.

We wanted to update you on Murphy, but thought we should let him tell you in his own words.

Bob & Nancy Collins

To My Friends At GRRI,

It's been 9 months since my adoption, and I just want to let you know how things are going. My original name was Tiger, and I came to GRRI with severe allergies, and a staph infection that caused the loss of my fur. My foster Mom, Terry Veiga, nursed me back to health. I was up for adoption for quite a while. But in December, the door bell rang, and a pretty lady and a kind of scruffy guy walked in. I had a feeling about them, and I ran into the living room and laid up against the man's leg. By that evening, I was resting in my new Forever Home.

The first thing my new Mom & Dad did was change my name to Murphy. My Dad said that with my distinguished jowls, I look like a Murphy. They then got a whole bunch of special foods & supplements to help with my allergies. But the best part was all the new toys!

My Mom & Dad play with me a lot. And Dad & I like to wrestle. He gets on the floor with me, than I sometimes knock him over, and sit on him. He likes to laugh when I do that, and says something about having a 90 lb. lap dog.

My parents say I'm pretty smart. When I was at my foster Mom's house, I learned "sit", "lay down", and "stay" not just with words, but with hand signals as well. And now, my Dad has also been teaching me "stay close" on our walks. And speaking of walks, I get excited whenever I hear the words "walk" or "ride." As a matter of fact, they started spelling things so I wouldn't get too excited. But one day, Mom said that she was taking me for a "w-a-l-k". I started doing my happy dance. Mom told Dad I'm starting to scare her. I also know "the bank." This is a place Mom likes to take me to in the car. "The bank" must be a wonderful place inside. We pull up to a big window, and this silver thing slides out. It has treats in it! The lady inside the window sometimes gives me two! Now I get excited whenever I see a big red "C" from the road. Also, I'm learning "ducks", "horses", and "deer."

Both Mom & Dad seem to really love me, but Mom says Dad & I didn't bond, we fused. Mom also says when I burp, that I am really Dad's dog. Dad says we need to work on some things, like getting excited when I see other dogs, but he says I'm getting much better at just sitting when other animals are near. I also need to lose some weight. (Oh, I hope they don't cut back too much on my food.) Dad says we are two old guys, and we need to look out for each other.

I share my home with Toby, a cat who is also a rescue, and who has grown fond of playing with the feathering on my tail. But that is a small price to pay for a nice Forever Home.

I hope to see all the other adopted Goldens at the Reunion, and I hope my foster Mom is there so I can thank her with a big wet kiss.

Thank you GRRI!

Luv & Biscuits, Murphy

Dear Murphy, Right back at ya!! We're happy to hear that you've settled in so nicely and have made such a good start on training your new humans. Please be sure to tell Bob and Nancy how much we appreciate their giving you such a great home. Be nice to Toby, and write us again sometime soon.


Just wanted to tell you that Taffy is doing great! Her counter surfing manners have improved and she likes to take paper out of the recycle bag and shred them to pieces. She has taken control of the couch in the living room and gives you a stern look if you are sitting in her spot. Cody and Taffy get along so well and I think Cody is happy to have her around to keep him company. We almost lost Cody last year (Memorial Day Weekend); I took him to the animal hospital to have him checked out because looked like he was having trouble breathing. He stopped breathing there at the hospital. Fortunately, they revived him and we had to take him to Pennsylvania Vet Hospital. Bart must of driven about 80 mph down the freeway to get him there. Somehow, he had developed a hole in his lung, they had to operate on him and stitch up the hole. He is doing just fine now. I think it was the most frightening thing to happen. It was just a horrible experience. He was shaved from his chest and both sides of his body. The day when we picked him up from the hospital, the doctor brought him down to us, when the elevator door opened, there he was wearing a 'human tee-shirt". It was such a cute sight to see.

Anyway, Taffy and Cody both go over to grandmom's and grandpoppy's house before we head out to work. The other day, Great grandmom was going to make a cake and had put two sticks of butter on the counter to soften up. Taffy decided to help herself . Sometimes when Bart has to work late, when he walks in the door, Taffy starts barking at him as to say "where have you been?  How dare you not come home on time to spend time with me!"  It's just so funny. Last weekend we had gone to the shore. Bart was putting out the crab traps and he had to let the bunker fish thaw (used as bait for the crabs) on the counter. Well Taffy decided that it smelled real good and helped herself. Bart had to chase her around the house to get it from her. She certainly had stinky breath for the rest of the day. We are just so happy to have Taffy in our lives. She is just a sweetheart. Hopefully we will be at the reunion in September.

Kathy Clements

Dear Kathy, Thanks for writing! Taffy sounds like she has sophisticated tastes; crab and butter sounds like the beginnings of a gourmet dinner. Glad that she is doing well and has become pals with Cody. Please, do keep us posted on how she's doing, and good luck keeping her away from all the tempting food!


Last year you helped find a new home for our Golden, "Prince". As part of our on-going appreciation for your organization we are donating an additional $500 from the guest's of our wedding this past September 10, 2005. (See attached favor). We now have a home on a large property and hope to adopt a Golden in the near future. We hope Prince is well and still miss him very much.

(The attached favor read)

"In lieu of a traditional wedding favor, Dave and Emily have a made a donation on your behalf to a non-profit organization called Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc. This organization was established in 1997 in an effort to find permanent, loving homes for homeless Golden Retrievers in need throughout New Jersey. For more information, visit www.grrinj.org."

Thanks again, Dave and Emily (Sologuren)

Dear Emily and Dave, Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Your thoughtfulness on your special day is very much appreciated, and we wish you many, many years of happiness together.

Hi Eileen [GRRI Volunteer],

Enclosed is a donation to the Joann Smith Memorial Fund in honor of my Spencer.

When I first met Spencer (then Spice) in late October 2001 he was old, a former stray, mostly untrained and among the homeliest Goldens I had ever met. He was deemed likely to be a permanent resident at DVGRR. My vet believed that he might have about 2 years of life remaining. Of course his Golden heart and time have proved all of the above untrue (except the old part).

We know that every Golden deserves a healthy, happy life in a loving home, especially OLD GOLD. They are NOT throwaways.

Best regards,

Ken Florky

Dear Ken, Spencer looks plenty beautiful to us! He's a lucky dog to have found someone like you, and as with a lot of senior dogs, we know you've gotten back as much as you've given. Please give him a kiss on the nose for us, and thanks for writing.


As we celebrate Tucker’s birthday, we just wanted to thank rescue for allowing us to adopt him. He is our soul mate and the light in ours lives, we can’t image not having him in our hearts.

Even though he just killed his birthday present in under 2 minutes.

Barb & John Ready

Dear Barb and John, Two minutes? Poor Tucker must be slowing down. Tucker's the lucky one to have found the two of you; you both have given so much of yourselves to GRRI that it only seems right that you enjoy the companionship of a special dog like Tucker.  Give him and the rest of the Ready bunch our very best.

Hi Linda, [GRRI Volunteer]

Thank you for that. The Wonder Ear really works.

Gordon (our adopted golden from GRRI-NJ) had pretty bad ear infections just after we got him requiring antibiotics, even a cleaning at the vet under anesthesia. Well, we tried the Wonder Ear out of frustration and it worked great!

That was 2 years ago and we just use it as a precaution once per month - his ears are great.

And, by the way, we'll be sending pics soon.

Thanks again for the fantastic work that you do.

Ian & Charmaine Ochshorn

Dear Ian and Charmaine, Glad Gordon's ears are doing better; it's so hard to see them itch and be uncomfortable when they flare up. Please, do send along some pictures: we'd love to see Gordon! Thanks for writing.

Dear Avery (GRRI Volunteer),

Enclosed is a donation to GRRI-NJ in appreciation for all the wonderful work you and your volunteers do.  Thanks for your help with Harley.

All the best this Holiday Season and a Happy & Healthy New Year.

Lisa Siroti

Dear Lisa, Many thanks for your generosity, as well as for your willingness to help with Harley.  He’s a beautiful dog, and we’re looking forward to finding just the right home for him.

Judy (GRRI Volunteer),

I hope Max is settling in.  Tylar was meant to live with Baillie and us.  He has been very happy playing with Baillie.  He has not gotten on the furniture at all and he is very good with commands.  I make both dogs sit and wait before they are fed and they are great at it.  I do the same with biscuits.  I also make them sit as soon as they come in the door (they are usually wet and or muddy) so this is a good habit to get into.  This one will take some more work!  I am attaching a few more pictures.   Glad to hear that your cat is doing better.  Tomorrow I take Tylar to meet his new vet.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Mary Collins


Dear Mary, Thanks for the update. We’re glad Tylar is so happy in his new home, and that he and Baillie have become such pals!  They look beautiful together; as you get more pictures, please send them along!

We would like to thank you for your patience with us through this adoption procedure.  As you know, it all turned out for the best.  We officially adopted Jake on Saturday, December 10, 2005.  You have made our family complete again, thank you so much.  Jake is a dear and fitting in very well with our family.  We must say that Dan Keppler was a very nice person who put up with all our questions.
Mr. Keppler was very professional when we met with him for the adoption and put our mind at ease.  As you know, the loss of our beloved Golden, "Dusty" was an extremely hard time.  Jake will be well loved; he is as sweet as can be!  Thank you for making us so happy!  We will send pictures as soon as we can.  Again, thank you for your assistance and making it possible to have another loving Golden in our family again.


Gale Conti

Dear Gale, Thanks for writing.  We’re happy to hear that Jake is adjusting to his new home, and thank you for giving him a wonderful new start.  No need to apologize for asking questions! – we like to share as much information as we can so that everyone can make good decisions with the dog’s best interests in mind. Please stay in touch – and send pictures!

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