Vol 8 No 1

Dedicated to the memory of

Monty McFadden

Winter 2005-2006

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Remembering Monty


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Remembering Monty

This edition of the GRRI News is dedicated in loving memory of Monty,

beloved 12-year-old rescue Golden of GRRI volunteers Eileen and Drew McFadden.

How I wish we could have shared the first part of your life with you. Things would have been so different. We would have loved to watch your puppy antics; we would have NEVER abandoned you in a park reservation to fend for yourself - frightened, starving, and suffering from cancer. We would have made sure you NEVER ended up in an animal shelter.

But that wasn't meant to be. Thankfully your guardian angel brought you to GRRI-NJ and your life took a dramatic turn. You were cared for - loved - cherished.

How we miss that goofy, lopsided smile; your ever wagging tail; your soft, deep '"WOOF'.

It's so unfair that cancer reared it's ugly head once again and claimed you as its own. But we know that you are at peace now, safe and healing in the Garden of Animals, being cared for by all the wonderful Goldens who have gone on before you. And you in turn will help care for those who come after you. Because that is the way you were.

You never asked for anything - there wasn't a mean bone in your body; you were grateful for anything you were given; you loved everyone and everyone who met you loved you.

We will always be with you and you will always be with us in our hearts until we can be together again...

Old Dog in a Locket

Old dog in a locket

That lies next to my heart

I will always love you

As I did right from the start

You were right beside me

Through the darkest of my days

It was your kind and gentle nature

That made me want to stay

Now I hold you in my arms

Your breath still warm against my hand

Our hearts still beat together

And I wonder if you understand

Through the hours that I held you

Before the light did leave your soul

I knew a way to keep you

Forever in my hold

I snipped the hair from around your eyes

So I would always see

The beauty that surrounds me

Even in times of need

I snipped the hair from around your ears

So I would always hear

Music in the distance

To quiet all my fears

I snipped the hair from around your back

To bring me strength in time of need

And the power in your essence

Would always be with me

I snipped the hair from around your heart

That beat in time with mine

So I'd know your love would find me

At some distant time

And so your life slipped out of mine

On a quiet spring like day

But I knew that a part of you

Was always here to stay

Old dog in a locket.

That lays next to my heart

I will always love you

Even though we had to part

Author Unknown

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