Vol 8 No 1

Dedicated to the memory of

Monty McFadden

Winter 2005-2006

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The 2005 GRRI Rescue Reunion

A little bit of country, a whole lot of Goldens!

A very happy Sammie Slamp
we note with sadness Sammie's passing as this edition goes to press

Recipe for a great day: begin with a beautiful Indian summer day in September.  Add over 110 Golden Retrievers and their proud owners (over 175 people attended!).  Mix with food, games, country-western costumes (for the dogs!) and continuous bragging!  GRRI's annual reunion on September 17th for adopters, volunteers, and their Goldens was a tremendous success, and we were delighted to see so many GRRI dogs all together! For those who have adopted from us, it was a chance to show off their treasured friends; for volunteers, it was a chance to renew acquaintances with many of the dogs who have touched our hearts.  There's no better feeling than to see so many happy dogs and people together!

Sparky Walter says "howdy pardner"

The day began with check-in, where all dogs received goody bags and handmade bandanas to set the mood. As  dogs and people mingled and said hello, volunteers began unwrapping endless varieties of food, featuring delicious submarine sandwiches (thank you Wegmans!!!) salads, side dishes, drinks, cakes, and sweets. More than one set of envious canine eyes monitored the food tables carefully! After lunch it was time for the games to begin: the competition was, well, not exactly fierce -- more like hilarious!  Lacy and Toby Meyer took first place in the costume contest; Charlene and Maddie Jackson won the musical hula hoop competition. Parker Osman was a determined competitor and bested all challengers to walk away with top honors in the hot dog toss.  And Ethan and Carmen Anderson charmed the audience on the way to winning the kissing contest.

Barb & Cody Ready

There were plenty of opportunities to stock up on one-of-a-kind items for Goldens and the people who love them; the raffle table was overflowing with beautiful goods made or donated by our volunteers.  Our merchandise table was also open for business, with GRRI logo clothing, toys, jewelry and other wonderful items available for sale. Jeanne Urna donated her photographic talents and took portraits of families and their dogs; somehow, she has the gift for getting children and dogs alike to stop fidgeting and look at the camera, and the resulting images will be treasured for years to come.  Our 50/50 raffle was won by the Mihansky family, with the winning tennis ball selected by 12 year old GRRI dog Holly Osman, the original Tennis Ball Fiend!

A reunion within a reunion!!  Dolly and her puppies

The Hot Dog Contest

Foster Mom Judy Lilien spends time with some of the Goldens she's fostered and their new families.

Such a terrific day is the culmination of the efforts and generosity of many individuals and businesses. We'd like to give special thanks to GRRI volunteer Carolyn Decina, who coordinated every aspect of the day and worked tirelessly to make sure we all had fun.  In addition, special thanks to:

Carolyn Decina and Allie


SunAction Textiles, Inc.

Mulberribush Inc.

Stanley Discount Products

The Pleasantville Tennis Club

Diane and Lou Pondo

Shayne Murray

Theresa Szpila

Michele Masone

Beth Corcoran

Carolyn Decina

Julie-Ann Ulbrich

Jeanne Urna

The Labarbara Family

The Avella Family

Elizabeth Yeager

Betty Mihansky

John & Christine Meyer

Sean & Valerie Mahon

Joe & Irene Kennedy

Charlene Jackson

Dr. John & Cheryl Grant

Avery Fenrow

Robert Brumell

Bill & Olivia Bergner

Patricia Bean

The Hudasko Family

Robin Bausback

Jannet King

Fran Rosenbaum

MaryMargaret & Dave Philpot

Sharon Conway

and all the GRRI volunteers who cooked, baked, staffed tables, cleaned up, or otherwise helped
to make it a great day!

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