Vol 9 No 1

Winter 2007

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Letters to GRRI-NJ

Dear Judy (GRRI volunteer),

Gosh, we had such a wonderful time at the picnic on Saturday!  So many beautiful dogs and all having a good time!!   The rescue group sure works hard to guarantee a nice time!

We want to thank you all so much.  It is an event that we look forward to attending, and will continue to look forward to the next one!

Judy, you looked great, and we were happy you adopted Harry!  I think Jake remembered you, I really do!

All in all we couldn't stop talking about how great the day was and how much we enjoyed it!

Warm regards,


Dear Diana,

We’re glad you enjoyed  “Woofstock”.   All of our volunteers always look forward to our annual reunion so that they can become reunited with our dogs and get a chance to meet their new families.   We’re already looking at dates for this year’s event!

Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Sorry to hear about your dog - but these things happen in the dog world.  I am sorry I had to miss the North Branch parade.  I also want to say thank you for finding me another great Golden to bring into my life.  Cadberry has been a dream - loves everything - cars, other dogs - people.  Just like Spencer, he goes everywhere with me, even the bank.  The girls make a fuss over him - he seldom barks. He is also great with my grandkids. He just rolls over and loves to have his belly rubbed.  I am enclosing two of his latest pictures for the newsletter.

Thanks again,

Joseph Del Grippo

PS - all the people you have working with you are great - say hello for me!

Dear Joe,

Cadberry looks wonderful – thanks so much for the photo!  We’re so happy tht we were able to help you find your new best friend, and that Cadberry is helping you to spoil your grandchildren.

Dear GRRI-NJ and Shayne (GRRI volunteer),

I just learned of my friends' very generous gift of $200 to GRRI in honor of my retirement and I am just so touched.  This organization is just wonderful because we have our Sophie and we added Bella last year right after we lost our beloved Max at the age of 13 and a half. Enclosed please find the girls this week in their costumes.  Please keep up all of your great work!!!


Robin and Herman Sklarin, Sophie and Bella

Dear Robin,

Congratulations on your retirement!  We were thrilled that your friends decided to honor you by making a donation to GRRI.  Rest assured that it will be put to good use helping all of these wonderful dogs.  Bella and Sophie look adorable in their Halloween attire.

Dear Ms. Eileen (GRRI volunteer and Adoption Coordinator):

My foster parents are out so I want to write. They know I am smart because I watch TV, but they don't know I am smart enough to use a computer. I saw your email about a picture of me. I am so much better looking than I was. I also feel like a real dog. I run. I roll on my back and kick my legs in the air. I walk a long ways without resting. And I love my new home. Truth is, my foster parents are in denial. They have FOSTER FAILURE written all over them. But I know they can't give me up. Want to know how I know? Ready for this? They call me Buster BABY. Get that? They can't give up their baby. So let's cut to the chase: I'm not going anywhere.

Uh, oh! Here they come. The Foster Failures are home. See you later.

Buster (Baby)


Dear Buster Baby,

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the foster parents are the LAST TO KNOW that you’re in your forever home?  I’ll let you in on a little secret … we suspected you were there too!

To all of the wonderful lovers of the Breed at GRRI-NJ,

I've had the reunion invite sitting on my computer from the time that it came. The follow up form came, and I meant to reach out to you all. After we lost  Mo (Momo) this past January I sent an email off to Jill McLoughlin, her foster Mom....but saw no reply. The decision to start the process which led to Mo joining our family was not without trepidation. As a single Dad, my daughter Kim had just graduated college and her brother Kyle was a sophomore at Delaware. The idea of having another dog led me thru conversation to GRRI... and somehow to what I was told was an old connection to a breeder we used to board Keenan from West Milford N.J.  We lived in Ringwood 20 years ago. When Kim was 2 we had started our family with our first Golden, a purebred female pup we named Keenan. Keenie was with us for 14+ years....She stayed with the kids and their mom after we divorced her last couple of years. The trepidation part was the thought of after many years of not having a Golden, could we find a dog that would be o.k. knowing that I needed to work. The other fate connection came when you sent your member to Warwick to see where a potential match would live. This turned out to be the girl who babysat our kids from the time they were born as a young teen in Ringwood (she recognized our last name and recognized our profile...strange but true).  I had no idea what we would find or how long a search would take, but it was barely a month until Jill called and said that she had a six year old female that we might want to look at. When I asked Jill if it was o.k. if I brought my daughter along I sensed a bit of concern in her voice. But when we pulled into her driveway and Kim (21 yrs) greeted her and Mo, Jill laughed and admitted that she thought we might be another parent looking for a puppy for their kid. We spent quite a while in their yard with Mo and Jill's other male Golden. It didn't take long to bond which Jill remarked at....and I knew!  We were not obligated to make any decisions that quickly. But the combination of her age, previous training and the fact that she never really barked made her a perfect fit. Well, to make this long story draw to a close... Any thought of having an older Golden and my concern of opening my heart knowing that at six, her time as a companion could be shorter than what I initially hoped for...BUT  when I look back on her two+ years with us I wouldn't exchange them for anything. My neighbors, those who don't know, still ask me how's Mo?  For me, Mo was my Clarence, sent to me to get me past a difficult time in my life as the kids finished college and started their lives. So when a bell rings, maybe you guys at GRRI have placed another Golden, and another Angel gets her wings... Please keep me on your mailing list, I don't know if I'm ready just yet to jump back in....but I'd like to keep that door open. To all of you who do such wonderful work Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Dave, Kim, and Kyle Grunstra...Mo's family

Dear Dave,

Our belated condolences to you and your family.  We do indeed remember when you came to adopt Momo from Jill and realized that she had been your babysitter. It’s such a small world!  When you think you’re ready to open your heart and  home to another of our rescue dogs, please let us know.   

Hi Lilli (GRRI volunteer),

Rocky is doing really well. He is very playful and agreeable all the time.  Rich bought the Solid Gold and the canned food you use.  He also bought a big fluffy bed and a raised dog dish.

Right now he is lying at the side of the bed looking at me in the computer room writing to you.  Brandy and he are getting along well too. 

Thanks for everything.


Dear Denise,

Rocky certainly seems to have made himself right at home.   He is such a special little guy and we can’t thank you enough for bringing him into your home and showering him with love.

Hi Judy (GRRI volunteer),

Thanks for your recent online card – they are so cool.

How are your dogs?  Do you still have the foster dog that swallowed the bone?

Ironically Amber did that the other day – she ate a marrow bone so fast that I guess she didn’t chew it up enough.  She threw up a number of times and passed part of it when she went to the bathroom.  She’s fine now.

I’ve attached some pictures of Amber – one is Amber sleeping with Kate, another is Amber outside with one of her many beloved tennis balls and another is Amber stuck behind a table … she went there to retrieve a tennis ball and couldn’t figure out how to get out.  She barked for me to help, but I didn’t know where she was from the bark.  It was pretty comical.

I hope your holidays are happy – Merry Christmas!

XO Donna

Dear Donna,

Wow.  Amber (left) looks awesome!   We shared your photos with the staff at the animal shelter she was taken to prior to her coming into rescue. They couldn’t believe the transformation.   She has a way of stealing everyone’s hearts the moment they meet her.

Dear Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Please accept this donation from Steven and I.  So many stories that I’ve heard this year touched us both – and helping these wonderful companions is so gratifying.

Katie is coming along. She is becoming more and more a family dog, although reserved many times.  She barks a lot more, and seems to be oddly protective of us. 

We have been blessed with both Katie and Angel. Thank you for the love and companionship – and for all the good work GRRI does.

Janet Loprano and Steven Weiss

Dear Janet and Steven,

Thank you so much for your donation and for adopting Katie.  Your gift of patience, love and kindness is what is helping Katie heal and become the family dog that she was meant to be.  Your donation helps us help more dogs like Katie and Angel.  All they need is a chance, and people willing to give it to them. 

Dear Smiths (GRRI foster family),

I am happily adjusting with my new family.  I love all the hugs and kisses they're always giving me!  We had a really nice Christmas and we all got some cool presents to play with and to chew on.  Can you see that I've already got a favorite chair?  My new Mom & Dad and my new sisters are a lot of fun to play with.  We've gone to Ramapo Reservation for walks.  Maybe we all could meet with my foster brothers and you guys for a hiking play date some time in the near future?!?  I miss you all and we will keep in touch.  Thanks for the Christmas greeting and picture you e-mailed to us.  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too!  Happy New Year 2007!

Hugs 'n wet kisses, 

Bear  (formerly known as Bethany, Beth & Bethie) & Lisa & Bill & Gracie & Sophie, too

Dear Bear and family,

Thanks for writing to tell us how happy you are in your new forever home. We always love to hear that we made the perfect match between our Goldens and our adopters.   You sure look content in “your” chair; and we hope you get your wish to go for trail walks at the Ramapo Reservation with your former foster family – that’s a really cool place to go!

Ruth (GRRI volunteer),

I thought you would like to see how well Chelsea is adjusting to our family.  She is doing incredibly well!  She and Daphne are best friends.  They play constantly together inside and outside.  Daphne has lost a well needed 12 pounds since Chelsea has been here.  We are so happy to have Chelsea in our family!

Happy Holidays

Love Heidi

Dear Heidi,

Nothing like the ol’ buddy system to help family members lose weight - good for Daphne – and to Chelsea for being such a good weight loss coach!  They look so much alike now that even Chelsea’s foster mom couldn’t tell which was which. (Chelsea is on the right).


For a dog I never had the pleasure of meeting,

For those of you at GRRI who provide dog with loving greetings,

Please apply these funds wherever they are needed most.

Pam Morgan

Hi Bear,

I am thinking about you and am crossing my fingers that you will be soon guided towards the loving home you so rightly deserve.



Pam, thank you once again for your generous donation to help us help wonderful dogs like Bear.  He is indeed doing very well in his foster home and is receiving the medical care that he needs.  He loves going for walks and playing with his plush toys and his foster dad.  Life is good and Bear thanks you for your help and support of GRRI.

Hi Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Please accept this donation in memory of Gerry who loved every Golden that entered our home.  Best wishes to everyone.




Thank you for your generous donation, and please accept our sincere condolences on Gerry’s passing.  We’ve placed this money in our Joann Smith Memorial Fund which we established several years ago to help Goldens with extraordinary medical needs.  Many Goldens will receive the help they need thanks to your memorial gift.

Hi Matt (GRRI volunteer),

Thank you for getting back to us. Glad to see you and your Goldens are well.  My dogs have always worn the flea and tick collars... so I was very surprised when Britty developed Lyme disease just before Thanksgiving.   It manifested itself with lethargy, loss of appetite, and a golf ball size lump behind her larynx.   Long story short... 2 vet visits, blood work, and meds...three days apart... blood cells back to normal, lump gone, and onto road to recovery.  Had her back to vet last week for follow up...back to normal except her face is now totally white.  Lyme is mutating and shows up with added different side effects according to vet who I've known since 1970's...one smart woman!  For her stiffening front lower legs joints, which she had been licking, she is now on a dog aspirin...Cosequin DS...she still runs.  Since I retired from teaching last June, Britty and I stay up later, get up later, play outside and indoors more times...still loves her tennis balls which get thrown in and out of home (even throw it upstairs over railing for her to run up and get)...once she has it, she looks down on me, I clap and praise, then she runs down for more play.  Right now she is frustrating herself trying to get a milk bone out of her rubber Kong toy...every other day, I put peanut butter in it.  On good days she plays with 3 year old white Lab named Daisy...we share back yard and they look for each other. As Daisy runs down and flies thru our backdoor, Britty runs up to Daisy's deck to visit her Daisy Yip family. They have a year old daughter now and Britty is always trying to give Maddie her tennis ball.  Must admit that FOOD supercedes tennis balls for Britty.  An example would be today... I did meatballs in the oven and Britty plopped herself in the middle of the kitchen and stayed there until meatballs were done.  Oh, don't panic...her body weight stays around 74 pounds!   Still cannot keep her from eating skat (msp.?).   Loves rides and visiting others but gets upset when I go out for cigarette or run an errand for my Mom who is still near you.  She tolerates other dogs even when they are less than friendly...basically tries to ignore them...Daisy is the exception, because she has known her since she  was a pup. Matt, I don't do pictures on the computer, but we would love to see you when visiting my cousin or my Mom in Hillsborough... then you can do pictures.   Let me know...   With the Lyme episode, I came to realize that Britty got another raw deal in her life... and therefore,  I give her more love and attention...if that's possible  (ha ha !).  She and I have been out there in the world and now it's time for us in our space for having fun, loving, caring, and sharing our time together. Britty has had a place in my heart from day one...but it grows with each passing day.   Matt, I thank you for helping me to adopt Britty...but ...aren't all Goldens special?

Glad wags from Britty to Sammy and Amber.


Joyce (Schurzky) and Britty

P.S. Britty owns the couch and rubs her snoot and body along dining room wall and carpet...funny to see her do this with butt up in air!

Dear Joyce,

Yes indeed, all Goldens ARE special!  It certainly sounds like Brit is keeping you busy now that you’ve retired – Congratulations!

Dear Eileen (GRRI volunteer),

Just a quick note to thank you and your organization for helping us to adopt Brady.  We are so happy to be able to provide this special needs kid with a home. He has truly proven to be a great addition to the entire family.  He is happy, he is thriving, he is loved!

Enclosed please find our donation check to your organization. Please let us know if we can help with fund raising activities that your organization does in the future. We would be happy to help.

Thanks again! 

Wendy, Jim, Caitlin, Daniel, Lexy, Luke and Madison Reich

Dear Wendy and family,

It’s GRRI who thanks you and your family for adopting such a special Golden.  Brady touched all of our hearts the minute we found out about him.  We’re thrilled that he’s doing so well and that he’s found such a loving forever home.  He certainly deserved it.  The Christmas photo is terrific (Brady is the second from the right).  Please continue to send us updates and pictures – we love to receive them!