Vol 9 No 1

Winter 2007

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2006 Annual Survey

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2006 Annual Survey Results

Last fall GRRI mailed 364 adoption survey forms to families that adopted Goldens from our organization. The adoption timeframe ranged from 1997 through September 2006.  Only 10 survey forms were returned due to no forwarding address.  This was a surprisingly low number - thank you for keeping us informed of your whereabouts!  39% of the forms were completed and returned to us.  We read each and every one of them.   To those of you who did return the survey, we appreciate your thoroughness and candidness in helping us improve our processes.

We’re happy to report that the majority of you were extremely pleased with our operation and wouldn’t have us change a thing. You felt we matched you with the perfect dog for your needs; you were given an accurate description of your dog, and the information that we provided to you was helpful.

When feedback was provided that we felt needed further discussion, i.e., conflicting information provided by our volunteers, or behavioral issues that have developed with one of our dogs, a Board member followed up with that issue.  We take these matters seriously!

We were sad to learn that three of our adopters’ dogs had died over the past year, and our condolences are with each of you.

And last but not least, thank you for the pictures.  We LOVE getting pictures and notes about our dogs!  Following are some of the comments that we received, and some of the pictures that were returned along with the surveys.

  • Very thorough
  • The whole process is very appropriate. We feel it really protects and is in the best interest of the dog. It also helps make a good match!
  • I think you take all necessary steps to ensure a good fit and safe environment for the dogs
  • This tremendous support system reflects the caring group at GRRI
  • I really enjoy the reunions that you have every year. It’s nice to meet others who have also adopted a Golden.  It’s great to see so many Goldens in one spot!
  • Foster is the BEST! Clone him and I will take 5 more!
  • Thank you again for a great pal – we love her!
  • Great job by all!  Still stay in contact with foster mom. KC loves his life for sure.  Real affectionate to the utmost degree.
  • I think GRRI does a wonderful job in all respects. We thank God for people like you that rescue this wonderful breed.
  • We really lucked out getting this dog. She is great! We love her to death!
  • Superb interview/home visit/really knowledgeable young woman
  • GRRI is a wonderful organization. Love the picnics too!
  • We love our Max!  Thank you!
  • The only thing we can suggest is to update the success story page
  • There were conflicts of opinion regarding crating and training between the interviewer and the home visitor.  We feel it is individual to the dog.  Reese hated the crate. Her foster mother used one, but we had to coax her in each time.  We gave it up after 4 weeks much to her delight.  (Editor’s Note:  The volunteers involved in this adoption process have been made aware of our policy regarding crate training and obedience training.  We feel that both are beneficial to the dog when they are in our foster care and when they first enter their new forever home.)
  • We originally put in an application to foster, but were called about an adoption.  No home visit was done but would recommend for future adoptions.  (Editor’s Note:  Due to limited volunteer resources, we were unable to conduct home visits prior to 2003.  We’re happy to report that they were implemented as an integral part of our adoption application process and well as our foster home application process in March 2003.)
  • The adoption process is very thorough and professional
  • I am grateful for Brodie, she’s a sweet, gentle, loving Golden.  I lucked out, thanks.
  • Every year we look forward to the reunion picnic. It is one of our favorite days of the year.
  • We were surprised at the thorough application process and after we got Scooby we were thankful for the process and know that the best interest of the animal was first and foremost with GRRI
  • A-OK!
  • Professional, supportive of adopting family and protective of Goldens. All very positive.
  • Wonderful program and wonderful foster parents. Thanks for all you do.
  • Disappointed that you no longer adopt dogs to people in Pennsylvania.  We are lovers of Golden Retrievers and give them a loving, forever home.  Even though we currently have a dog from your rescue we are unable to adopt from you in the future. Why is Pennsylvania excluded from your adoption area?  (Editor’s Note:  Our geographic coverage area has to be limited to those areas where we have active volunteers available to conduct the home visit portion of our adoption application process.  We did have a volunteer who lives in this particular area of Pennsylvania but the applicant declined to allow us to conduct a home visit for any future adoptions so we will be unable to accept any future adoption applications.  The applicant was referred to Pennsylvania rescues.)
  • We would definitely adopt through you again!  Thanks
  • Keep up the good work!
  • All of your volunteers are wonderful
  • I had to wait for first response and began to consider breeders. I am grateful to you all. Sandi is the light of my life.
  • Thank you for saving my angel
  • I found GRRI to be a good, thorough, caring agency and genuinely dedicated to finding homes for these loving, beautiful, gentle Goldens.  The home interviewer and the foster home were great reflections of your rescue.
  • All things considered, Chrissie is perfect – thank you!
  • You are all excellent. We luv you all!
  • I like the adoption process as it is – it worked.
  • Perfect
  • We are delighted with your adoption program and delighted with Dickens
  • Your thoroughness and business like organization is commendable
  • You’re doing a terrific job!
  • Excellent experience!  Thank you so much!
  • GRRI’s caring and professionalism is unmatched. I recently had an experience with a local shelter that was so well meaning, but sadly, missed the mark.  I am not close enough to them to define the problems, but I can say that in the end, the dogs do not receive the kind of care and placement GRRI offers.  From the application interview process to the follow up, GRRI is exemplary. All “shelters” could use some lessons from you. We are grateful parents of a GRRI rescue and feel Meg is just perfect for us!
  • This is a great program!