Vol 8 No 1

Dedicated to the memory of

Monty McFadden

Winter 2005-2006

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GRRI Rescue Parade

Is it still a parade if you have to swim through it? On October 9th, that's what participants at the Garden State Golden Retriever Club Specialty Show in North Branch might have been wondering about the annual GRRI rescue parade, which occurs during the show. Little did they know that a little (OK, a lot!) of rain wasn't going to dampen the spirits of the intrepid GRRI gang. And as for the canine stars of the day, big puddles and mud were just a bonus on top of all the attention! Special thanks to Drew McFadden for stepping in as master of ceremonies, and to all the GRRI adopters and volunteers who braved the weather to honor these special dogs. And of course, many thanks to the volunteers who stuck it out and staffed the merchandise table to raise funds for GRRI!

Rescue Parade participants: (l-r) Olivia Bergner with Chloe & Montana, Bob Collins with Murphy, Deb Catapano with Daisy, Ellie Marshall with Dolly, Eileen McFadden with Shiloh, Ruth Osman with Holly and Michele Masone with Monty

Grand Marshall Dolly with Ellie Marshall

Each of this year's participants had their special story read as they circled the ring:


Adopted By: Ellie Marshall

Gotcha Day: January 29, 2005

A chilling rain was falling on a dreary day late last fall in a large field in Arkansas. Dogs of every breed were lined up in pens and open crates, waiting for the puppymill auction to begin. Volunteers from one of the Midwest rescue groups were able to gain entry and buy 80 Golden Retrievers, some for as little as $10 a dog. Fortunately, Dolly was one of those rescued.

She was brought to Tennessee and fostered by Judy Laureano, the founder and former President of GRRI and a Golden Retriever breeder. Dolly was in terrible condition -- emaciated, with bilateral ear and eye infections, worms and ehrlichiosis. And she was pregnant. She was given medical care that wouldn’t harm the puppies she was carrying, and on December 5 she gave birth to eleven healthy puppies!

The demand for Dolly was incredible. But we wanted to make sure she went to a home that would help her heal; a home that would spoil her, pamper her, and love her unconditionally. And we found it. Dolly now shares her home with her Mom, her two “human” kids, her kitty and her three bunnies. No expense was spared to bring her up to optimal health. She also enjoys doggy pedicures, pampered grooming sessions, and swimming in the pool at Grandma’s house. Life couldn’t get any better.


Adopted By: Olivia & Bill Bergner

Gotcha Day: January 29, 2005

Chloe Bergner was adopted from GRRI in January of 2005 as an 8-week-old puppy. She is one of a litter of eleven born to GRRI adoptee Dolly and last December and January we anxiously checked our email each day to see pictures of the puppies.

January 29th was a happy day when we took our little bundle of fur home with us and we have enjoyed watching her grow into a beautiful, loving adolescent.

She is studying to be a gardener and is especially good at pruning bushes!


Adopted By: Ruthanne Sokolick & John Rutkowski

Gotcha Day: February 17, 2005

Rufus' name should have been "Shadow". He follows me wherever I go including the shower.

Our other rescue, Becky, has designated herself his Mama. She protects him from big, bad Alex and slaps him down when he becomes "out of hand".

Rufus is a good boy. He's an exuberant, happy puppy who loves to run in his yard, swim in his pool and chase the itinerant vermin that happen to venture into his yard. The "adventure" with the groundhog that didn't want to leave was a little scary, but I ended up the worse for it, on my face in the dirt trying to hold him back. (Funny now, not funny then.)

Although he has had his moments, it has been a joy to have him. We love him.


Adopted By: Ruth & Rick Osman

Gotcha Day: November 29, 2004

Holly was adopted by the Osman Family on Thanksgiving Day 2004.

Holly's previous owners were moving and could not take her with them. At the age of 11 that wasn't easy for her.

Holly adjusted to her new life with her new Golden brother Parker, a human brother who comes home from college to see her, and a new Mom and Dad.

Holly's affectionate nature extends from snuggles to ball playing. She runs to get tennis balls like she is still a puppy. She is totally tennis ball obsessed. Our home is wall-to-wall tennis balls; they are everywhere. She just celebrated her 12th birthday last month and if she is old, someone clearly forgot to tell her!!

Holly is a very active lady for 12. She enjoys her daily walks, eating, ball playing, and sleeping on the couch. Her newest trick is working the Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine.

Holly is a shining example of why everyone should open their home to a senior Golden. People just don't know what they're missing. Holly is a total love, and demonstrates every day just how much joy white faces bring when they worm their way into our hearts.

She is proof beyond compare that Old Gold Shines Brightest.


Adopted By: Olivia & Bill Bergner

Gotcha Day: December 12, 2004

Montana Bergner was adopted from GRRI in December of 2004. We immediately fell in love with this gentle giant for his unwavering friendliness and good manners.

We knew he was going to fit in when, on the first night we had him, he got in line with our other dogs to have his teeth brushed. He loves digging in the sand and then laying in the cool, damp hole.

When Chloe joined the family, Montana was very tolerant of her puppy antics and helped her learn about things like snow angels.

He gets along well with everyone and is a continuing source of enjoyment.


Adopted By: Nancy Esposito & Bob Collins

Gotcha Day: December 12, 2004

Thank you for giving me & all the other adopted Goldens a chance to tell our stories.

When I came into GRRI's care, I was a mess. Constant scratching due to bad allergies led to a staph infection and the loss of most of my fur. I also suffered from eye and ear infections, and stones led to a “plumbing re-route”. Thanks to my foster mom, Terry Veiga, my fur came back in, my infections cleared up, and I was adopted in December by Bob & Nancy.

I love to wrestle with my new Dad (sometimes I even let him win), play catch, go with Mom in the car (the bank has good snacks) and otherwise act like a crazy young Golden. I even let Toby the cat play with my tail fur.

My fur is back up to snuff; I get plenty of food and supplements for my allergies, and my parents seem to love me a lot. I love them too!

Luv & Biscuits,


(The Golden formerly known as Tiger)


Adopted By: Eileen & Drew McFadden

Gotcha Day: May 22, 2005

Shiloh came into rescue three days before Christmas 2004. His family had purchased him a year before as a Christmas puppy and didn’t realize how much work a Golden Retriever can be. This rambunctious 13-month old just wanted to play … and play … and play.

In early January, his foster mom –- that’s me! -- noticed that he was limping badly on his left front leg. A trip to the veterinarian revealed a congenital bone defect called Osteochondroitis Desicans. Shiloh underwent orthopedic surgery to correct this painful condition. But this was just the beginning. Further diagnostic tests revealed a severe autoimmune condition, severe food allergies and mal absorption issues. He was placed on a raw meat/bone diet and treated homeopathically.

Attempts to place Shiloh in his forever home were unsuccessful. He had become a very high maintenance special needs dog. After 6 months of intense care and bonding with us, we realized that we were never going to find the right forever home for him, because he was already in it. We weren’t supposed to foster him, but we feel that he was sent here for a reason, and that reason was for us to nurse him, love him, adopt him and cherish him for the rest of his life. So once again we’ve become foster failures!


Adopted By: Michele Masone & Beth Corcoran

Gotcha Day: July 16, 2005

Hi everybody, I'm Monty! I've already lived in 3 homes, and I just turned 2 years old. They tell me I didn't do anything wrong, I'm just a typical goofy Golden. Now I live with my new Moms, and I have lots of new friends. I have a sister, Maggie -- she looks just like me except she's a blonde.

Maggie taught me I don't have to be afraid of noises and new things. I taught Maggie things, too, like how to play and that going in the ocean and riding in the car are fun. I have 5 new cat friends, too -- I used to chase them, but that made them mad, so I stopped -- now they like me! I really love people, so please come say “hi” to me! And thank you to all my friends at GRRI who helped me along the way -- I'm finally home where I belong.


Adopted By: Catapano Family

Gotcha Day: October 2005

My name is Daisy and I am ten years old this month. I’m not sure which day, but that doesn't matter since I’ve found my forever home and it’s like a birthday everyday here.

Everyone loves me so much and the attention I get... unbelievable. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be spending the rest of my life like this. You see since I was born I’ve had four homes and I could never understand why no one wanted to keep me. Although my new Mom says sometimes, she might know why but I never ask.

This past summer a lady came to my old house and put me in her car. I thought we were just going for a ride, but we never went back. She was to be my foster Mom until they found me a forever home, but guess what ... I’m still here, although I’m not sure why about this either, but I’m not going to ask because I don’t want to ever go in anyone’s car for a ride anymore.

I have a four-legged sister who looks a lot like me. Her name is Tammy. Sometimes we play but mostly she just sleeps and looks at me.

I have a sister and brother too, but they only have two legs. They play ball with me everyday (and sneak me human food sometimes). They tell me they love me all the time. My Mom does too … she says “Daisy, I love you so much” and then gives me kisses. Kisses are nice; I don’t think I had many before.

I am so happy in my forever home.

So thank you, Mom and Dad, and Golden Re-Triever Rescue for bringing us together. And thank you everyone here, for helping us Goldens who need your help … we can’t do it alone.

God Bless you everyone.

Daisy Catapano

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